The first post of the site


I wasn’t kidding Hollywood. You and your roaches are going to get LIT UP.

Update: Kinkyb!tch had the idea to throw the first post back up being it’s the anniversary and all, so here it is. Plus I’m feeling lazy (not as lazy as later on when I’ll be baked, but still.)

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  1. Steve Rock:

    That’s cool. I really don’t have any desire to insult you anyway. I don’t know why that is, but it saddens me.

    Same with the Antique. I mean, why insult the elderly? Not cool in my book.

  2. No problem Rock. Just know this:

    More than likely I could knock you out of the park. But you stay away from the “limelight” (like the light that gets flys to it and then zaps the shit out of them) over there at that shithole you work at, so hey, good for you.

  3. And Drew’s comments have not changed after a year.

    Alright, I’m outta here. Have fun smoking spurs and don’t answer the door if its the cops or Lindsay.

  4. I’ll keep that in mind DG. And yeah, I had forgotten Pam Anderson left a comment on here. Surprisingly you didn’t. You used to leave Anonymous comments blasting me.

  5. I think I commented on here only a few times but would come on to read the posts and comments. I was a lurker until RQ pissed me off. Wow me and Lindsey are so alike, we are both lurkers.

  6. Haha I can’t believe you remember that Sours, you are a true friend. I couldn’t recall why she went off on me.

  7. what you were you thinking?

    Pammycakes called him Spursy a lot, and a few times some of us would mock her, but the other day L did it (but with an ie instead of a y) and it just made me laugh for some reason. So I started it up again.
    Happy Birthday Spursie Fan Says.

  8. I know heaven forbid. I mean drew’s site was the most important thing in the world.

    See thats why I hate the unemployed bitch

  9. I don’t mind Linds, but she needs to chill. It starts to ruin my Vicodin high and I don’t like when people fuck with that so I go off on her.

  10. Oh I watched it. Wow Wop, all of a sudden defending Lindsanity.
    It’s not so much that I dislike her, she just irks the hell out of me with her victim fucking mentality.

  11. All I said was she needs to chill, Ozzie. Don’t start channeling her and get all worked up about something that simple.
    If he doesn’t recall that date, he will never forget when he first gets it in the ass from Bubba when he goes to prison for it, Spursie.

  12. 2dirty4u said…
    And kb, I only suck your toes because that’s all you will let me suck. =)

    Well, what else is there on me to suck? I do not have a megaclit. I’m going to have nightmares about those tonight.

  13. “If he doesn’t recall that date, he will never forget when he first gets it in the ass from Bubba when he goes to prison for it, Spursie.”

    Great point kinkyb!tch. He can draw it on his prison cell wall with some chalk. Or engrave it with the shiv he’s going to need.

  14. Going to look at the Meridian tomorrow. Looks like a nice place. I may check out downtown as well, but for the prices they want for some of the ones I’ve looked at, I could buy a house.

  15. No. Sweet geezus, why did I ever you tell you freaks this story?
    We dated in HS, I was 17 and he was 19 (so I was in HS, he had graduated 2 yrs before me). I hadn’t seen or heard from him in years and then a few months ago someone told me they had heard a rumor that he was a sex offender now, so we looked him up and it was true. Then I had Wop look up his charges/sentence and he confirmed he was a rapist now.
    End story.

  16. laugh while you can 2d4u. Your flier with your info will be up in neighborhoods in a few years if you keep ignoring your employee.

  17. Whatever kb. I would have forgotten about it by now if Spursie wouldn’t keep bringing it up. Plus I was drunk and remember nothing, so technically it didn’t happen.

  18. You might wanna delete that response, 2d4u. A lawyer will twist that last line for his benefit and say that her claims must have merit, and how can your counsel rebuff–you don’t remember anything.
    Fuck, I shoulda been a lawyer, I’m good at spinning shit/lying.

  19. Hey Wop, how do I find out what charges my ex was just recently convicted on? I can’t find it online. I do have the case #

  20. You mixed the story up spurs. I was the one who was 15 and my pedo was 19. Well, technically I was 14 but it was only a month away from my birthday.

  21. I was just giving kinkyb!tch a hard time. I forgot about you being a pedo enabler too DG. Bunch of sick fucks around her. Drug dealers, sexual deviants, nuts, ex-cons, dudes who pay hookers, you name it, it’s her.

  22. I didn’t justify it, I was thinking like any lawyer would. He musta been pro per to not get have anyone come up with those excuses that fast.
    Yeah Sours, it was the other pedolover, DG who was 15.
    2d4u, I’m just fucking with you. I mean, I hope she doesn’t do that to you, but bitches be crazy. I’d cease all contact with her just in case, or at least any contact that can be recorded.

  23. That is Francis was my favorite, his felony conviction on child porn. He toldme not to tell anyone, but since L told secrets I am, too.
    Sours, if you rape a chick I might give you the time of day.

  24. Not yet DG. Soon though. I’m about to leave work to go pick it up. Then I’m going to throw another post up. Just waiting so I can grab 200. Don’t want any of you losers getting it on this special day.

  25. you cant get it, Spurs. You are the one who is going to give out a prize for it. You cant give a prize to yourself, dummy.

  26. I don’t have a record. I have arrests. Actually, I did plead guilty for marijuana possession and I didn’t take probation though it was offered. Fuck that.

  27. I had a messed up tooth I got crowned last year, it got knocked loose and broken years ago by said ex and one day started THROBING like a mother f’er. I got it fixed really fast and didn’t lose any weight. I had a stress ulcer a few years ago, I lost 15lbs then. not because I couldnt eat but because I couldnt keep it from coming back up.

  28. Anonymous said…

    one time a girl smiled at me and i threw up and pissed at the same time. it was a fail.


    dude that was some funny ass shit right there

  29. haha!

    KB~ Meth possession and he admitted that he bought it for $40, which leads me to believe that he was trying to get charged with the lesser possession instead of intent to distribute, either that or he is just stupid.

  30. sheesh…yeah! fucking money in the bank. too bad they didnt have a denim jacket i could hold over my shoulder. i like the statement that makes. kinda like saying, ‘im moving and shaking, pal. either get with me or get away from me!’

  31. Now he has started sending me letters from jail to my work… as if I give a flying fuck about anything he has to say. He even put a return envelope with a stamp on it as if he thought I would write him back. I think I’m going to send him my $1000 denist bill for my crown.

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