Elfie finally makes an appearance

(click on the pics to get a better look)

E-mail: So here’s the costuume that is pretty much finished, its “Bollywood”. The other will be finished tomorrow. Let me know what you think.

SPURS FAN says: You know Elfie, when you said you were going to send in a pic of your Halloween costume, I can’t lie, I was thinking, “I’m going to rip her BAD.” But honestly, that costume looks bad ass, and you look good in it. It would be interesting to see what the other one looks like, but I’d go with this one. Well, I would if I was a woman, and was 9 years old, that way I would think dressing up for Halloween was cool.

919 thoughts on “Elfie finally makes an appearance

  1. Spurs, we did 11/yrs ago, the last of 6. Hey man, we have been around .500 for the last several seasons, it’s nice to beat a good team occasionally. Now they can go 40-41 the rest of the way to meet my expectations

  2. Hey Wopness, did you get a good night’s sleep on the bus bench you sleep on? I forgot to tell you how cool I thought that sweater you were wearing looks. And you need to shave man, you look sloppy.

  3. Thanks for not ripping me Spurs, I don’t think my fragile ego would be able to take it.

    Thanks MT! What did you end up doing for your costume?

  4. I’m thinking about going as a famous black guy so I can get this racial humor off my back in a public setting without it seeming distasteful.

  5. My boyfriend got pissed when I tried on my costume, I ended up making the skirt myself, and he said I was just using Halloween as an excuse to be a slut, so we got in a fight…yea men are great….
    Its okay though bc I took his debit card and went shopping.

  6. No Spurs, he has a guilty conscience.
    Plus his friends try to hit on me, thats why he never wants to take me anymore. His friends are all gross and disgusting. I cant stand the men around here. California has the hottest men I think…

  7. Spurs thats rude, If I had a “choice” I would not be with him, but you do not know my circumstances….Im just saying hes a douche bag, and that most men are. Ok I wont talk about douche bags anymore.

  8. So far Kanye is up on my list, because that guy basically has the spot light on him for the ridiculous shit he says. Plus it gives me a reason to be a flamboyant jackass and jump into conversations. But at the same time I loathe that douche bag so much, I almost don’t even want to waste the effort.

  9. Only Elfie could understand the kind of relationship I am in.

    “Yeah im being nice to you for once”-Francis

    BTW we dont always have to be mean to each other and have shitty attitudes Francis.

  10. why don’t you have a choice, mt? wear the costume and tell him to suck it. then cum in his mouth when he does. or don’t, he sounds like he doesnt deserve such pleasure.

    btw, francis and spurs nailed it. just sayin’.

    elfie, looks good. Definite wood involved in your costume, yes m’am. What is the other one?

  11. elife, really, you do look good, but have you ever considered a reduction? in the first pic the look like they suffocate you.

  12. yeah, an ask francis link sounds good. complete with a profile pic similar to the one of Hugh Downs on the sidebar.
    which one of you has clogged arteries and talked about it here?

  13. MT~ I do understand but I also know that you deserve better. As Francis said, there is always a choice but making the “right” choice is sometimes very difficult.

  14. KB~ they are fake and were not not supposed to be this big. I am 2 sizes larger than I wanted. I have considered going smaller but I found out with that surgery that I do not do well with anethesia so it scares the shit out of me.

  15. It also depends on the placement and type. Silicon over the muscle feel real. Saline over the muscle feel a bit firmer and under the muscle are much firmer.

  16. I used to tutti fucking fruity. (May I call you Fucking fruity for short? Typing out the whole thing is a bit tedious.) But I took them out

  17. Spurs: Yeah i dont shave on vacation. In any event, compared to you I’m a regular brad pitt or I guess jesse metcalf in this crew

    KB: Your comment to MT made me feel kinda funny like when we used to climb the rope in gym class..

    Elfie: Ill come see you after work, damn that was a wake up call

  18. francis, I read elsewhere your wife is sick. does she have swine flu? i am starting to get scared about it..its everywhere it seems.

  19. My twins will never get pierced. That shit would hurt bad, my friend has then pierced both ways, like a cross. Its kinda gross, shes showed me.

    I used to have my nose pierced in high school and belly button, but now I only have my ears pierced. Im more into getting tattoos. I only have one, but Im about to add number two to my collection.

    WOP: Its METCALFE, get it right, geez lol jk

  20. what kind of tattoo do you have, mt?
    what are you thinking of getting?
    i dont have any..cant think of anything i would want on me permanently..and for the most part, tattoos on chicks look gross, imo. dont know why that comes to mind, but it does often

  21. I have a tribal tattoo on my ankle that means love-life. It looks really good, its just regular(black)ink, but I paid alot of money not for the size or time, but for quality.

