570 thoughts on “Being A Bigtime Blogger Has Its Perks

  1. Glad you had a laugh Q. I figured being people were cool enough to put themselves out there for the site (CBT, Pam, RQ, QB, *MTQT*, kinkyb!tch, DG, Drew, even that pussy Oz), I’d give plenty of ammo on this video so I could get ripped.

  2. You really are bigtime, Spurs.
    Does it make you uncomfortable that none of the guys are commenting yet? I am sure they are thankful for that speedy replay button.

  3. Are you actually talking in this video or just licking a huge lollipop in a bathtub? The speaker on my work computer got ruined week before last when the office flooded. Either way this video is quite disturbing.

  4. You are sucking that lollipop a little too passionately. this is your coming out video, isn’t it?

    And Anon – should any non-gay male really know about a website called “malemilkings” – still, probably 99% of the men that visit this site will eagerly click on your link. Fags.

  5. I think this is a rent by hour hotel room….that’s why the bed is right next to the bathtub…

    i bet there are glory holes all over those walls.

  6. um, anyone who would use a hotel room like that is not terribly concerned about anything a black light would reveal.

    there is probably cum splatter on the ceiling fan.

  7. Holy mother fuck you are a fruit. Hey your hair is running away fast from your Fetal Alcohol Syndrome face, somebody get the man(?) some rogaine STAT!

    And no wonder you call me fat your malnourished and have the chest of a 10 year old.

    Good god, end it already

  8. SPURS FAN said…

    Hey Giraffe, look, Oz is back. His pussy must have stopped hurting.

    yeah dude, say whatever you want man… hahahaa I actually feel horribly bad for you now. I didnt realize you ACTUALLY had AIDS

  9. you should have paid the extra $5 for the honeymoon suite. that way you could have got the heart shaped tub and the upgraded drink (mad dog 20/20).

  10. Also, the fact that you held a five hour private dress rehearsal in front of your mirror before your big parking meter shoot is far more gay. Your picture was not a parody. This video is.

  11. rq said…
    “can you post a picture of you in a diaper, in a giant crib, spurs? maybe with a bonnet on?”

    I saw a clip of a talk show once with people who had baby fetishes… it was almost as disturbing as this mess.

  12. do you leave your client sitting there to fend for himself? I can only imagine you do, since you fucking ran out of here all insulted on friday.

  13. I think so, too, Spurs. I would love to be an opposing attorney and make him cry in the courtoom. The judge probably keeps ten kleenex boxes under his robe for whenever Wop is scheduled to be in court.

  14. i have a feeling right now drew is getting out his cleanest tighty whiteys and writing ‘i know nik richie’ on the ass and warming up his vhs camcorder to record and submit his own version of autoerotic asphyxiation for the site.

  15. i guess Wop is out getting depositions regarding his cool factor – he needs some reassuring after his mental beat down.

    what a man, wop. what a man. can dish it out, but can’t take it.

    just like that bitch QB. Calling a truce on HER post. apologizing to me.

    yip, I won.

  16. do you leave your client sitting there to fend for himself? I can only imagine you do, since you fucking ran out of here all insulted on friday.

    I actually had a 1:15 hearing for my fake job, thats why I “ran” out of here.

    I really couldnt give a shit what you and you pet albino spider monkey say about me, honestly. It is more than apparent that I live a life a million times better then either of you two freak shows

  17. That was a dreamy song!

    Did you guys here that the segway inventor ran himself off a cliff driving one? he died. is that some ironic shit or what?

  18. Salt licks will give you hypertension, I hope wop is careful…but somehow I think he’s got more than a salt lick in his lunch pail, spurs.

  19. yeah check it out, pretty funny stuff. he was cruising the grounds of his estate and ran the thing clear off a cliff in the middle of the night. they found him floating in the river, along with his segway.

  20. SPURS FAN said…

    It’s not like I haven’t ripped her Oz, you’re just pissed she’s ripping on you now.

    no, actually, I really dont care

  21. rq said…

    FACT: anyone who lives in tuscon is living a substandard life.

    yeah there is NOBODY here that is rich, famous, or successful. Ignorant.

    I’ll tell you what is a fact, somebody that has no money of their own, no job, no friends, and is bat shit crazy is living a substandard life.

  22. I see. Well, I know Susan thinks my mental capacity is that of a tic tac, but I can text and watch a movie simultaneously. (cashing in on my 50 cent words today…bravo me!)Anyway, the movie was kickass.

