143 thoughts on “HAPPY 57th BIRTHDAY SPURS!

  1. HaHa – Happy Mother Fucking Birthday Opie. And they say albinos don’t live past 30. You and Edger Winter are two prime examples.

  2. I’m still shocked our b-days are 5 days apart, scary to me.

    Any way enjoy your night bud, happy birthday. I’m out!

  3. Spurs, I wonder if you being born on the summer solstice is the reason you are an albino? You wern’t born at 12:16 were you?

  4. Well happy birthday kaffir. If I were in town I’d treat you to one of those fat Mexican lap dancers and buy you al the del taco you could eat. It would be worth the price seeing some fat Mexican whale shoving those stretched marked tits in your face.

  5. I’m sure she does unless she has someone new to harrass. I have a feeling she does her stalking one man at a time. At least she is loyal. But I do feel sorry for whomever that is. May they rip.

  6. She literally is the craziest person I have ever come across in my life. To this day, if someone mentions the two words “crazy bitch”, visions of her and her bad makeup flood my head.

  7. I’m on silk road. Not only are they selling beef jerky, there is also…

    BangBros.com Access – Guaranteed Good For 6 Months

    For about $20.

      • Shit! Actually, it’s about $15. My friends all split a Brazzers account. I also split a Netflix account. These vendors need to get their act together.

          • Yeah! They got their first donations before the price inflated. It’s like the stock market over there. The BC value decreased when a virus was found that steals BC’s, but I don’t know how prevalent it is.

      • No hitman. I’d do it myself. Yes, I did hear LulzSec and Anonops are working together. That’s pretty cool. I haven’t checked their Twitter today to see what they’re doing, but all this is so funny.

        The Hacks of 2011.

  8. Oops. Posted twice.

    They both sucked. Have you seen limitless? That was good. And you get 2 hours of Bradley Cooper. I’m going to see source code tonight. Hopefully it’s alright.


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