    I agree sometimes tattoos on girls look trashy, like “tramp stamps” lol. or “reverse tramp stamps”. Kinky do you have myspace??

    I kind of want to get angel wings on my back. My best friend from Elem. School got them a few years back and its so bad ass, im just a pussy bc it took several hours, 2 sessions, and alot of money.

  22. Same for me KB, don’t know of anything I want to keep forever on me I am way indecisive. Tattoos can look sexy depending on where they are on a woman (down the ribe cage or on the shoulder). Boob tattoos and tramp stamps are not sexy.

  23. Tutti Fucking Fruity-Nice name ;). One of the best parts of Devils Rejects wasnt it?

    Spurs- Im just hanging out with family and friends for Halloween. Not too much.

  24. Not really sure. I’ve wondered what those “trails” were for awhile now, but do I think they are spraying chemicals to pollute us?

    That’s a good question. What’s your theory on them?

    I do believe this H1N1 was man made, whatever that’s worth.

  25. I’m not sure. My mom is convinced they are spraying something toxic, she called me in a panic to tell me to have the school keep my kids inside today. But she is a bit of a hypochondriac… I usually take what she says with a grain of salt. For Y2K she brought 5 huge water storage things to my apartment (which took up more than half of my living room), along with cases of green beans and canned chicken… oh and plastic wrap to put over the windows? I don’t even know.




  27. Hey anonymous ?

    If your a dude you have to be gay

    If your a chick you must be ugly and really insecure.

    P.S. I dont think Elfie is considered a “Coug” yet shes too young

  28. Anon #2- thank you.

    Pretty sure anon #1 is the one that suggested I use the crack pipe as a stocking stuffer… which I thought was a great idea so I went shuffling through the trash I threw it into. I found it and I also found a couple hypodermic needles. I think I will save that one for their easter baskets. F’n idiot.

  29. Also Anon… I have already been on the Dirty, and I hardly got wrecked. But yeah that’s my greatest fear in life, finding out what people on The Dirty think of me. Dumbass.

  30. I posted my neighbor on The Dirty who was in Playboy and Nik ripped her, so I don’t think much of him and The Dirty anyway. lol

  31. Spurs: I look like dom deluise? You look like an ephor from 300.

    Elfie: whatever you answer in Im sure Ill be good with

    MT: major douche curb kick um

  32. Judge to defendant: “Where did you find your lawyer?”

    Defendant: “On a bus stop bench.”

    Judge: “You mean he has an ad on a bus stop bench?”

    Defendant: “No, I mean he was literally on the bus stop bench, covered in newspaper. I got him on the cheap.”

  33. MT: I agree with everyone else. Don’t be a victim of your own situation. Life is too short for that. I say wear your costume and hopefully make his worst fears come true and meet somebody better.

  34. Spurs: Actually really funny and creative. I didnt realize you ACTUALLY have wit sometimes, I just thought you just always talked about having wit.

    Elfie: Hope you have a babysitter, I’m leaving after my 2:00 meeting

  35. Hey have you ever noticed the disappearance of cbt?

    And as either a result or coincidence the fake cbt’s disappearance hmmmm…

    Would somebody actually fake themselves?

  36. And I have a general rule of 25 or older that I made up this year and he lied and said he was 25. And when I found out the truth and based on bad judgement, I still let him stay.

    Thanks for making me realize how I wasted most of my spring and summer. I’m going to go cry now.

  37. Stop hating spurs. You keep going on and on about this because you know I can’t talk shit about all the women you have had in the past because there are none.

  38. I just don’t choose to talk about them DG.

    Hey, it seems you are in a bad mood today and about to cry. Why don’t you go find one of your ex’s pacifiers, and put it in your mouth?

    I mean, it always made him stop crying, so it might work on you.

  39. All right, here’s a woman story. I was dating this girl who told me she was 25. Well, one day we went to an amusement park, and when we tried to go on a roller coaster, she didn’t meet the height requirement. I started to grow suspicious, but I was so pathetic I kept her around.

  40. I like how you mix some truth with reality in the story to make it more realistic. I bet “but I was so pathetic” was the only true part in your story.

  41. Repeat myself? Regarding food and restaurants? Well, on that note, here’s another woman story.

    I was dating this girl who told me she was 25. But everytime I asked her to go out to eat and where she wanted to go, she would always say, “Chuck-E-Cheese.”

