301 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Elfie!

  1. wtf? you look like the nigger version of big bird. tasteless. totally tasteless. fat and stout. ugh.

    i’m going to bathe now if anyone is looking for me.

    happy Sunday, Spursy.

  2. I’m probably going back to STL Wednesday night, Rudy gets off at 9 on Wednesday nights and is off on Thursdays. Valarie and I are talking about meeting in ATL on September the 8th. She has a meeting there on the 10th. Erin’s flying in on my birthday, the 29th for a couple of days. I’ll put her on a plane back the morning of the 1st and then head back to STL from Branson.

  3. Geez I HATE That picture! Where the hell did you get it Sours?
    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone and RQ? Fuck off you scrotum sack faced bitch.

  4. I didn’t do anything really, hung out with my kids and made fluorescent cupcakes. Dude let me send you a better picture.

  5. Isn’t today also Madonna’s birthday?

    Astrid, Valarie knows about Rudy and Erin. Valarie’s married, has been for 27 years. Rudy and Erin know about each other, but Rudy doesn’t know Erin and I still talk.

  6. Thanks 2d4u and Sours.
    For the record Joe Jonas is my creepy crush… I meani since he’s 19 or so and I am 29. Now I find out we can bond over our birthdays, this is amazing news.

  7. um, excuse me, but you have the audacity to call me a man face? oh my god, I have heard it all. Ok, so you have some fucking bought tits, section 8, that’s about all you got going for you.

    Man face. man face. man face. very seasoned looking face. and fake tits, dime a dozen. supermodel features like mine. very rare.

    pfft. and so insecure that she had to send in another picture for what could potentially be the most idiotic internet audience of all. well, the other picture was all you, baby, fat ass and all.

    haha pathetic. oh my word.

  8. i gotta get back to cleaning, spursy. i’m running out of steam and unless i finish everything on my list, i’m not allowed to eat my pepperidge farm coconut cake tonight.

  9. That first pic was from 6 months after I had my son. I was really young and weighed a bit more than I normally do.

    I didnt say you ha a man face I said your face looked like a mans scrotum, wrinkly and god awful ugly.

  10. yeah, no shit, dude. i’ve bought three pairs of fake tits. but i have the tall willowy physique of a supermodel. i’m not stout like a fucking fattie fattie two by four who shouldn’t fit through the kitchen door cuz she fucking eats too much. fat ass. i mean throw that first picture back up. THICK THICK THICK>

  11. Correction: she has bought 2 pairs of fake tits, a new stomach (although she’s never had a child so why is it stretched out?) and copious amounts of botox and filler.

  12. “Elfie said…
    Correction: she has bought 2 pairs of fake tits, a new stomach (although she’s never had a child so why is it stretched out?) and copious amounts of botox and filler.”

    Her stomach was stretched out by Mandingo

  13. No you had a tummy tuck, if you didnt have saggy extra skin there is NO WAY they could have removed your apendix scar they way they did. Admit it, your stomach looked like a bitch that had delivered and nursed 10 litters of puppies.

  14. I no longer find the Queen to be worth the mental effort necessary to find new ways to rip her. Her descent into total insanity has become unpleasant to watch, poor OLD thing.

  15. No, Drew. I’d fuck his girlfriend, though. I do have a couple of girl cousins that best be glad they could outrun me at the family reunions we had back when we were kids, though.

  16. As well as the Mayor’s wife, Police Commissioner’s wife, his Boss’s wife, he even snagged Hilary away from Billy back in the day. Whoever else drifts into CBT’s mind.

  17. Well Drew, I grew up south of San Antonio. And I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at a map, but Texas is pretty big. So I picked the Braves because TBS used to play all their games.

  18. I drove the fucking Bronco to STL because I loaned my dad the Tacoma while his truck is having the tranny (not an RQ reference) rebuilt. That damn thing wore me out. It has all the areodynamic characteristics of a brick, except a brick gets better gas mileage.

  19. SPURS FAN said…

    At this point the RQ is a tranny or has a cock is played. If you are creative, there’s other ways to rip her.

    .. and RQ saying Elfie is ugly is played out too.

