Elfie needs some new furniture

I entered a contest for a local radio station is having for 5k worth of furniture. My puppy ate my furniture & due to the fact that I had to save his booty 2X (which cost me about $4700) and I am a broke-ass section 8 bitch I cannot afford to buy new ones… please vote for me. I’m in gallery 1, 16th spot I think. Anyway as most of you know my name is Hayley.

Here’s the link. You can vote once a day from a unique i.p. Frankly Skeets, I would have just let the dog go and bought some furniture, but that’s just me. I agree though, you do need some new furniture.

Hey, you know what we could do? Get 10 guys together to put in $500 each (about $450 too much, but it’s charity), and then run a train on Skeets. I call dibs on the first turn.

301 thoughts on “Elfie needs some new furniture

  1. It’s weird cause a lot of those girls in gallery #2 were in gallery #1 until this morning. A lot of them were on there before I entered last night and the entry dealine was today at 8 am. They shuffled them around.

  2. Sweet jesus, I just went through all the pics…nasty.
    How come I didn’t hear about this? I don’t need a new couch, but I would’ve layed out on it and took some pics.

  3. That would have been great kinkyb!tch. You should do it anyway and submit them. But send them here first, that way I can offer suggestions. Because I know you’d want them.

  4. I liked the chick who looked like she was 5’1, dark complexion and diminutive hands. The back side of her couch was fucked up, I could have helped her with the front side.

  5. a couple of them bitches in the first gallery (maybe elfie if she is not being mean to me) I would take to sam levitz right now and hook the joint up if they’d give me a weeks worth of romping

  6. I have a Sam Levitz account but I don’t like buying stuff like that on credit… I’ve always bought stuff like furniture with cash.

  7. Because the during WWII the Italian military fascist regime invaded Guinea Africa and set up base where Romel soon took over. The Guineans eventually revolted against the Italian army and drove the out. Americans and Brits who fought against the Germans and Italian sawreffred to the militia as the Guinee battalians.

    Hence “guinea”

    In this case, “Guinea” is a slang derogatory word. Used as a put-down against dark skinned Italians (usually of Sicilian heritage). The variation in color stemmed from the invasion by the Moors. The Moors were a conquering group out of North Africa. They invaded and settled in areas of the Sahara desert, then moved on to invade the Italian island of Sicily. The Moors stronghold on the area was removed when Spain later drove them out due to Italy being a providence of Spain at that time. There was obviously enough mixing of the races by that time to have an overall effect on the look of the people.

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  8. You know what’s sad about those couches? They are only 2 1/2 yrs old and cost me a couple gs, my coffee table, end tables and bookshelf are also all chewed on.

  9. I have it on my computer at home… and no the dog is now contained in another part of my house I call “the little room” and can only go in the little room or outside when I am not home.

  10. all ELFIE needs to do is hit me up and ill buy her the couch, but she already has a man that doesnt buy her shit..ELFIE what happen between us? i thought i was going to be your babys daddy 😀

  11. “SPURS FAN said…
    Thanks for that Streets. So it’s for dark skinned Italians. Do you know if there’s a term for fat Italians? I need a specific term for Oz.”

    The word is DeLouisioso.

  12. What up Malunties? That beat up couch looks like the one we had down in the basement in the frat back in the day. Get rid of that shit Elfie.

  13. So I havent checked out the dirty in a while. Went over to hooman’s site went through the first two pages and it looks like his comments have gone way down and most from what I saw were clowning on Mr.Richie-Lamas.

  14. What’s up Fl Anonymous? I looked at one post over there about Stern (I do remember watching the original Miss Stern on E!), I liked how people were ripping on his “wife.”

  15. Yeah that’s one I looked at too. They were ripping on the “wifey” and hooman. He’s so delusional he thinks he really thinks he’s bigger then Howard Stern. Spurz I also watched Stern when he was on E back in the day. Those were the freaking days man.

  16. Another monday, they took a guy out in cuffs today, He was manager of global logistics or some shit like that. Turns out he was embezzling (sp?) money. He was also a friggin homo from germany. Dressed all eurogay all the time. Bet he made six figures but still stole from them. stupid fuck.

  17. Yea it would have, also may have cost me my job. Company is very image conscious. Been a few others got away with shit just to keep it out of the papers.

  18. dunno, he was keeping checks refunded back to the company from transportation companies from what i hear. We had a guy who used to write P.O.s to phoney companies and deposit the checks in his account. FBI took his ass away. I know he got hundreds of thousands

  19. Then we had a 3 guys selling our products on Ebay. They would scrap the S/Ns and then sneak shit out the back door. When some cam back not working and the S/Ns were flakey, the started looking and the FBI busted them too.

  20. We got some completed prototypes in on a project I’ve spent probably a yr and a half on. Pretty cool, semi worked out of the box, found a software glitch so no data transfer yet. But it will be passing 10 Gigabits soon, nothing like it in the world.