    I should have been suspicous, but once again, I was pathtetic and kept her around.

  42. DG, here’s another one:

    I was dating this one girl who told me she was 25. I finally realized she wasn’t when you went to a restaurant, and the waiter brought over a booster chair for her.

    I mean, the first couple of times it happened I thought someone was playing a trick on me, but the third time it happened I realized I was a craddle robber.

  43. Here is a couple of your stories:

    Once I met this girl and I gave her my number but she never called.

    Once I met this girl and I told her that Nik Richie once called me and I talked to Goblin etc. and she looked at me crazy and left.

    Once I met this girl and she really liked me. Sure she was in a coma but she squeezed my hand once when I asked if she liked me and she did.

  44. Here’s a DG story:

    I once met a guy and he agreed to go out with me. So I went and picked him up, and when we were leaving, his mom said he had to be home at 10:30, because he had a test in Social Studies in the morning.

  45. Hey Wopness, I forgot how much wool you probably pull (rhymed). I mean, with a hit tv show and all.

    You are Turtle from Entourage right? Fattie, go shave and get a new wardrobe. Sloppy bastard.

  46. Does watching the old lady in that movie who hits on The Virgin but still can’t get laid make you sad, because you realize that’s going to be you in a few years?

    Just an old washed up Coug?

  47. Whatever spurs. At least now we have gotten to the truth of why you don’t have any stories about women. You prefer farm animals.

    What animal is going to get it tonight?

  48. Glad DG’s hurtful words are making you laugh Streets.

    Who are we kidding? She has a long way to go to make up for that thrashing she took a couple of hours ago (rhymed)

  49. Coming from a moron who thinks a fucking female ghost was trying to suck the air out of her?

    No, that’s not delusional at all.

    Have you been drinking more nyquil today?

  50. And elfie said ‘you guys’ referring to both of us. So don’t get all hurt that she is just laughing at what I have to say because her and I are in the same gang that you cannot get into.

  51. Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you about that. I decided to look up sleep paralysis and their is a long history about an old hag holding you down sucking the life out of you.

  52. Is it really that hard to figure out. If you said ‘what do you mean’ and I said ‘your LAST comment didn’t make sense’ wouldn’t you just refer to the one just above the ‘pelican flu’ one?

    You are so slow today, spurs. Did you mix your ambien up with adderall again?

  53. But I’ll explain. The “ghost” said you were full of hot air, and then I wrote that I prefer the term full of shit, but the “ghost” used cleaner language, because she’s old.

    Get it now snail?

  54. I thought we were all here to admire Elfie’s delicious body and it has just degraded into another fight.

    By the way, where the hell is CBT, real, fake or otherwise?

  55. Hey, congrats DG. At least you finally are seeing reality now. You are absolutely right. There is no competition. You suck compared to me, and we both realize that.

    Now we have another thing in common.

  56. Maybe she met someone in a hotel bar and then went on a date? Afterall, she did say she was drinking tequila. That would be the drink of choice if I decided to lower my standards, too.

  57. I doubt that. You would fall in love and end up and obsessed stalker. I on the other hand would be dead from alcohol poisoning from bottles and bottles of the tequila it took to get me in such a situation. I guess that is when you will be able to drag around my dead body like you’ve talked about in the past.

  58. actually i was on several dates last night. every time i saw a better looking guy, i just dumped the previous one.

    which dude did you see me with? and what club, praytell because god knows I was all over on the verge of flying to vegas before my knees buckled from sheer exhaustion

  59. i guess you can call it fun, spurs. i just don’t know. today was totally ruined because of a hangover and i was looking so forward to planning my patio garden.

    the worst part was driving to starbucks, taking a sip of the coffee, then having to pull over and puke.

  60. i mean i am a class act all the way. i guess i shouldn’t beat myself up. everyone deserves a good time, but that was the third good time in the last two months. no more, i am on the wagon like leper. i am going to call her and see if she will be my sponsor.

  61. no, i couldn’t stomach it. i thought i could. also, i am so skinny and have eaten nothign all day. i danced all night, despite the fact that the places i went to had no dance floor.

  62. anyway, i guess i’ll go and do something productive with what is left of this day. wash my face, brush my teeth…i don’t know, simple things. i have no television in here and it is really upsetting me not to be able to watch the world series

  63. that is what i thought, Spurs. But the fucking manager didn’t think it was. he got all bent out of shape because i relocated two of his customers to different tables to eat their dinner. i mean, they went willingly, and i was nice about it. i made myself a little enclosure with chairs and tables.

