Oz, the ghetto gold medal winner

Nice chain, slick. Was that some type of award for best filing or typing ability? And check out the background, people show up to a place dressed in a suit and tie, one of Oz’s baby’s momma traded enough food stamps to take him out to a fancy dinner (I guess Olive Garden was booked in Tucson), tells him to dress up, and he pulls a Mr. Rogers on the place.

Hey, if anyone recognizes that place, call the city and tell them if there were any burglaries of parking meters in that area on Sunday, you just need to know where to pick up your reward.

297 thoughts on “Oz, the ghetto gold medal winner

  1. Buahahhaaa thats funny.

    BTW that IS a nice place, and not in Tucson. But I wear suits all the time, dont feel like it on vacation.


  2. Ok, so I’m watching the Real Housewives of Orange County and RYAN VEITH is on. He suffered from gynochlymastia (spell-check!!) due to steroid use, which his mom, Tamera, KNEW about. Kind of like a male breast cancer, but less cancer, more tumors/masses/self-inflicted.

    He’s a scrawny rat.

    Anyway, he got a breast-reduction surgery. So, Spurs, your prediction that he got a tit job was half right, I guess. I don’t feel like watching the rest of the episode, but you called it! Sort of!

  3. I’d do Oz, but he’d have to take off his bling. Men wearing jewelry is not my thing. Watches and wedding bands (not gold) are the only exceptions.

    And I know this comment is latent, but I wasn’t feeling very friendly towards him yesterday.

    • Why? I wasn’t trying to be a dick about your situation, I was simply stating that you shouldn;t care what happens with those douche bags, or let it effect you in anyway.

      • If it was them kicking me out because I’m an asshole, fine, but Sack Burpy needs to stop thinking with his dick. My degree is IT-related and I am a Government employee. Falsely saying I participated in illegal activity, especially hacking, puts my reputation at risk. I don’t fuck with the govt and I don’t need them having a reason to suspect otherwise.

  4. Holy fucking shit. Ok, first off, Oz-columbo-Bernie Mac- Wop, you are not a bad looking dude. Secondly, your attire looks like Prince Harry trying to go ghetto. Thirdly, just your picture smells like a vat of VO5 hair grease.

    Low ceilings, ghastly wooden bannister, holy fucking hell of some out-dated light fixtures, one lone and tacky artificial plant, substandard and dirty wine glasses adorning a table (probably covered by a paper tablecloth)….this is, without a doubt, some white trash’s woman idea of a fancy upscale wedding reception.

    Rental halls….Outback mentality. Keep reaching for the stars, WOP…use a stepping stool if you have to.

  5. you look like you are super hairy, Oz. Like hair on your ass hairy.
    I had the bestest time at the Britney show last night. I know you were all wondering all night how it was going, so I thought I’d update you finally.

        • Yeah, I care. I’m getting a cut of the proceeds. Nah, just wondering, because I read where the sales were going bad, and Groupon carried them with a large discount.

      • of course, she is a living legend after all.
        She actually sang live this time for quite a few songs. One was all her (a slow, older song) and others she used a backing track for. I have not seen her do that since her second tour, back in like ’02 I think it was. Her encore was AMAZING, it was a remix of Toxic and then she also did Til the World Ends. So awesome. I wish I could’ve got more pics, but my camera battery died and my phone is a pussy, it’s batteries die quick as well.

          • that is from one of her songs. That is how I got my tickets..Groupon. Super deal, otherwise Ticketmaster was just raping people on the cost. No fuckin way was I going to pay close to 90 bucks (with all their bitch ass fees) for a nosebleed ticket. I wouldn’t pay that to see Jesus himself. Idk exactly how ticket costs are made up, like how much goes to the facility, Ticketmaster, the artist, etc., but I can understand needing to make money back, her stage and props, etc. are always dramatic and detailed, and while she is popular still, she is not able to be marketed as easily as she was when she first hit the scene. I think that just comes with age for most musicians though. But those prices were just over the top.

          • of course, it is Britney, how can you not dance to her songs? I did when Nicki Minaj was up too, her show wasn’t bad either. High energy in all her songs, and she interacted with the crowd during the 2 slow songs she sang.

          • just skip to 1:37.

            i couldnt embed videos in a post but i can in a comment? thats odd.

          • hahahaahahahahh!! omg, how much do people get paid to do this shit? I might want a new job one day.
            Anon, you would have fun hanging out with me at least once. And not in a “let’s laugh at her while she thinks we are laughing with her way”.

          • as long as you didnt try to act the part….yeah, we could probably hang out.

  6. of course it is not. Some horrible itchy acrlyic blend that fucking ignites with stench when you sweat, which is frequently and profusely

  7. but really i’m gonna nap. I have a lunch date and would hate to be cranky. oh, spurs, did you know i live in track housing?

  8. Pay your dues to Hair Club For Men you lowlife and next time you have me waxed, don’t make the edges so sharp, it looks un-natural

  9. i am so tired i am dizzy. i sort of smell might need a shower before i get into my freshly laundered sheets. fuck. it’s always something

  10. before I forget..I am upset with Elfie. A few days ago she mentioned Porsche girl and I had no idea wtf that was, so I googled it. It took me to a site called More Gore (I think) and being the tard that I sometimes am, I scrolled some pages. I am still sick with myself to this day and probably forever will be.

    • I am just doing onto to others what was done to me by ABC’s 20/20. Sorry KB, don’t ever go on Rotten.com either ok?

        • Yep, pretty bad. That’s why I said that had Ryan Dunn googled that he may not have killed himself like that… not a fun way to go I’d say.

          • her’s wasn’t too bad..it looked fake to me really. But the other stuff on the site made me sick, especially this one vid where 2 dudes killed a chick and then taped themselves mutilating her body. the blogger said it reminded him of 3 guys 1 hammer (I think it was that post)..I thought that was fetish porn, not gruesome, sick shit like that. I am glad I watch no videos on the internet.

          • I’ve never been to that site, I don’t intend to either. Those pics of her are real though, the CA highway patrol got sued for releasing them.

          • Ahhh Porsche girl. Looks like someone threw a can of stewed tomatoes and hair inside a mangled car. Priceless.

          • I think maybe because you couldn’t actually see a face, it didn’t really bug me. It just looked like a dummy, you know? Even the pic of her prior to death didn’t match up with her hair color when she died, so it still didn’t do much for me. I think they are real, but it just didn’t freak me out as much as some other stuff did, their faces were shown with the damage, so it was hard to stomach. I actually have seen rotten.com years ago..I think I saw JFK and Tupac on morgue tables, and some rotting bodies with maggots. But even that did not gross me out like the More Gore site did.

          • /b/ is great. Except when you stumble across the child porn. Otherwise it’s great.

          • There’s this picture of a guys head on a wrought iron fence that I saw a long time ago… it was pretty crazy.

          • I hate it when I do actually venture to /b/ and it’s a slow night. So frustrating.

  11. Hey Oz, for some reason I pictured you as a fat Samoan, so consider me pleasantly surprised. Diggin’ the Argyle, btw.

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