  21. If you could get that speed at home, you could download the whole internet in a few days. Of course it would cost you a fortune. The rest of the world has much faster internet speeds then we do. I think taiwan is the fastest, like ten time faster then US.

  22. No we are slow, infrastructure is to old. Shit is to far apart. You can’t run really high speed over copper more then a few thousand yds without regeneration and that cost lots of money. Fiber is expensive and takes 3 times as loong to run so it’s being deployed slowly.

  23. That’s what Obama does best,,nothing. As a matter of fact that will probably be the short answer reflection of what Obama accomplished in his one term of presidency. Nothing.

    Hey he was great on the View though. Next week he’s going to be hosting the TMZ tv show. The Prez is doing big things.

  24. Cable could be faster but again, $$$ plus they have no incentive, they just have to beat the phone co by a little. I think taiwan has like 100 mbs avg speed, we are under 10.

  25. Obama spends his time taking vacations, date nights with the wife, hooking up OTHER countries, and answering questions about Lindsay Lohan on talk shows.

  26. Word on the street is that Obama is making a play for his own reality show in the white house. Hahahahaha. Obama wants to be a celeb more then Nik Richie does.

  27. It is for the avg user, but business and people who download large files, lots of video, HD video all benefit from more speed. Have you heard of Uverse from ATT? It actually uses two phone lines to deliver HD TV, your phone line and internet. Verizon has a version as well, it works on fiber.

  28. I voted for your Elfie.. I’ll try to vote tomorrow on my other computer..

    Some of the couches on there were hilarious. And you can always fix your couch up with some covers.

  29. That’s what I was planning on doing Dirtyhater. And underneath her pic there’s a link that’s supposed to take you right to her pic, but it doesn’t work.

  30. I loved the bride of chucky… I liked when they went to that stoner park and Chucky flipped off the stoned gay and he was like “Fuckin doll!”

  31. the first one scared me shitless though… I was a little kid and I was scared of my dolls for a long time

    the first horror movie I was allowed to watch was Nightmare on Elm St.

  32. haha My aughter watched Chucky once with my younger brother… she was 2. She then proceeded to chase my sister around with a wig on and a mini sith in her hand like a litte possessed baby.

  33. I remember Cat’s Eye with Drew Barrymore… and the cat defended her from the little troll in the wall… I liked that movie when I was a little kid..

  34. Yeah, but they’ll give Mike Judge more cash to put into it and now he has more of a free reign than he did the last time. I remember the uproar back then. It’s tame by today’s standards.

  35. did you see when he dipped his glitter studded crotch on the camera lens…. if he was naked I we would have seen his asshole too

    I really think that guy is gay after watching that video..

  36. the crotch dip was at 4:35… and he kept grabbing and smacking his ass at the beginning…

    I think that video was designed so he could show off the gayest outfits in his closet… I especially liked the assless chaps he walked out in..

  37. no.. the crotch dip.. and the big mic looked like a penis.. and at the end he rubbed his crotch up and down the guitarist’s leg..

    What this during his drug phase or what? I can’t believe some women actually thought he was hot at one time….

  38. There was this music video in the mid- late 90’s that was 2 women (one dressed in white and one dressed in black) and they were doing some kind of magic with a turning a guy into a tree or something like that? I cannot for the life me think of the bank or the song… anyone know what I am talking about?

  39. that was kind of funny at first… but that is animal abuse.. My sister actually handled a guy who made a youtube video like that and he went to jail for it..

  40. he may have not made that video… he might be reuploading somebody else’s video

    and Antone’s neighborhood looks fun to live in.. he seems like a nice neighbor

  41. spurs.. he probably gets treated better in the projects than you would and I don’t really think their neighborhood looks that bad.. I have seen worse in Washington DC and places where the people are afraid to talk to the cops..

  42. I don’t think so spurs… she said he is misguided.. If she said he can be steered in the right direction I’d agree with you, but if I say a guy is misguided, I don’t want him..

  43. I also applied for a administrative drop from the classes I so crappily failed this summer… I cannotdo anything right lately. Quit school, boyfriend breaks up with me. I better win this furniture or I just might go into a deep depression.

  44. I have to go back on Thurday to talk to the actual DR and not just the clinician or whatever. I stopped smoking like 7 months ago and it seemed to get worse… maybe I should start smoking again.

  45. I think I am going to go get a drink of water and just hold the cup in my hand so it’s not free to pull. I was joking about the smoking though, I definitely don’t want to start that again.

  46. when I was in NYC I was in a meeting room in citi headquarters…. some bigwig was talking to my group, and I was sooo tried. I was falling asleep right in front of him. I was embarrassed so I kept pinching myself really hard and twisting my skin so I could stay awake..

  47. I saw a Jack Links Beef Jerky commercial on TV last night that featured a farting Sasquatch. The mystery of how Rocket Queen supports herself has been solved.

  48. I saw someone comment here about it. I haven’t read the news yet. I’ve spent this morning fucking with a chick on my political Facebook page that irritates the shit outta me. I posted a buncha stuff on her wall that indicates Jesus was hippie liberal pinko communist.

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