  64. it probably sounds like i’m making some of this up, but that is what happened. and the guy i was with, i was trying to hard to lose him, going in all different corners of the establishment, and he always fucking found me. i’d be all happy and free of him, and there he would be, creeping out of the woodwork with that stupid creepy smile. he was 62

  65. so he picks me up in my hotel room, arrives with a PURSE, leather, black….asks to use the sink, and proceeds to wash his fucking face, brush his fucking teeth. i think “is this happening” naw, so i hit the mini bar..can’t wait to see how much they charge me for all the mini bottles i knocked back. they should never have given me the key to that thing. it’s like entrapment or something.

  66. so this morning, hung over as hell, stumb le outta bed, gotta check outta hotel…what do i see by my sink? his fucking facial wash. it is actually called something really retarded, gosh i wish i could remember. and he calls me up and wants to come by for his facial wash and i’m like, are you fucking kidding me, go and buy another fucking bottle, i do not want to see you again. so he says it is very expensive, blah blah blah…i mean really.

    i’m so upset with myself. i’m such a loser.

  67. I know you’re not 62 but people age differently. You unfortunately somehow inherited rapid age progression from someone in your family. Be upset with them and not me.

  68. i threw it in the trash. i am already checked out, i am in my new pad.

    DG – i am never going out again. only paradise bakery outings for me from now on.

    someone should really shoot me.

  69. saw you sittin at the bar with ghost trout, lol

    from where i was, seemed you had a beer and a shot?

    must have missed the dance show!! lol

    you should have had dinner there — outstanding

  70. i know, right? i mean waltzes right in a brushes his teeth and washes his face. it was insane. insane.

    then he used the toilet too, was in there a while dropping a fucking deuce and a half.

    i mean i should have sent him packing but i needed a ride

  71. he does look like casper?

    hahahha that is funny.

    DG, we can go out, but in a month or so..i need to recover. I’ll pick you up but can i wash my face at your place?

  72. what kinda ride did casper have?

    and he’s a hypocrite — face washing: metrosexual and weird….

    dropping a deuce in your date’s hotel room, very non metro sexual and just as weird.

  73. he is a friend of my attorney, spurs. he’s an attorney too, though i found out last night he is very poor. maybe he lives out of his car? i had to pay for fucking dinner and that shit cost me $100, which is a lot for a broiled leg of chicken with some stuffing.
    i’m sorry if i do not like who i’m with, i act up.

  74. Yes, I would even let you use my facial wash and facial cream (which is great btw) so you don’t have to take the time to pack your own. I won’t even question why you just didn’t wash your face at your own damn place.

  75. casper has a bmw…and not a nice one. five series. i mean the guy was fucking broke. i paid for the entire date.

    screw that guy, i want my money back for that chicken.

  76. do you know what it is like to pay for a date, have a crazy night, and then check your online banking the next day dreading to see how much a fucked up night cost you? it sucks. and with a hangover.
    honestly, i’m never going out again. never.

  77. gotta run rq. glad u had fun, sort of, despite casper the trout.

    go back there some time or to their sister restaurant, city hall. take dg!

  78. i honestly don’t remember what you were wearing, nor did i notice. its your face thats recognizable.

    plus i wasnt that close to you and i was drinking… lots


  79. blah spurs.
    I should go meet up with RQ, she can teach me to dance. I will drop a deuce before I leave here so as to not be compared to the ghost trout.

  80. i’m glad it is halloween because sunday i’m going to score myself some half price disguises. i cannot go out anymore without one.

  81. nah, rq. he probably is trying to be hip and it is with an e. He is a snob, I can just tell Avery is out there, trapped with snobby bird’s and dying to get back to pseudo stardom.

    We need to start a drive to raise money and get him back. You are the richest poster here and are broke now cause of doucheghosttrout. We can do a Walk for Avery, like the juvenile diabetes walk tomorrow.

  82. spurs, you are so effin lazy! This is for Avery, he’d smoke a bowl for you and you can’t even walk a block for him??

    First you give up your religion for a Snuggie, now this? I’m disappointed

  83. I still don’t know where you get this “Snuggie” deal.

    Also, I said I’d donate to the fund. But I’m not going to walk. Where would I walk to? AZ?

    I’m not Forrest Gump.

  84. i don’t know, KB. I fear i may have made a mistake. seattle is gorgeous. great, now i’m stuck here. my life sucks.

    i came here tonight to make myself feel better because you’re all losers too…but somehow now i feel even worse.

  85. jk spurs. i know you dont like when we say stuff about race.

    it just made me laugh. the aids. the movie just looked dumb. I am frugal with my money.

    rq, you are the best of us losers, does that make you feel better. did you sell your home in WA? just buy again. how is real estate there?

