Breaking news! Skeets is knocked up

I’ve known about this for quite some time, but she sent me a pic this morning and I asked if I could post it (kind of like throwing a dart at a board, she said it was alright). If you’ve been wondering why Skeets hasn’t been around that much, here’s the reason. You know, emotions and throwing up and what not. I don’t know what she expected, I mean when she told me she was pregnant with another man’s child, I told her we were through. Not my fault she’s not taking rejection well. Anyway, she’s pregnant and due in 8 weeks.

R.I.P. Skeets.

P.S. Sucks for you Oz.

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  1. Boy or Girl? I’m sure you’ve considered naming the babe after me, so tell us the sex so we can spin my name into a gender specific category. bah, I guess Bitchhog can go either way.

  2. are you really due in 8 wks? So is my bff!! GImme your address, I will send you a gift. I will also send a ‘my condolences’ card to Oz.
    FMB’s kid=good child support check. I taught my little Elfie well!! 🙂 Congratulations on the baby. I was just wondering about you last night while flipping through TV and seeing an old epi of Intervention. Are you having a boy or a girl?

  3. Thanks guys. In case you were wondering I got knocked up the night the dirty couch pictures were taken. It is a boy and no his name is not going to be FMB JR or Kasey.

  4. omg, we really need to have a party once he recovers from his pneumonia. Fuck that, he wouldn’t wait for us to get better.
    Party at BH’s house this Sat!

          • Average and your prediction for the next 18 years. Hopefully, bh or lindsay will go psycho on spurs and you can represent him in some huge court tv trial. That should bring in millions for me and your 7 other kids and a couple thousand for you.

          • axg before taxes the last 5 yrs – 159

            prediction is that it has been on a downturn for the last 3 years.. Hopefully that pattern ceases ASAP

          • My advice to you is to actually win some cases and then get some cheesy commercial. Maybe go get OJ out of jail or something, too.

          • If you give me your salary figures and how many parenting time days a year I will have the lil guy, I can actually calculate your score (child support) right now.

          • I win alright, its getting paid for my time afterwords thats the problem. I hate those douches in commercials

          • You have the feminine sperm look all over you. If all those other kids you have are boys then you need to call up Maury.

          • Girls are made from making love missionarily and sloooooow… boys are made from the take it from behind wham, bam thank you maam. Yep.

          • OZ,

            What happens if you knock up a local chick in lets say, tamarindo, costa rica. can they enforce child support in the US?

          • The child and mother live in Costa Rica?

            If so, then no US court will have jurisdiction, so the answer is no. However, if they file to have the Costa Rica Child Support order domesticated to the county of which the father lives, and you dont defend it (either by ignoring it or loosing your objection based on jurisdiction), then yes it can then be enforced locally.

          • Oz,

            thanks. I didn’t think they could get you for that at all. All the more reason to give out throwaway tracfone numbers and Jersey Shore names when banging a broad abroad.

          • Well it is highly unlikely that a costa rican will have the know how or resources to do so. I have seen it done with a resident of Mexico and one here before though.

  5. I like how Elfie has the camera chord wrapped around her wrist. If only I learned that technique last summer, I would still have a camera.

  6. You’ve got some funny posts here SpursFan, good work sir. Hope all is well, I moved to Cali last year and am living the dream.

  7. Congrats ELFIE! I already knew you were prego since we’re fb buddies, but thought Id tell you again! Oz in an earlier comment happened to name both of my sons names…one ends in “ayden”..guess Im a little too common huh?

  8. Breaking news! Skeets is knocked upPosted: 17th February 2011 by SPURS FAN in Elfie

    So the title says SPURS FAN was “in” ‘Elfie….

    very very interesting….


    – chef –

  9. What Up Chef!

    Elfie, hello, another kid? Hopefully you’re married now and not single that means? If not- no comment, just sayin.

    I’m in the LBC like snoop before he got rich and moved to OC.

    Spurs fucking A man.. 46-10.. That’s serious business. Still will prob get knocked off in the first round by the Grizz

    • Good one. 46-10 is serious business. But they won’t be getting knocked out in the first round. They are deep, but sadly they don’t have enough size. That might eventually hurt them. But they are really good.

      So what are you doing out in the LBC?

      • I don’t know. I still think the Lakers are the favs even with the recent embarrassments.. Cavs… I was livid watching that game. I think our problem is Fisher, sad to say it.

        I got offered a job here w relocation package this past summer so I got out of that hell hole arizona. Glad to be gone from there. LBC aint the swankiest place in the world but its cool living in an actual big city (phoenix / tempe / scotts aint one) and there’s a lot of diversity and culture out here. Tons of mom and pop type places, the apts/houses don’t all look the same, its pretty cool. Not to mention being less than a block from the beach.

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