131 thoughts on “Elfie tries her hand at Buddhism

  1. Oh man. I can’t stand chicks that pose with their pregger bellies.

    That being said…Elfie, you are beautiful. Congrats!

      • I don’t know, but she should be. I was being serious when I said she is beautiful. She has a lovely face. Unfortunately, she is cradling her pregger belly while sitting in earth tone tapestries.

        • Yeah thats what i was saying, I dont under stand the whole earth tome crap.

          Also why cover up your boobs, when obviously the mammaries are a vital part of the female reproductive system!

          • Wait. Never mind. I just looked to my left and clicked on Elfie and saw her in a Halloween costume. Turns out she already has giant boobs.

            Elfie, you look much, much lovely-er as an earth-loving pregnant woman that as a sexy gypsy whore. I know that’s a whole lot of commas and hyphens, but I mean that as a compliment.

  2. So where is the pic where we get to see the tits? I know she had to of sent one with this. And Tara, I bet you still be sexy as hell pregnant. Care to give it a try? I don’t mind being someones bitch boy for the next 9-10 months.

  3. This just in “Internets is Serious Business”.

    Why’d you post this, you know that sick freak Az is going to be fapping to this with crisco.

  4. Oh, sweet Elfie. When I first saw this pic on gravatar, I thought you were surrounded by blood…or bloody water. You look beautiful, Mama!

  5. Is Elfie living in a tent now?

    i clicked on the psychic ad and watched some old woman on a webcam just sitting there smiling. It was really weird.

  6. I just booked marked that jerky website as well.

    That mess looks good.

    I’ve been messing with that Turkey Jerky lately to.

    Pretty good.

  7. The pounds are nice, I bought a few of the smaller bags so I could try some different flavors. I’d stay away from the ‘Death by Jerky’ stuff unless you really like to torture yourself. I like some hot ass shit and that stuff was too much for me. I actually have a pretty embarrassing story that will attest to how spicy it is.

    And that song was jammin’. I need to check out some of their stuff. I’m still trying to get through some albums I downloaded the other day.

    • Yeah, anything song that has Method Man on it was pretty good.

      Oh, and as far as Parker? He sat out the other night (Monday), so he’s had plenty of rest. He should put up some numbers tomorrow, especially going against Rondo.

      • Spicy is an understatement. They use capsicum oleoresin in it, which is the stuff they put in pepper spray to make it burn, alongside something called ‘East Armageddon Sauce.’

          • Yeah, dude. Like I said, I like hot stuff but this jerky is too much. I still have some of it, actually. I tried beasting through three pieces the other day and my mouth was numb afterward.

  8. The Habanero is good, by the way. I got some of that, Death by Jerky and Hawaiin Teriyaki. The Hawaiin one was the best, they make it with honey and pineapple juice.

  9. Jacare, I’m sorry to hear about your wedding. I’ll pitch in with Anon and buy you a nice bag, maybe a Vuitton, so at least your wife will have something nice to carry your balls around in.

  10. Congrats for the kid! what’s the status with the father? you guys are together or you gonna go alone ? if i’m gonna look at a prego chick at least give me some basic info,lol

    who’s the father ?
    what color his he?
    will he be a dead beat dad or you think he will be a great dad?
    is Spurs or Azanon the father?,lol
    boy or Girl?
    are you happy that you will not have one single night of good sleep very soon?
    do you enjoy ¨prego Sex?

      • not much Spurs! trying to survive and working a bit! what’s up with you man? don’t see you much here latelly?
        Oooo a red head uh? that’s funny! I don’t see many Carrot Tops in Montreal anymore!

        it’s funny ! 3 Months ago i was watching on CNN a special that was about abortion and they asked everyone , if you could know what hair color and eyes colors while prego whats the thing that would make you Abort the Child the Most? * answer from 99% of the people was * if it’s a redheaded kid we would abort for sure* was pretty funny!!

        I like the Nickname you gave him!! =)

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