So, for those who I did not inform, I was “banned” from theDirtyArmy[dot].com. News to me that I “hacked the back-end,” or whatever. Why would I hack something that I was already a member of? See, the difference between the DA site and Facebook is that I don’t give two shits about fucking with the accounts of people I don’t know.

Hack Murphy, I would like to see how my IP was traced from your system. Was it my work IP or my home IP? Funny how my work IP isn’t blocked and I didn’t figure out I was banned until 9:30 pm EST on my home computer. Also, which browser was I using? That would explain a lot if you could guess correctly. You’re just spitting lame bullshit.

For anyone who believes that drivel, I have nothing else to say to you. Another thing, TOR is an excellent tool to hide your IP address.

See you later!


[edit: The lawyer who I spoke to has heard of thedirty[dot]com. This should be fun. I’ll give an update after I meet with him this afternoon. I have .pdf and .html text copies of the post, just to keep my bases covered. Call me crazy. Oh, wait…]

178 thoughts on “Idiots…

  1. a bet a simple sql injection would get you into the site. i can almost guarantee they dont have anything info encrypted. maybe lulzsec should fuck with them….for the lulz of course.

    • See, this shit is all completely stupid. I don’t understand why he would make something like that up? Fine, ban me b/c I’m an asshole. Don’t make up bullshit lies.

  2. there was an article about his ‘reality show’ yesterday. they said him and his wife are scottsdale royalty. HAHAHA!!!! and they are auditioning douchebags for his show.

    • Ha, this is rich:

      “The backdrops that exist in Scottsdale are stunning. Freezing in the dead of winter in Buffalo and watching a show like this as the sun sets over the desert on TV, the dream of the West Coast is real. And Arizona is the West Coast,”

      How beautiful and poetic…

  3. Welp, since Facebook figured out I wasn’t spam, I might as well go back there. No more wasting my day reading Jaquiqui’s nonsense and posts about… that’s right, that site is boring as hell when people like me aren’t there to fuck around.

    Back to FB it is. Anon, I’m going to creep the shit out of your profile. I missed your sexy ass.

  4. “I honestly don’t see any point in hacking the system, what could she possibly have to gain from doing that? Too steal all our personal and sensitive information.. Oh ya none of that on here.
    Ur right I guess we will never know… She denies it anyways.”

    Jeeze, someone gets it. SO there ARE smart people out there…

  5. I still can’t believe that site is up and running. And I thought Jacare was cool? What do I know, I guess. I haven’t been on here for months.

    • Jaqueer is a tool. If you saw the shit he posted, I’m sure you would agree with the other 90% of the site that he’s a moron and an instigator.

        • The funny part is, you hate me so much, but I don’t have the same hate for you.

          I told you months ago you were messing with somebody you weren’t ready for, you should’ve been respectful, if you noticed you came at me foul first.

          And I just responded in kind. Hopefully this will teach you a lesson to not talk crap, or use the internet to blow off some steam.

          The internets are filling up with NORP’S now a days, and those same antics won’t fly anymore.

          • Don’t flatter yourself. I call out bullshit and everything you say just happens to be biased bullshit. I have an opinion. You have yours.

            In my opinion, you think too highly of yourself. Grow the fuck up.

          • You call out b.s.


            By making photo shop messages?

            Yea good work detective.

            I’ve got better detective skills in L.A. Noire.

      • Eh, I try to stay out of it. I will say that it is hard to find someone named Hack Murphy credible, so I’m not sure what to believe. And I’m still mildly bitter they kicked me out of that damn place for making fun of an orangutan with blue mascara.

          • ha ha ha ha everyone thinks that.

            But its called Flappers because they are going for that prohibition theme, and that time period.

          • uhhh they didn’t have slaves in the prohibition era.

            Nice try though.

          • i didnt say anything about being a slave…niggers still pick cotton even to this day.

          • I don’t pick cotton though Snow Nigger.

            Don’t get mad because blacks aren’t beneath you like you thought.

            ha ha ha ha ha

            Racists are exploitable.

          • I would like to cordially invite you to perform at a rally I am throwing here in the bayou of Louisiana.

            In fact, you would be the headlining act.

          • you do pick cotton…and dick pubes out of your teeth. and once again, im not racist.

          • Blah blah blah same perverted crap from az

            @David duke, lol, The Grand Fag Wizard himself? I would show up because unlike you I am not a coward who hides behind white sheets.

          • Ha ha ha ha, you wish that was true huh “David Duke”?

            But sadly for you, you are just a human and not better than me.

            “I am in your earth living on your planets”. And nothing you can do about it.

            ha ha ha ha ha ha.

          • jacqueer, youre living a lie my little puppy. you think youre funny but youre not. in order to achieve success at a lie you have to first convince yourself then you can convince others. kinda like how you try to convince us that youre funny…..its a lie, doggy. its a lie.

            whats going on snickers?

          • here puppy, puppy. come little doggy. stop eating your own poop, you bad doggy.

          • so whats the deal with that mazda 3 you got? does it have the rotary engine?

          • lol @ living a lie.

            So I guess when I get booked to do stand up, the club promoters are living a lie.

            I guess when the audience laughs they are living a lie by laughing.

            ha ha ha ha wut?

            Don’t get mad cause your life is pointless. I didn’t force you to be a drug addict.

          • You guys quit being mean to our token. We have a quota to meet and if you run him off we will have to listen to the never ending porn rants of that big fat fuck in tahiti or wherever the fuck

          • Idk Azz! All I know is that car goes really fast when I’m drunk! Kinda like Ryan Dunn’s! < too soon?

          • Touche, Spurs! BTW did you get any ass last night? Maybe Brooklyn will submit another picture of hers if not!

  6. “[edit: The lawyer who I spoke to has heard of thedirty[dot]com. This should be fun. I’ll give an update after I meet with him this afternoon. I have .pdf and .html text copies of the post, just to keep my bases covered. Call me crazy. Oh, wait…]”

    And what exactly are your damages?

  7. you can have my DA account, BL. Or you can just interact with Jacare here, not much difference on that sloooowwww site.

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