  86. and rq, next time you are feeling down, just remember you can make a dancefloor like no one else. you make trouts feel like dropping a deuce, washing their face and brushing their teeth, too.

    omg, i just thought of something! he was into s&m!! he was emptying his anal cavity in preperation for a strap on in his trunk he wanted you to wear!

  87. I disagree KB. The movie really wasn’t all that great. It was ok and that’s about it. I’m sure CBT is a fan of it with all of Forest’s stories.

  88. when you guys see chubby kids’, do you ever feel sorry for them? like, sorry for them as in you want to scoop them up and cuddle them and keep them safe from the world and mean kids’?
    i always wonder why their parents dont put them on a diet or just teach them better eating or exercise habits.

  89. i like to think my head is just too advanced for my own good, spurs. you would be surprised just how naive i am..but my brain just spits out all these thoughts at once sometimes, and i dont know how they got there..maybe i am bipolar?

  90. Some kids don’t have metabolisms like other kids. My nephew is really skinny and my niece is a bit chubby. My nephew eats a hell of alot more than her. I guess my sis-in-law was a chubby kid too so maybe it is genetic?

  91. i think that sometimes too, dg. but kids dont. nor do mean adults who teach their kids their negative views.

    if anyone is mean to your niece, i will kick their ass.

  92. However, if I was my brother I would have her eat healthier and get her more active to lose the weight. It’s not easy for kids and will not get any easier as she grows up.


  93. talking about halloween. her neighborhood is infested with sex offenders and they are worried about letting their kids trick or treat.
    duh. go with your kids.

  94. Do they not realize most kids are molested by somebody the family knows? Also, it’s not like the sex offenders just are around tomorrow. They live in their neighborhood everyday.

  95. Oh no….just as I was about to log off old drunk drew stops by.

    How are your personalities doing tonight drew? It’s Friday night. Do your credit card get declined on your craigslist order?

  96. I like how Drew now finally admits he’s fat.

    But he still refers to himself as Big FAT Handsome Drew.

    You’re halfway there bro, you’re ugly too. When you realize that, you can start building a non-Craigslist life.

  97. Drew, anyone that talks about his c*ck as much as you do has issues.

    Nobody here cares except you.

    Lets get back to you admitting you’re fat, and lets have an intervention so you admit you’re fugly too. After that we’ll work on broke and lazy, k?

  98. OMG! Big Drew, you fucking loser! You stood me up again tonight. I new I would find you here. F.Y.I., your big dick will only get you so far…………

  99. I have to admit that not even tequila would be strong enough for me to go there.

    See spurs, you can take that as a compliment. You only require tequila. And Drew would be require a bullet to my head.

  100. drew, ive heard the hcg diet works well. you may have more feminie attributes during the diet, but there are ads for that on craigslist, so you will be ok

  101. I shouldn’t say but….he told me about the time he got arrested outside of an elementary school for sitting in his van naked with binoculars. He said it was a very embarassing situation and now all the kids no longer like to play with him because their parents won’t let them. He doesn’t understand why.

  102. So when your wife was drunk she would prefer a middle school kid as opposed to your so called monster greg?

    For some reason, I’m not surprised.

  103. Spurs after Dark
    Im drunk as a fuck

    I got into a car accident today, some dumbass failed 2 yield 2 me and hit me nasty….

  104. I went to see Halloween II, got drunk, and now Im home watching tv on the couch and typing to you guys πŸ™‚

    My bf got his pleasure for the night so he’s asleeppppppp lol

  105. haha Yes Dirtygirl, if you lived in Tx I would buy your favorite liquor and get you drunk off ur ass πŸ™‚ Deal. hahaha

  106. I was drunk, I dunno…lol….and after my accident I took my son to my parents and took a xanax so that didnt help much with my movie watching skills. I passed the fuck out half way through…..at least i wasnt the embarressing one SNORING like my bf. Thank god his bro was with us to wake us up lol

  107. I don’t think my ghost would do a favor like that for me. That is asking too much. It was hard enough talking her into seeing you tonight. The problem is you have to be asleep for her arrival. So she may get tired of waiting.

  108. No problem. I will warn you she does look kinda scary and has seen better days I’m sure. But she is see thru so just concentrate on the wall behind her.

  109. Bad idea Miss Texas. You know drew is lurking on here right now. Now is not the time to give out an email address. Beware! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  110. “SPURS FAN said…

    You are the light in my world DG. If it wasn’t for you, my life would be totally dark.”