  23. Damnit, I wanted to congratulate her on getting me to wave the white flag…actually I thought it was pretty nice of me to apologize, don’t you think? I bow down to the Queen of keyboard warriors.. come to think of it,I bet she’s having trophy made as we speak. 🙂 It is after all quite an accomplishment in all of her 47 years on this Earth.

  24. Yeah, I gotcha dg. Not trying to stalk you (I’m secretly stalking you 2D4U lol) But, I just had a couple of questions, but it’s really no big deal.

  25. “dg said…

    I don’t like internet life and real life mixing”

    So I gather that deal with Anonymous was either bullshit or it didn’t go so well?

  26. Well y’all, I gotta run. I gotta go buy some caution tape to rope off parking at the TEA Party with. Every other old motherfucker in this town has a handicap tag so we got to lay out a huge handicapped area.

  27. Gotta run guys! The cold front came in (finally) so the weather is amazing! I’m going to start on dinner (turkey chili) and fudge brownies for dessert! Oh, and a new Radio Bam comes on in a few! Be back later Spurs! (Willy Wonka)

  28. i pretty much figured everyone was going to think dg and i was bullshit. but whatever, we dont have anything to prove. believe or not, we dont care.

  29. hahaahahha 🙂 That was great, nice job Spurs!
    So How Bout Them Cowboys? That game was awesome. You might as well go ahead and get the superbowl tickets now, remember our deal….

  30. Yea it was pretty awesome, some of my friends are going to make a video this weekend, I think we should do another video contest, like when RQ had the whole dance off thing….
    ~~~~ELFIE, QB, DG, etc. You Down???~~~~

    So Spurs where was this video taken at? Nice bathtub, but why is it in the bedroom like that? We have a big ass bathtub in our apartment its nice, but its in the bathroom! LoL Was that house built in 1970?

  31. well I mean, that fucking shot with the wash cloth over your junk, it just made me oh so sick. Why is there not a fucking warning on this vid? Im reporting this shit to youtube

  32. The only way I will do a video in the tub is if Pam, Elfie, QB, and the others do it….RQ is not invited. I dont want something poking up out of the water…

    Otherwise it will just be something funny, maybe some of my friends and I.

  33. “TX said…

    The only way I will do a video in the tub is if Pam, Elfie, QB, and the others do it….RQ is not invited. I dont want something poking up out of the water…”

    Funny shit!

  34. Yeah Ill take condom lesson from you, you use a thimble just to jack off

    Give me a break

    That’d be like asking lindsey lohan how to stay sober

  35. Chubby. I think Spurs is really that girl that shaved her head to look like a teen boy, and molested a girl in a hotel. He has small boobs and no penis, so it’s obvious. I think you should send this video to the cops as evidence in that case while you’re working on reporting him to youtube.

  36. TX, let me know if you need help with the cam. I’ll be in Dallas this weekend, so I could pop over to Ft. Worth if need be.

    2dirty4u how old are you? You want to get together and have a few drinks? You know just a casual hang out. Spurs could come into DFW to, right Spurs….

    If I needed a camera “man” i’d just get one of my girlfriends to do it…lol

  37. Anonymous said…

    Chubby. I think Spurs is really that girl that shaved her head to look like a teen boy, and molested a girl in a hotel. He has small boobs and no penis, so it’s obvious.


  38. TX, Wop is a bad mood. Probably because Spurs didn’t give him extra nacho cheese when he gorged at Del Taco earlier today. Payback is a bitch!

  39. well, 2d4u- wop is an e-attorney and we occasionally indulge him. anyone can be an expert on any subject on here with the benefit of google.

  40. as for you, Miss Texas, why don’t you suggest a contest that you can actually win aside from something that involved you eating a gross amount of food in record time.

    How about a bathtub contest to see which one of you fatties displaces the most water. yeah, i think you’d win that one.

    Oh, and congratulations on your lofty goal of pursuing and education as a pharmacy technician. I am actually laughing my ass of right now. No, really, I am.

  41. Companies and Industries for Pharmacy Technician JobsPopular Employers Hourly Rate

    CVS / Pharmacy $8.70 – $10.91
    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc $9.27 – $12.07
    Walgreen Co. $8.99 – $11.62
    CVS Caremark Corporation $8.75 – $10.89
    Rite Aid Pharmacy $7.98 – $11.31


  42. i’d love to stay but i just got back from walgreens and i need to piss on some strips and walk my dogs. After that it’s gonna be time for judge judy.

