90 thoughts on “So this floozy won the furniture

  1. Her ass is pretty cute but still. I wish we were able to see the percentage of votes as the contest was going on or once it was over.

    We should all log complaints with Clear Channel for their fraudulent contest practices haha

  2. Yes, the percentage or a number of votes would be fun to see. And as far as that complaint against Clear Channel? I’ve already had some lawyers fstart working on filing a class action lawsuit, that’s how upset I am.

  3. We’ve had a lot of people leave our company for gov contracting jobs the big $$$ that goes with it. Gov contracting is very big here, Redstone Arsonal is huge. I’ve told every one it’s great while it last but with the libs in office, the defense budget is the first to get cut. They are all sweating bullets now.

  4. Thanks AStrid… I will always remember the ones who supported me in during both the good and bad times. You are a true e-friend! (unlike that bastard Sours!)

  5. every time I go to the store I look for sour skittles and punch straws, but I NEVER find either…

    Sometimes I see skittles, but never sour. I am starting to think they discontinued them…

  6. There is a fight on HBO, one guy has an advertisement on his ass for a place called “Condom Depot.Com” Maybe RQ should put an ad on her ass for her sex change doc. She may get free hormones out of it. She was looking a little hairy in her last video.

  7. BTW if you fucking people would get out and get a job you could buy your own furniture. hell Rooms To Go has some cheap crap you could afford !!!

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