Ashley Tisdale and some other random chicks posing nude

I don’t like when pics like these are considered “nude.” It’s just a big tease, worse than those PETA pics of women who act like they care about animals, fur, and crap like that.

116 thoughts on “Ashley Tisdale and some other random chicks posing nude

  1. I agree with you on what should be considered “nude.” My photo was removed from a site and I was showing far less than these chicks.

  2. Speaking of ribs, do you inside out negros put pasta on your ribs? How do you keep the noodles from falling into the grill?

  3. Apparently, with that whole earthquake in Japan, the West Coast should see things like toys, cutlery, and other small objects washing ashore. In two years, it’ll be furniture. In three, bodies. How fucking gross is that? I’m never swimming in the Pacific again.

  4. I found the weirdest caterpilar in my house this morning… it has brown curly fur all over it. My life is very exciting, I knwo you are all very jealous.
    Oh and my son dislocated and broke his wrist in 2 places on Thursday.

      • He was playing football at school and got knocked backwards, tried to break his fall with his hand and it broke. They had to consciously sedate him and relocate it… I watched. It was CRAZY!

          • When it happened he just ran to the nurse’s office… they didn’t think anything was seriously wrong but he kept crying so after 45 mins they called me. I was PISSED they took so long. He’s not the type of kid to cry over something like that, so when they told me I knew something was seriously wrong plus his wrist was not really swollen but was wavy looking, definitely looked wrong… not sure how a nurse couldn’t recognize that but I could? He didn’t cry or anything at the hospital and all they gave him initially was children’s motrin. For the reloaction and setting he got morphine and the conscious sedation. When they did the procedure he tried to say “ouch” a few times, that made me sad but he doesn’t remember the pain just the events. He hasn’t complained about it at all since it happened and didn’t want the pain meds gave him for home because he didn’t want to feel “woozy”.

            He’s tiny, he probably more suited for soccer but he’s fearless… soccer would bore him.

          • He was funny on the morphine, he was telling me all his money making plans… how he’s going to make a newspaper and give away the first 50 copies free, FREEEEEEEEEEE so he can lure people in and hook em. BUT he’s going to have to figure out how to type with just his left hand since his right one is ruined. hahaha

          • Thats krazy Elfie same exact thing happened to me the same way, including sitting in the nurses office for an hour.

            You woulda known that but you were still over at little booth then! LOL

  5. Not bad!! I like my woman a bit more meaty! *I blame everything on the fucking Veggans* but Id love to use her as a sex slave and feed her Salad daily, and i would have Anon pee on her! lol

    • Lame ass comments from retards. I’ll find u Rosie O’Donnelll’s nip, clam & sphincter if u need jerk material. Ur so desperate ud bust a nut in a heartbeat.

        • How bout u get Pics frm thirsty bitchez frm the more successful site & post their bits. I’ll be thirst, I mean first, & every1 can comment how juicy my cock is.

        • A mo successful website? The Chive…thirsties always postin tits galore or crusty pantyz. Who cares bout censored celebz when there’s cum loads of anon ass inthe interwebz

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