    Im not one to rain on your parade. That really sounds heart felt. Good for you Kasey, serious.

  111. omg….not even close? All you did was reword the same insult over and over.

    But the birds will be singing in about 5 hours. You will have to steal a jet to be here in time. I’m worth it.

  112. Lol I am good – just sitting here listening to the rain rain rain, with a cold of course!.. Missed you guys, how is the blog world going? Anything amazing happen? I hope so =).

  113. Pam I made a video in your memory since u had been gone, lmao, its private, but I can send u a private link if ur interested…..

  114. Thanks – Missed you all too, things are going great. I have been sick a bunch I am assuming the weather, but have been so grateful to be home, also started my new job today I am working at an art studio a little past Seattle instructing classes soon ( I am the jockey right now ), so it is such a nice change of pace to bring beauty to the world and such, how about you spurs – and miss Texas and all others? Life, how is it ?

  115. Ive done art and have been in multiple classes since the age of four lol. Have also won awards and stuff..

    I forgot I had other talents at one point I guess .. lol… Its a good place though! makes me happy to say I am giving back! .. Seattle brings out the art in any person who lives here long enough I believe, although I can’t claim that because I am from Dallas

  116. I have to agree that SpursFag site is kinda cool but I think he could take it to the next level if he posted Big Drew’s monster greg, just sayin.

  117. Who is You-turn..

    Never mind

    Re-run ? lol.

    And its facebook apps. and they are super addictive perhaps because I had strep for a week and didn’t move until my fairy swept me to the drs.

  118. LOL! All kidding aside, CellScam.com has a Learjet on standby at all times. Come to the big apple for a weekend. It’s all free but please understand that you will be grilled time share style the whole time.

  119. Pam, your finally gonna be 21? Its no different from being 19,20, you still get the same advantages mostly. I never got/get carded still except for the Habib stores.

  120. I think I will get carded for a while, I updated my blog and I realized what normal 21 year old is high fiving a gay guy with pumpkins and pig tails ? But that is my ultimate life decision, I am living the Michael Jackson Life dream of being a kid!

  121. Guess what? My home should be flooded within a month.. LOL. I know its not funny but its like the movies! Everywhere I go I see huge sand bags, its sad. Boeing spent millions to put up a 18 foot barrier to cover there buildings down where I am living. Its some resavoir*spelling that is going to burst and over flow into the city my mother happened to pick to live in two months ago! Gosh, good prices usually have explanations

  122. Damn Spurs what did I miss.
    We had a storm last night and cable and Internet in the area was knocked out until about an hour ago.
    Now there are like 600 posts.lol

    I see Pam is back.
    Welcome back Pam, I hope you are doing well.

  123. Sweet Jesus, Elfie is hot. No wonder RQ is shitty to her.

    I’m very proud of Pamela Anne. I think she’s gonna be ok.

    MTQT: Your Mustang is seriously fucked up. I’m glad you’re ok. Why do I suspect you can suck a golf ball through a soda straw?

    Drew: Fuck that cell phone shit. I have two words for you: Event Sale. I got the client list.

    Spurs: Regardless of what I texted you, I spent last weekend watching movies, understand?

    RQ: Those are not size 8s. No wonder you treat Elfie like shit. Her freaking feet are sexier than your entire body ever was. You’d have to pay me to look at you naked.

    Pamela Anne: How’s Dick doing? Did he recover from his trip?

  124. Dick is my stuff animal ya’ll for the record – hes good sleeping in his mommas bed!.

    Gosh my costume will crack the world up! I can’t wait to get into it, its me and marvin as a duo – spurs you should post it!

  125. Pamela Anne: Can I forward Spurs the texts you sent me about the haunted Motel 8 and the lizard in Ardmore, Oklamhoma? Baby, that’s some funny stuff.

  126. “Anonymous said…

    yes Elfie does look very pretty in her costume.”

    Ok dude. That’s understatement at it’s finest. There is not one square inch of this woman that I wouldn’t put my mouth on.

  127. Drew, I think MTQ’s hot, but I’m not licking her ass unless her crack is full of whipped cream. However, out of all the chicks that comment here, I got a hundred says she gives the best head.

  128. HI all! Happy Halloween!!!! Glad to see Pammy and CBT back, I missed you two!
    I got a new puppy today, he’s a cream colored cocker spaniel and we’ve named him Simon… Simi for short. Off to Trick or Treat w/ my 2 kids and 2 dogs. Be safe everyone!

