Fun with Bitchhog’s boyfriend

Being this is “boyfriend drama day”, I thought this would be fitting. Yep, it seems BH’s boyfriend doesn’t think too much of me. In addition to this exchange, he called me up. I have to say, I haven’t humiliated someone that bad in a long time. If ever. I was telling him how pathetic and insecure he is to be jealous being I live 2,000 miles away. After explaining to him five times how insecure that appears, he finally admitted it, which was great. He said, “I’m a graffitti artist, we are all insecure.” Seriously, he said that. Queer.

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  1. Keep in mind I’m baked out of my mind. So words are just spewing out of my mouth. I told him that only 7 year old girls write out a bunch of run on words to form one word. So I kept asking him if he really did have a pussy.

  2. has he ever heard of the space key? I hope he doesn’t send BH back to Oaxaca over this!
    And wait…SB’s BF is related to Gary Glitter?? What is that all about. Tell me what happened, you know my nosy ass can’t handle this!! Email me if you are too worried about her to post it here.

  3. So this continues on, and he’s like, “Why won’t you leave my girlfriend alone?” So I say, “Hey pussy, she contacted me first, not the other way around.”

    Pussy at this point still isn’t aware he’s outmatched, so he continues on about how big of a loser I am, so I say something along the lines of, “Dude, I live 2,000 miles away and I’ve already seen your girlfriend naked. What do I care? You’re on the phone all jealous of me. You couldn’t pull a move like that.” (this is ad lib, trust me, had you been able to hear the conversation, you would have laughed)

  4. Graffiti Boy starts to get irate at this point. Seriously, he was so pissed, BH was there, she’ll tell you. He starts threatening to kick my ass. Really. He was like, “I go down to S.A. sometimes, I’ll kick your ass!” So I laugh, and say, “Hey, if you suck as bad at fighting as you do at this exchange, I have no worries.”

    I also told him (you could hear people in the background) several times to put me on speakerphone, so the other people could hear me destroy him. Funny shit.

  5. I really can’t reiterate how bad I whipped this guy. I mean, really. It was for sure just verbal abuse.

    He kept telling me how the site sucks, and I kept telling him how much I appreciated him checking the site out. I told him to click on some ads.

  6. I’m not so sure anyone was destroyed.
    I did hear a bunch of laughterbetween the two of you.
    I guess he didn’t know where the space bar was on my phone.

  7. How do all these BF know what site they chat on? I mean that is total psycho shit. I bet they go through their phones and purses too. I never checked my ex’s shit. I really didn’t care and better yet, didn’t want her all up in my business.

  8. well!! that’s pretty funny!! but ill shut up this time !! enough damage for today,lol

    not to Highjack your post but Spurs! you know that Arkansas dead bird and fish post you put up yesterday? well! I did my little research and the same thing is happening Worldwide!

    Russia= 2 million birds fall out the sky, results of analysis= no bacteria, no injuries,no poisoning, NADA

    Argentina= approx: 100 thousand birds fall out the sky, Analysis results= same has above

    Australia-approx: 50 thousand birds fall out of the sky, Analysis results= same has above=NADA

    USA = 800 great Owls fall off the sky,Analysis=same has above=Nada

    and it just goes on and on,

    not liking this at all, fuck!! something is up for sure, what? don’t know..

    Anyway.. back to the other BF drama , sorry just had to share these results with you guys.

  9. What a fag… good shit spurs.

    I (used to) know a ton of graffiti artists (right Elfie?) and they werent all insecure. I dont even get the correlation.

  10. Oh, I have a documentary for you. There is a show called The Vice Guide to Travel. Check out the episode on Liberia. These people are insane. I saw a 12 yr old doing heroin and then watched him tell a story about raping some big belly woman. Then this other guy who people now worship used to eat the hearts and drink the blood of children. The entire show was surreal.

    • Hey DG! On the topic of documentaries, did you see “Earthlings”? Probably, considering it’s are fairly old now. Pretty gruesome interesting stuff if you have not though.

      Vice Guide to travel looks crazy enough! I think I am going to check it out.

          • Loose Change, isn’t that about the whole conspiracy theory of 9/11? I didn’t like that one.

          • I haven’t watched that. But I’ve watched a bunch of those Gangland episodes. Now I can look at a tattoo and know if someone is in a gang and who they are with.

            Have you checked out Cocaine Cowboys 1 and 2? Those are great.

          • I had to turn off loose change because the narrator was going too far off reality and I wanted to yell at him.

          • You are right, DG, the narrarator was lame. Someone made a you tube version, too, which was terrible. But some of the narrarators opinions were sound, no?

          • You missed a good post earlier, Fuck. And I have some great news! I was able to find an Iphone backup here at work. Yep, I drove back up here so I could rest my mind.

            I know you are happy for me.

          • Yes 2d, BIG time trouble. I really hate arguing more than anything and thus far that is what my day has consisted of. Damn, I was just trying to provide some comic relief.