  43. although I remain a little confused by exactly what they teach you in pharmacy technician school. How to count out pills and alphabetize bottles of pills? That sounds so fucking satisfying I feel like I need a nap.

  44. I didn’t buy the lollipop and bubble bath. It was all her doing, so give her some props. I told her that I felt like I should be ripped more than anyone, so this is what she came up with. I was like, “That’s pretty fucking gay. That will get me ripped for sure.”

    And indeed, it did.

  45. DG is right. It doesn’t matter who posted it. Spurs actually created it, and the video is 4 minutes and 32 seconds of him spreading his legs, rubbing his spider monkey thighs, and sucking a lollipop. Four fuckin minutes. One minute would have made the point. The extra 3 minutes and 36 seconds of attempted comedy is really Spurs enjoying being a fag.

  46. Spurs: Who is Lindsey? This must’ve happened during my hiatus…how many licks did it take for her to discover your tootsie pop? (Sorry, this crisp weather makes me frisky) 🙂

  47. i read where your son is a bully on the football field…bet he gets that from you, huh, QB? especially the apologizing part when he realizes he bit off a bit more than he can chew.

    boy, your family – bunch of throw in the towel losers.

  48. did you actually announce earlier what you were fucking making for dinner? and baking for dessert? This is not the fucking june cleaver network, QB. AND, you are always addressing the men with your banal chitterchatter…I can assure don’t give two squats about your idiotic small talk.

  49. Wow that was disturbing spurs, not sure what else to add that has not been said. My eyes really hurt all of a sudden.

    Oh and RQ the guy who ran off the cliff was a stupid euro fuck who manufactured segways, not the inventor.

  50. I’ve always thought you were so pasty but I’m thinking you are more pink than pasty. Or is that just because your skin is transparent?

  51. Sports are so boring. Y’all need to just give it up and catch up on Dexter instead. I’m going to go insane having to wait once a week to watch it.

    And Desperate Housewives sucks now. I think it’s time for Wysteria lane to be demolished.

  52. Uh I am at a loss for words on this video Spurs. Please tell me you were high on crack when you did this? Thats all we needed was more encouragement for another Drew video.

  53. I think you should move to seattle or portland, somewhere the sun doesn’t shine to much. You could party with courtney love and pam pucker

  54. Actually Tranny Queen, I work at a Professional Pharmacy, not a drug store like CVS or Walgreens…and I am not going to school to be a Pharmacy Technician, its really simple you just take a test and get certified.
    I’m going to school to do Networking, majoring in Computer Science. Already have a job lined up at Dell Corp.

    And I didn’t include you in this contest bitch so you dont get to make suggestions….nice try though, if you were involved though maybe you could make a video of how long it takes you to duck tape your balls to your gooch.

  55. Well, unless anybody can correct me, Ive never heard of him using his money or status to do any good in this world. Has he donated any money to charity or given back to his community (besides a free set of plus 2’s)? His “wife” is even worse, her day prob consists of consuming copious amounts of uppers and downers, describing who she and her hubby are “wearing”, and updating her twitter…upstanding couple they are, pisses me off. All of that fame and notoriety and you’d think nik would plant a tree or take a sick child to In and Out Burger, something reputable like that. (QB stepping off her soapbox)

  56. Could you imagine Ari trying to defend Nik? He is a little midget. Picturing it in my head makes me laugh. Spurs would look like King Kong or Godzilla ripping new holes in their asses. Better call in the national guard bitches.

  57. “This video is so gay it may even bring MP back.”

    Good one. What’s his real name anyways? Does anyone know? Drew??? Arent yall friends on myspace? I want to look him up on Facebook…

  58. Why would I go to San Antonio to see Nik Richie? No Thank You. He’s to arrogant for me. I might go to Dallas if he was going to be at Kinki or Plush or somewhere like that, but only because I like those clubs….and I wanna see how short he is in person….

  59. It’s obvious Nik’s whole marriage to Shayne is just about riding her coattails. Ever since they got hitched, they have been plugging tmz and Nik is always billed as “Shayne’s husband.” He even changed his name to hers for fucks sake. I wonder how much longer it will last.

  60. Elfie should know Dana’s last name so you can hunt him down, MT. I don’t know why would want to though…Christ, he was beat and more malnourished than Spurs.

  61. I had no idea Dexter was on season 5. I’m only on season 1. And season 2 of True blood. It is actually not bad. I am starting to get a crush on Bill though. 20k should consider selling vampire fangs on his sex toy site, I would buy some.