  129. not sure i would wear that costume to trick or treat with the kiddos streets… wouldnt want the neighbors getting the wrong idea and thinking you have the golf ball/straw sucking skills that MTQ does… it does look hot though

  130. With that outfit one of two things will happen.
    Either the wives will get super pissed, when their husbands run to the door, or they will be excited and ask her to join them for a threesome. lol

  131. I’m actually dressing up for Halloween this year. I’m gonna be Run DMC. I got some shell toe Adidas I took the laces out of, some Starter gear, an oversize neclace and a skinny brim. The last time I dressed was in 2004 and I went out as the Pawnee Wes Studi played in “Dances With Wolves”.

    I really wanna tongue Elifie’s round brown…

  132. I’m headed out to the Arena Grill. Y’all have a safe, fun Halloween.

    Spurs: I’ve slept in my deer stand for a week now. I think I’ll sleep in the house tonight.

  133. Yeah, it is actually happening.
    Apparently Taco Bell is giving away free Blackjack Tacos now it any of you are interested in shortening your life by about 5 years.

  134. No big underlying reason, I just realized I’ve never heard you mention one way or the other. I would assume, yes but, just curious?

  135. WTD-
    “22 is toodler years in men

    we get so much better 25 and later”


    Anonymous who asked about my car, Im not sure if it is “totaled” yet because they arent coming to get the car until MONDAY….I hope its not, but alot of ppl think it is…

    Spurs How was your Halloween?
    Did you give out candy? lol

  136. I havent checked my “other” email yet, I only give my primary email to certain ppl Anon. I will go and check it now ok πŸ™‚

    No I did not dress up, I took my son to a Carnival at my parents church, then took him trick or treating, and now Im here.

  137. “Anonymous said…
    CBT, did u ever meet RQ in person? I did, LMAO”

    No, I never did. I gotta hear about your meeting, though. That ought to be funny.

    Spurs: My deerstand is like a kid’s treehouse, sort of. I sleep out there a couple of nights a week, nights the PTSTD is kicking in.

    MTQT: I saw the pics of your Mustang on your Myspace, unless there’s some serious engine damage, I don’t think the insurance company will total it.

  138. Yeah, it does. I’ve slept outside a couple of nights a week for over 25 years. I had a small tent in my back yard in Little Rock. I like sleeping in a tent or a hootch made out of a couple of ponchos when it rains. Weird, I know.

  139. I will not camp outside in a tent for more than one night because I refuse to piss and take shits out in the wilderness. lmao That’s my least favorite experience about getting drunk at the lake, the guys just piss over the side of the boat, but we have to get out to go lol.

    Yes Spurs, I was disappointed I didnt get to “dress up” for Halloween, but that doesnt mean I didn’t “dress up” for something else. Or maybe that would be called “dressing down”.

  140. My idea of camping is a motorhome with a bed, AC, a toilet and a kitchen. lol
    I can survive quite well outdoors if I need to, I just choose not to.
    My best friend is nuts.
    He goes camping all the time all over the world.
    Tents, boots, jackets, water purifiers the whole deal.
    Screw that, although I do like rafting.

  141. My favorite way to “camp” is to make a hootch outta a couple of ponchos, especially when it rains. I have a sleeping bag rated to 0 degrees for when it gets cold outside.

  142. Just saw the post on Drews site…

    Now I understand why you asked where that question came from… but no, hadnt seen that until just now.

  143. I was at this all gay party and thinking I was safe because of all of my fairies dancing, there was a couple of hardcore – most likely owning strap-on’s lesbian descents chilling at the party as well. I didn’t drink because Ive been cleaning up my act, oh and I have been so sick too. Anyways so everyone is drunk but me and Marvin and this butch little Asian girl decides she is in love with me which is really hard for me to comprehend considering I have blood all over my face ( fake ) and body, and I look horrible and scary, and she followed me all night, and finally took the initiative to make a move, she plummeted her small ( my size but I had heels on ) onto me, but muscles to add onto it, and forced her manly girl body onto mine, then managed to pin me down and wiggle her tongue into my mouth as I screamed – too bad no one could see because the fog machine was too good, and I was trying to fight her off of me, and than she started licking me, and finally Marvin was like What the hell PAM YOUR NOT GAY, I am like yes FUCK so we left right away, and went to Seattle, and admired all of the amazing costumes people rocked which were crazy. ( people in Seattle are just intense!) Long story short, I feel violated.! But Halloween other than being sick was a good one, other than I woke up next to my Marvin, and I realize I am Grace from Will and Grace – and so is my love life. lol.

    =) .