          • Hey, I for one appreciate the comic relief. I know others did, too. It had the makings of a monster post. If you two ever break up (don’t know why you would, seems like paradise), the post can always get put back up.

          • No, I listened to their opinions and really tried to understand their point of view but to me they seemed to be trying to create a story that just didn’t exist. The AA flight went into the pentagon. There is no doubt in my mind. And that scientist studying the dust wasn’t really making a good case either. But I didn’t see all of that part because I turned it off.

          • Congrats, Spurs. I’m glad you were finally able to figure out technology. Welcome to 2011.

          • Well, thanks smartass, but it’s not me. It’s Apple and Vista. I had to restore my phone. Lost my backup when it synced. But I was able to get everything back. Yes, you can sleep well tonight.

          • Dude, DG!! The dust had traces of explosives!! j/k lol

            How about the WTC building #3 going down? WTF!!! Or the fact that the god damned airplanes flew the wherever the fuck they wanted? Or the white jet liner flying around Washinton DC when all planes had already been grounded?

          • Yeah, I had to restore mine at one point too. It was a little bit of a hassle, but it all worked out. Glad you were able to save your stuff.

          • The picture you have of yourself in a pink bikini. I believe you had it up on your DA profile for a while.

          • I never had any pics of me in a pink bikini. Oh, I think you’re thinking of the one with the angel wings? That was supposed to be my VS Angel halloween costume.

          • Yes you did. You were standing by a bbq. You said you felt it looked like a good album cover picture.

          • Ok, I could be wrong about the bbq. I thought I remembered you changing up the words in the background a couple of times, though.

          • Yeah it reminded me of a deftones album cover. It wasn’t a bikini though, it was my undies.

          • No, you are right, I was standing in front of the bbq holding a spatula. I got confused when you said bikini b/c it was actually my underwear and angel wings.

          • It was hot pic B0B! Sorry to hear you got in trouble w/ the bf. Did he come on here and leave some comments too? If so, thats kind of juicy.

          • Nope he didn’t comment, I told him he should, then he said he might, but didn’t. Whatev. My intention wasn’t to blast on him, it was to blast the skank the post was really about.

      • I posted a chick that my bf and his roomie hooked up w/ once and shit hit the fan. He’s pretty pissed. I didn’t intend for the post to be about him at all, I was blasting the skank, but it turned into all out war in my house this a.m. Guess I should have thought twice about posting it. Ooops.

      • DG Car 14 and KBisshe

        Yes you missed a great post and some great comments…

        I believe AZanon threw a great reverse role story in there too…

        Silent Bob…
        We all have “strange” that have the potential to haunt us… he just chose to keep proof…
        The fact that he got ripped by the commenters was not in his or your control…
        you shouldn’t be punished by him…
        if anything he shouldn’t have kept his previous “glory” to be found…
        his fault, not yours…

        Too bad though.. I think that post had potential…

        – chef –

        • MS Bobbie…

          You have to admit… there was some truth in the reverse roles commentors threw up…

          In retrospect, do you think he’s happy he did it?
          probably not… but he probably hi-5’s and gives ‘daps’ to his friends every time the story is brought up in jest…
          but again, should u be punished…



          Vice Guide to everything —- every monday night on MTV…

          – chef –

          • Well i have been punished and yes I didn’t think he’d get mad about me telling the story since everytime he told it he seemed like it was funny, too. Apparently not. I think it was the comments that really did it in.

          • miss Mute Robert…

            You no longer have proof of the pics… except all the friend requests from this chick…
            and he no longer has proof of this missing post… except for all the request to re-post it…

            sounds like your even….

            – chef –

          • the recipe i use calls for 1 cup of water, 1 1/2 teaspoons of lemon juice, 3 tablespoons of butter, 2 tablespoons of flour, 1/8 teaspoon of black pepper, 1/4 teaspoon of salt. but i also put in 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder and 1/2 tablespoon of basil and 1/2 tablespoon of oregano then i add sauteed onions.

  11. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I have a shitty boyfriend (that is 1st up on the rotation right now). I never got in any trouble. He just laughed about the next morning and it hasn’t been brought up since. Of course he is insecure, being with a hot bitchhog and all…

      • I know everyone has insecurities. Some people are just out of control. I’m happy to report that I’ve been able to manage my insecurity issues pretty well. I use a little thing called “Xanax.” Maybe tell your bf to give it a try sometime.

        • Same here, Brooklyn. I’ve already had to take 2 xanies today just to cope w/ the drama. But i’m not much of an insecure person by nature. I just suffer from anxiety.

          • Same, SB. I was just being sarcastic as far as using it for insecurities. They sure are enjoyable, though. I feel like my house could be on fire and I just wouldn’t care.

          • That’s what I love about them, the not caring part makes everything better.

          • I think I just need to make my reality better by moving to Sacto. I need a scenery change.

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