  62. Dexter Season 1,2, and 4 are really good. But if you pirate them like me be very careful not to accidentally read the titles of some of the episodes in season 4. I accidentally read what happens and that is what makes season 5 so good.

  63. Well I searched “Dana” on facebook and a bunch of chicks popped up lol. I need a last name or where he was from….
    KB-Maybe I like his skinny ass 😉 lol jk
    Nah, I just wanna see what he’s been up to, see if he’s still holocaust

  64. Nice to see you are namejacking me Drew. But what is more interesting is you are pulling up gay porn on your computer. That says alot about your who you truly are.

  65. Damn Drew. Seriously, how many times in a day do you mention the words, greg, cocks, and dick? And then how many times do you think about it without mentioning it?

    My computer is really slow right now. I think it got a virus from the spurs video.

  66. TX- If I can remember my myspace password (if it’s still active, I never log on there anymore) I can try and see if MP is still around. 🙂

  67. So’s I was down bys da shore ta-day and some bag a doughnuts comes up ta me and says to me, ‘Ay Big Douche, why you’s gots sunblock all up on you’s chin there?’ So’s I Says to him, ‘I blow Nik Richie.’ FUGGIDABOUDIT!!

  68. So Nik and Ari were “rolling” (X and K) down the yellow brick road and bumped into the wizard of OZ. Oz was busy chasing ambulances for a finder’s fee for a group of sleazebags he is on retainer. They kept rolling and found there selves a pot of gold. Fuck the Dorothy, The Scarecrow was in all his glory in a bubble bath. They bonded by throwing the gun show pose and scarecrow got beat by a mile. Nik even reminded Scarecrow that Big Drew’s greg is thicker then SC’s arms and finished with, just sayin.

  69. I don’t know any women in the navy so I don’t know where you got your statistics, Drew. It could be the women in the navy you approached were just rejecting you politely.

  70. What a fucking joke! Nice pics that a recruiter uses to get those dumb stumps to join the navy. Next thing they know, they are stuck on a 6 month tour on same barge, in some galley slinging shit on a shingle? Hey at least they are in the kitchen providing for men as the bible says.

  71. Drew, only idiots would believe they would join the military and never be deployed. There are some really crappy barracks on the base too but I was shocked at how nice the place really was if you are lucky enough to get into the beacon.

    I’m surprised you never joined the military. But the don’t ask don’t tell policy didn’t exist back when you were young enough to join. Just think of all the dicks you could’ve touched!

  72. In closing DG, My son has no wants. As a matter of fact, most times I do without to make sure he gets what ever he wants. By no means do I spoil him in that he earns what every I give through good grades what have you.

    On the other hand, your polluted womb could never produce a child like the one I have. Even if you conceived, your bastard child wouldn’t have a chance! I’m not sure but from what I have read, your drug addiction, multiple STD’s along with your trailer park parenting skills give your future kid no chance.

  73. In closing Drew, your kid really doesn’t have a chance at life. His father is divorced with a restraining order placed on you by his mother, you have never had a steady job, and you consistently order prostitutes because of your inability to meet women that would be interested in you. If my father was like you, life would suck. Really. Your life is truly trailer park parenting.

    I’m not really sure what you have read but maybe you mixed me up with your star of your failed website, pamela pucker.

  74. Drew probably attempted to join the military when he was young but tested so low that they didn’t even want him. Although, he would be a great candidate for a suicide mission.

  75. Spur’s is so sweet make her wanna lick the wrapper

    So I let her lick the wrapper

    Spur’s lick me like a lollipop

    like a lollipop
    she lick me like a lollipop
    she lick me like a lollipop

    Call me so I can make it juicy for you 🙂

  76. Funny, I was going to do a post tomorrow about that DG. That’s the second time you’ve made a comment about something that I posted the next day. The first was about Michael Jackson, and the next day I posted those queer pics Hollywood took.

  77. Besides, even if you did have sex you don’t need to put your phone on camcorder, just camera. It would catch the whole act I’m sure.

  78. Just sittin here at my fake job that I made up, settled a fake case for a fake 30k so thinking bout leaving, but I have two fake meeting this afternoon

  79. “QB said…

    Columbo: Could you hire me as your fake secretary? I need a fake paycheck, tired of being a housewifey.”

    as long as you dont mind REAL sexual harassment and REAL desk sex

  80. “SPURS FAN said…

    I did hear about that QB. I was upset it didn’t happen at ITT Tech. I don’t want to go to class today.”

    It can’t be that bad spurs, all the commercials for it during the soap operas make it look like all those fat mexican chicks with sideburns and 10 kids are really living the dream.

