All great things……………

I’m not even sure I’d recommend watching these, but if you want to, don’t say you weren’t warned. Thanks again for a great 2 years, like I said, I believe two years is enough. Was able to interract with some cool people, and I really appreciate anyone who took the time to comment on the site.

1,102 thoughts on “All great things……………

    • no problem man.

      if i still having posting abilities after tonight i will continue to post.

      if not, bye all.

  1. I would say I will miss you, but I hope we will always be buddies and I know we will be considering I have gone ” missing ” =)

    • Good one, Pam. Sorry it took so long to post, I’m glad you checked in. If you are going to make any other comments, let’s see a gravatar. This last post should be colorful. Like a rainbow.

  2. i just wanna say thanks to everyone for all the laughs. i had a pretty good time here. there were times when things would get slow, but thats with anything really. all in all…it was fun. some people have my number and some have my email and if you wanna keep in touch or whatever feel free.

  3. oh yeah, before i forget. my screen name on thedirty and drews site was 8====D~~~~.

    and spurs kicking my ass at those sites? hahaha!!! im gonna forget that was said cus hes on drugs.

  4. I am going to go now.
    I just wanted to stop in to say good bye. I know I have not been on here much at all but you have continued to be a great friend as I finally settled my life down, though you may dislike my boring taste of work and relationship – you have still shown a great amount of loyalty to me as I continue to journey through life. You Kasey are a true friend. I do not need a website to bond us as two people wanting to converse, nor do we need gossip and media to speak about to be a common interest, you just are and always will be a good person, with a good heart.
    I knew this day was coming from the day you called me the grinch, because after we spoke I knew your heart was too big and too full of good to ever try and keep up with the bad.
    r.i.p. to spursfansays 😉

  5. Damn say it isnt so, I didnt always post alot but I always checked in just havnt had the time I used to have to post. Hopefully you wont take site completly down Im gonna check out all the vids wonder if im gonna get a shout out .

  6. I love you K, thanks for thinking of me first…and for following it up with a kick to m lady parts about my recent absence on the site. I’ll always remember our late night talks and us planning our “trip” that unfortunately, never came to fruition. Farewell my dear Spurs!

  7. As long as DG, Az, Drew, and everyone else gets to post here spurs, I’ll always be coming back. If I find anything interesting I’ll ‘mail it to you to send to them. It’ll be cool still—I hope. Just the same though, I do love all of ya’ll. In the agape sense 🙂

  8. If it makes you feel any better I got about 4 minutes through the first one before I started telling you to shut up in my head.

  9. Spurs, where’s RQ? I wanna see if she’s in the mood to rip any of us a new asshole, you know, for old times sake.

  10. I’m sad too but I guess now I’ll have time for some of things I’ve been meaning to do like play with my children, get off of welfare and work on this tub of lard I call a body.

  11. I don’t know how to describe how I feel about this site shutting down except that it’s similar to how I feel when a TV series I like on Netflix ends.

  12. First Ryan Dunn, now What next? I’m going to take a 10 minute break so I can go sob in a corner. Be right back.

  13. I’m about to drink a chelada so I can tipsy type for old times sake and pour some out for my homie

  14. I may get knocked off, because we’re having some funky whether here ya’ll. Really funky; high ceiling clouds and lots of lightning.

      • My sister just called me in the front room, as we heard this continuous rumble out there in the dark way above, couldn’t make out if it was thunder or a jet plane, but damn, a few days ago a huge tornado almost touched down, and a smaller vortex did, doing some damage around the southern end of the Island. me, I love the cold air coming through the window from it, since it was so hot today.

      • Fuck

        Turned, trust me, the heat is horrendous. Alaska or Canada, which ever place is colder. Because wow, we’re dying from this heat. Though surprisingly it’s some what cool, almost cold right now, but maybe it’s because of this huge thunder cloud.

  15. holly fuck i barely made it true the first one!! you look baked as fuck man!,lolll ! what a mess ! i feel better now,* i was scared you would pull a 9 and shoot yourself right there! Anyways i finish the other videos now! i will start a site, lol! we will put cams all over your house and watch yo ass kaffir! you cant leave us*lol

  16. I think I might need to call out of work tomorrow. Damn you, Spurs! A Redbull and Visine are sitting next to my bed for my 6am alarm.

  17. Good night Master Spurs, thank you for pulling me into this light which you shared with all of us. I will link with you later kind sir.

  18. Oh man you’re leaving? Sad man.

    Thanks for the shout out. But by the time you get to L.A. I will be too big and most likely will big league.

    Naw just kidding, I wont big league you….(see what I did there az)

    But for reals man, thanks for posting my garbage on here and this place provided endless laughs.

    And if you are ever out here hit me up, and if I make it to Texas in my travels I will hit you up as well man.

    • Good one, please don’t big league me. And I’m glad you know I was just joking around.

      And no problem Jacare, glad you submitted things to post. Like I said, when the 3rd part of that movie is finished, post it here, I’d like to check it out.