  20. Spurs, I don’t give Rudy money. I’m sure I’ll be making some sort of major purchase on her behalf one of these days, but it hasn’t come up yet.

  21. but it sounds like she doesn’t expect anything from you CBT.. and when you play the game the way you do, just fucking girls and moving on, you have to be willing to provide for them esp with your looks

  22. I’m gonna go get my neighbor to burn one with me. He had some decent shit Thursday night and he never minded coming over here and smoking my shit. Then I’m gonna crash. I’ve logged more fucking road time this last week than an over the road trucker. Highway 9 between Melbourne and Mountain View is 21 miles that takes an hour to drive. That fucker was carved into the side of some mountains as a wagon road back in the 1800’s. It was paved in the 1930s and ain’t been touched since. I went through there twice last week. In Arkansas there are highways designated as “Scenic”. That’s a code for crooked, narrow, steep and never been maintained.

  23. “Big Drew said…
    I kinda got off that Spurs. I no longer randomly send. She must ask me to send to keep it legal.”

    Translated: I accidently deleted the picture of the big dick I used to blast with and all I have now is a picture of my little one.

  24. Ari removed the post I put up on his FB wall. It wasn’t bad at all but I posted the gay pic of him at 6 flags.
    Check out his FB comment:

    Ari GoldenAlthough it pains me I have to send a special shout out to Nik. Without you this whole journey would not be possible. You have been a great business partner and a better friend. Thank you for finding the love of your life, the quality of pussy I slay now has gone way up. Thanks for putting this all together, I appreciate it brother. One more time at LIV tonight & then off to Tao next weekend! VEGAS BABY!6 hours ago

  25. No, I watched Ari make one girl leave the club. Seriously. Now I don’t know what he said or why she left, but she came with Leper and a bunch of girls, Ari was talking to her, and then the next thing I know she was gone for good. She didn’t seem pleased when her was talking to her, that’s for sure.

  26. I think spurs should do a new video about us and our comments, and rip us or whatever… or he can try to start a campaign for finding DG and try putting her mug on a milk cartoon

  27. that is funny Spurs..

    Drew anybody can get girls, just look at cbt for example. You just need to find the right girl or hooker on craigslist or whatever..

  28. that was a cruel comment on my part but she left herself open when she attacked me. With that said, rahter then a tube she can blow me and I will type what ever she wants?

  29. Well I was wrong, no bat downs, he did throw a pretty pass 25 yds downfield, hit the guy in stride and he dropped it.

    Can you smell what Drew is Cooking?

  30. Tebow winds up like a baseball pitcher. His long slow motion is going to kill him if he doesn’t improve it. They said he has changed it but looks the same to me

  31. Jerry Springer is such a punk bitch.. I always hated when he did his final word on his show. I watched it when it was kind of good.

    I always thought.. stfu Jerry, I wanna see more fighting, not hear a heart felt bs lecture.. damn

  32. too bad you aren’t watching the roast.. What your thoughts on Pam Anderson.. do you think she looks good? I don’t think she looks too bad tonight. I think her hair looks pretty..

  33. There is fat mudshark on here.. Lisa Minelle or something, and she is getting slammed for her weight and having sex with blacks, but she is laughing her ass off, having fun.

    Hulk Hogan is also on the show.. and they are blasting him and his family too

  34. Was it funny? I saw a preview… I saw Nick Swardson is also getting his own show. I like him. He is so funny.

    If you watch a lot of Reno, he plays the faggy prostitute Terry.. he is great in that show.

  35. I am not tired anymore because it’s night time.. I am so pathetic… I definitely have a sleep disorder, and I even have a headache from the lack of sleep..

  36. Spurs, I just looked at Elfie’s pic again, she looks pretty nice there and I can find numerous volunteers willing to give her a 3rd child. How bad was the other pic?

  37. I didnt come in on friday at all. Miami – no those days are behind me. Not sure if thats a good thing or a bad one, but they are over nevertheless

  38. Thank you for the birthday wishes Ghost of DG, I hope that you will be reserected someday like Jesus and hopefully we don’t have to wait until Easter for it to happen.

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