  81. You know spurs if I didnt think you’d end up getting pissy and exposing my real name, Id take a pic with me holding my ID next to my JD with the same name and holding todays paper and send it to you.

  82. For the record OZ (off subject) I had your back the other day, I got mad they were taking shots at you..you remind of Turtle from Entourage (in a good way)

  83. Spurs: What time do you have class? I can try and arrange a crazed gunman to show up to the cafeteria before you get there? Oh, and I think I’m going to dress up for Halloween this year..I have it narrowed down to 2 music icons.

  84. Oz: The sex desk thing is a little cliche’ (been there done that, except it was MY desk lol) Let’s say we switch it up a bit? Maybe up against the water cooler? That’ll give your colleagues some entertainment.

  85. “QB said…

    For the record OZ (off subject) I had your back the other day, I got mad they were taking shots at you..you remind of Turtle from Entourage (in a good way)”

    thanks qb, but look who it was coming from. Like I care about those jokes of life

  86. QB said…

    Oz: The sex desk thing is a little cliche’ (been there done that, except it was MY desk lol) Let’s say we switch it up a bit? Maybe up against the water cooler? That’ll give your colleagues some entertainment.

    Ive done the desk thing too, I have a untested couch in my office, water cooler would be alright too, but I dont see it being too comfortable.

  87. I see your point abt the water cooler, just being creative. I say we still try the water cooler and we give the couch to Elfie..I love that girl!

  88. I missed whenever oz was supposedly ‘crushed’ by spurs. But if it was anything like when spurs ‘crushes’ me, it’s probably nothing funny enough worth looking back at the comments for.

  89. some people really bug me. I have to ask this question here cause I know some of you have kid’s and you will tell me the answer w/o getting all huffy and defensive and calling me the dreaded j word. :rollseyes:
    Okay, here is my question. If you are single and have kid’s and start dating, do you bring your children around said person right away? What if you just got divorced and started dating right away (or hell, even before you even filed for or got your divorce finalized), do you think it is okay to right away find someone new and bring him around your kid’s? Does their age matter? Like say you have an infant, do you say to yourself ‘if this doesn’t work out, he won’t remember this person’?

  90. KB: In my case, I waited at least a month before I brought my boys around my bf (we’ve been together 4 years) because number 1 I wasn’t sure if it would last, and number 2 he is 3 yrs younger than I am and I didn’t want him to feel like I was appointing him “stepdaddy” because that would make guys run for the hills. I introduced them gradually, eased everyone into the situation. Today, he calls himself their stepdad and has pretty much helped me raise my youngest bc he was 1 yr old when they met. My ex hub approves of him too, which helps the situation for everyone. It took my bf a little bit to get used to the idea of dating a single mom, but so far, so good. So, yes, I don’t think kids should be brought into the pic immediately, it just adds pressure to the other person who is just trying to get to know you first. But, whomever the parent is in the relationship, it’s always smart to mention your kids (not constantly) but just so he/she knows the score, and they can decide whether or not they want to pursue a relationship.

  91. I was thinking along the same lines, but I have 3 friends who recently have done the opposite, and I really want to go off on them. Especially b/c I know if the roles were reveresed they’d be pissed and talking smack about their ex-husbands. One of them has even went so far as to tattoo some shit about her new bf being her soulmate. Shut the fuck up.

  92. I had (operative word being HAD) a friend who would leave her son with “grandma’ all the time while she would go out and ‘date’. I tried to tell her that she was missing out on her kid and if the guy was a good one, he would find her and accept her child. Needless to say, she said I was judging her and went on to date a drug dealer, had her kid taken away, and lives in a double wide in Pasadena,TX. Her poor mom and dad have to pick u[p the slack bc she is a dumbass who only cares about herself. That’s one friend I didn’t mind losing.

  93. the other one moved out and the same day moved in with her new bf! her daughter is 9, doesnt she think she is sending the wrong message? she hadnt even filed for divorce at all, she just went home and told her husband she wanted a divorce and had already had her mom go into her house during the day to pack up her and her daughters stuff. so she was just telling him bye basically and said shed be in touch about setting up an informal visitation deal about their kid. and of course she is posting all this news on facebook and everyone is telling her shit like you deserve to be happy and good for you and blah blah. hello, how about sure, you deserve to be happy, but keep in mind you have impressionable eyes on you at all times. in addition, i wouldnt be so quick to trust your heart, look where it got you the first time around, dummy.

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