  144. Thanks Spurs, I really came home and scrubbed my mouth before I bothered getting the fake blood off, she was so gross and tasted like a rotten cheeto. And Annonymous, she didn’t have sex with me, and she was ironically two years younger than me, and asian – So I will let the legalities of her tounge slipping into my face slide this time, Too top it off her name just had to be “PHI” .. Who has that name?

  145. this is a space

    i am reserving

    for a very long story

    that i will type later

    it is a very good story

    you will love it

    so save me this space because

    it is the most lengthy one yet

    but you will love it

    fresh story not from 100

    years ago like all the

    rest of them

    so come back here


    and i’ll have deleted this comment

    and filled it in with

    a really gud story

    yawl copying?

    come back y’hear?

    ok talk to you


  146. Why do you hate box eaters Pam? Just bc that one lesbo violated you doesn’t mean that all lesbos are bad does it? LIVE AND LET LIVE.

  147. I gotta say, Elfie, I don’t like the term milf, as its a crude acronym, but you are a wondrously attractive age-appropriate woman (for me!)…I always say Phoenix seems like a landing place for some of the hottest women in the country…this costume is sexy…thanks for sharing, this one ranks right up with as good as anything I saw on Friday night (I had to miss last night…) thanks for sharing!

  148. for instance, one time i was very drunk and all i had in my refrigerator was a package of uncooked BBQ chicken. So i popped some popcorn, and i dipped the popcorn into the BBQ sauce of the uncooked chicken.

    And I fucking survived people. Bird Flu, Swine Flu, chicken flu…you people are such alarmists. I say bring it on.

  149. My last comment was responding to your comment about relaxing spurs. I wasnt saying that I am a box eater. Jack in the Box is ok, but there are alot of restaurants that I like much better than J.I.T.B.

  150. Gee Anonymous, that sucks you have so many enemies. What did you do to make all those enemies? I swear sometimes I think that some people actually enjoy fighting. Its beyond my comprehension…Why cant everybody just get along??

  151. You say that as if its shocking to you. Its fairly common knowledge that tequila, whiskey, jagermeister (sp?), and several other hard liquors get people hammered quick and make for crazy nights. Ive had plenty of those in my day.

  152. But I dont really do shots anymore mainly for that reason. Every blue moon I will if its a special occasion or someone twists my arm but I basically stay away from them for the most part.

  153. Patron is a a friend of mine. On those nights it becomes my only friend.

    “Dude…last night I punched my best friend in the face, broke up with my girl and shit my pants. I don’t know which one to fix first.”

    That’s a tequila night.

  154. Oh dont be silly Anon, its just a kids movie. I bet you used to think the boogie man was in your closet when you were little too didnt you?

  155. I didn’t really like Coraline that much. But I do like Tequila especially Patron. I am not a fan of Jack in the Box and am not a box eater either.

    That about catches me up on things here.

  156. JAG, the anon posting about the long list of enemies is RQ… although I think that’s all in her head. Everyone secretly loves her.

    Coraline is a strange movie, it is my daughter’s favorite book though.

    I do not eat fast food… DIS-GUST-ING!

    Thanks harpoon, although I do not live in Phoenix, I am born and raised in Tucson.

  157. Coraline was pretty good. Creepy but good.

    I did wonder what that Beldam supposed to be though.

    Was she the ghost of a person who was once alive or was she always a Beldam?

  158. Spurs~ I didn’t end up doing anything, I was so tired the from trick or treating that I stayed home. (for me it’s more excitement making the costume then wearing it anyway)
    We went to my old hood, which means lots of walking up to houses and between houses. To give you an idea of the distance we traveled in the 3 1/2 hrs we were out look at the driveway of a house that is currently for sale there, they all have these long circular drieways and huge lots.

    My hip still hurts today.

  159. Wow, Tucson is different than I imagined. I thought it would look only like a mexican border town. But the only time I really have seen Tucson was on an episode of The First 48.

    I’m not a fan of the mismatched table and chairs.

  160. Uhhhhh… well no. I didn’t live with an aunt and uncle and I had no cousin Carlton (although I can totally do the Carlton dance). Plus I refuse to not cuss in my raps, unlike Big Willy. What a phony anyway… maybe he thinks no one remembers the song “You saw my blinker, Bitch” but I dooooooooo.

  161. I don’t remember that song Streets.

    He is a phony. But Ali was on the other night, I hadn’t seen it in awhile, have to admit he was pretty good in that.

    But he raps? “Git Jiggy Wit It?”

    No thanks dude.

  162. Maybe Willy stopped cussing in his raps because he got older not to pretend he never di