Skeets goes into labor

DG sent this in, pretty fitting pic, it appears Elfie was actually the model for that figurine. Big fake ridiculous tits, some type of minority with the dark skin (when she checked “redskin” on her mall modeling application, they must have been making fun of her and took it overboard), the only difference is that doll probably has a better personality.

In any case, good luck today Skeets.

98 thoughts on “Skeets goes into labor

  1. I think Elfie needs to apologize to Wendy’s. She blamed her sickness last year on them when she caused her sickness by getting knocked up.

          • They go broke because they no longer are playing. Brooke still has another 16 years of all that child support. I bet those goddesses hope they end up pregnant, too. I sure would.

          • didnt kevin martin just let his house go into foreclosure? and hes gonna earn 10 million this year too.

          • I think they burn through it because they always have like 18 relatives living with them. Ever see an episode of cribs? Dooshbags all up in the camera like they did something, with their grills and ice cream cone gold chains. Fuck that. I’d tell all those people to get the fuck out of my house.

          • When people make more, they spend more. You look at people with salaries ranging from 50k to 300k and a lot of them are running the same relative debt. It’s easy to sit back and say you would do a lot of smart investing and set yourself up for years to come when you don’t actually have access to all that money.

          • You have a point, EV. I make much more than I did 2 years ago but now I feel like I have less money because I spend money quicker thinking I will make up for it later but instead just spend more later, too.

    • “Hackard said Monday that Martin’s lender refused to approve a $941,000 short sale on the property, though Martin offered to pay an additional $50,000 to bridge part of the difference between the sale price and his outstanding loan.”

      Sounds like he has money, he’s just not going to get yanked. I’ve seen interviews with the guy, he seems smart. I can understand how some athletes go broke because they’re stupid, but he’s not.

      • why do they buy houses where they are playing unless they get a lifetime contract (which they wont)? why not just rent a house and then when you are traded or move to another team you can rent in that town. no need to sell and lose money on your real estate.

  2. sweet geezus, is this cake real? Some people.
    Hope everything goes well today, Elfie!
    OMG, I just realized something…Wop, Francis and Elfie have started creating SpursFanSays: The Next Generation. Bahahahahahahaha!!! See Spurs, you’ll get to retire one day. Good job, guys!

  3. This is an exciting day for the Spurtans. Kb, I like your reference of “:The Next Generation.”

    Guess who’s idiot boyfriend discovered taxes? Seriously, he’s worked a job before and didn’t realize the state takes about a third of what you make. I feel like Einstein next to this kid.

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