Ryan Dunn killed in car accident.


Ryan Dunn, star of the reality show “Jackass,” has died in a car accident in Pennsylvania, CBS Philly has learned.

Sources say the West Chester native was one of two people killed in a single car crash in Chester County early Monday morning. The double fatal crash happened at about 3 a.m. on Route 322 near New Street in West Goshen Township.

According to the police report released by West Goshen, the 2007 Porsche Dunn was driving crashed into a wooded area off the road and burst into flames. Both Dunn and his unidentified passenger died as a result of injuries they sustained in the crash. Police believe speed may have played a role in the accident.

Dunn is best known as a daredevil and sidekick of Bam Margera in the popular stunt and prank show “Jackass” which is filmed in the West Chester region.

Dunn recently appeared in the summer premiere of NBC’s hit game show “Minute To Win It” with one of his prankster partners Steve-O, playing for a charity. He is also a host on G4′s new show “Proving Ground,” which debuted June 14.

The West Chester native had just celebrated his birthday on June 11.

Ryan Dunn was 34.


goodnight, sweet prince.

edit: attached car pic and the last pic of him alive.

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        • Spurs..you know me far too well. I was VERY sad when I heard the news Monday. My heart breaks for Bam losing his best friend 🙁 Let the ripping of my comment ensue…

          • I’m good. How is everyone around here? What’s this I read about being a 12 pack beauty queen? lol Who coined that term for me?

          • Good, thanks. Miss you around here.

            As far as a 12 pack beauty queen? That was AZ Anonymous, but you know he was just joking. I went to your posts last night, sadly that first post you sent in no longer has comments, but I’ll always remember them.

            You remember them, right? Johnny Football Captain and how you and him just didn’t work out?

          • Well, Im going to take my lunch, but when i get back, Im going to devote my day to your site.

  1. and he just had a show that premiered not too long ago and a birthday. fuck…why not wee man? wee man is disposable.

  2. I remember when there was a show about Shayne. It was like watching retarded.

    What I don’t get is he calls out dumb shit every day. Look who he married.

  3. good thing you told us who he was, I had no idea. Hopefully he died on impact, looks like he was just roasted to the core based on the car pic. Wonder if it was because of the area (said it was wooded) or the time of day, so no one even saw/called for help quickly.
    I’m sure QB took the day off, poor girl.

    • KB! You’re the reason I came on here today. I’m getting ready to go see Britney Spears tonight, and I thought of you.

      • yay!!! I’m going on Wednesday, I can’t wait!
        It was okay, Sours. I had heard the story line was weak, so didn’t expect much. Had more action than Thor did, that’s for sure.

      • have you watched any you tube videos of the concert? I kinda want to, but then again I want to be surprised with everything.

        • I watched a few. I was the same, though. I wanted to be surprised, but I also didn’t want to expect some great performances like she used to give. She’s about how you would expect. I’ve never seen her live, though, so I’m sure I’ll really enjoy it even if she does dance like a bloated robot.

  4. stuck with a summer festival right in front of my place!! came home yesterday and realized the Beach Boys were playing till midnight!! freakin annoying old ass crappy music!! I thought they were all dead from overdose or something!!

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