  19. Piss off….. I came home buzzed and now I’m sober after all that rambling. I’m sending you my bar tab.

  20. I had a feeling after the first video you were doing that. I would’ve watched it all anyway. I like watching you struggle to be funny. Especially after all these coronas.

  21. I havent watched the.videos….wtf am I going to waste all my time on now? This is terrible. Lawlz. I threw that last line in 4u,sours

  22. Thanks for the mention, brother. Gonna miss my daily fix (aka moment of sanity). Be good, and shoot me an email if you ever need anything (except sex, sorry)…

    • Hey, no problem. Thanks for checking out the site. And I’ll shoot you an e-mail if I ever need anything other than sex.

    • oh my god, you must have been last on the list….who are you? you watched all 100 minutes just waiting for your shoutout.


    – THE FIRST TIME 11-09-2008?
    – THE SECOND TIME 01-22-2009
    – THE THIRD TIME 05-05-2009
    – THE FOURTH TIME 04-23-2010
    – THE LAST TIME??? 06-24-2011



          • sad thing is based on the character name I didnt know who was cocaine, until I read these. Thats how much we were fucking with him

          • I remember when you and AZ Anon were Hells Angels, and Anon was telling CBT that he saw him in Arkansas at some festival, and CBT asked 81club (Anonymous), “Oh yeah, what was I wearing?”

            And 81club responded, “A tampon, what all pussies wear.”

            I’m trying to find that conv.

          • It was totally obvious man, I picked the one italian sounding hells angel to be the son of

          • Just found some Black CBT comments:

            “I dont be hookin up no white folk with nuttin. Exceot dis one time when i was head crip I sold some honkeys crack, foe dey 14 year old girlies. Den dey got mad and i single handedly wooped all the white people in arkansas”

            “yo so I gots dis new honey right, she work down at the ol roscos chicken and beer, her name be flojo, bad den a muva fuckka G, da only problem is right, see i gots dis one honey dat i be engaged to an shit back in Da Lou, here name be eriniqua right so I be like playin deez hoes ya undadig me?”

            “Shit dats top dolla white wimmins man, dat ol frontin azz crackka cant ford dat.

            I ever tell ya bout da time I sold crack ova seea in da UK? I wen ova thurr and ended up sleepin wit all da spice hos at once, den i went to go tap dat pricess die bitch right, but dem stand still guards wasnt tryin ta let a brotha hit, so I had to take on the hole damn army, and I won. Only weapon I had wit me was some hair grease and a pick.

            Dat die bitch was so wet from watchin a brotha, I hit all damn day on dat ass”

            “Only weapon I had wit me was some hair grease and a pick.” That’s hilarious.

          • do you remember when 81club told cbt he was gonna pass thru arkansas and was gonna look for cbt? then cbt said he was gonna get his grenades and landmines and wait for 81. hahaha!!!

          • Yes, he knew the outlaws.

            You remember that story CBT told about stopping the robbers by shooting a tire out on their truck? And then he linked to the name of the guys who tried to rob him, but then he asked me to take it down because the Sheriff “took care of it?”

          • oh yeah. wasnt he out moss picking and came back to see somebody tearing up the astro turf from his front porch?

          • cbt….i wish he would have stopped by more often. that dude had stories for days.

  24. Anonymous, you remember Grandmappy? I forgot about her:

    “Thet guddam Cadamino’s dun in jayul agin. He went an a jacked orft at thuh wailfare man. They thowed him in thuh jayul. Ah tol him Ah weren’t gunna thow no gudam mor bayul fer him a jackin orft at folks no mor.”

      • Here’s some more:

        “OL – I was gonna say the same thing. I mean Id still fuck it, but then again I fuck methed out trannys”

        “are you a porch monkey bitch?” (to SilentBob)

        “I do it off the water in a mayonnaise jar much better than wettin that shit all up. Fucking coon’s are stupid thats why they are still in the ghetto”

        “Id love to watch me make sweet beautiful herpie love to your face” (to Rebecca)

        “Id like to forcefully bugger this rebecca bitch”

        “That crack whore, let me tell ya, she put up a fight. When it was all said and done, I banged her, but it smelled like straight ammonia”

        “Id bang any dirty fucking whore that wont let me”

        “hey (gay) spursfan – you see our spot, Del Taco, has a sale on bean and cheese burritos for .49?

        I dont even have to rob a meth hooker to afford that meal”

        “oh great a fucking spic now… I go to jail for a few months and this shithole turns into a barrio?” (to Jose Jr.)

  25. Damn it Spurs, you fool-e-o! I have lump in my throat! Ill be back around 5-6 pm pst to say farewell to everybody. Haven’t got to watch the video’s or read all the comments, but this is just terrible news!

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure she only came back around because I let her know about it, otherwise, I don’t think she’d be here. But yes, it was great to have her back around these past few days.

  26. Here’s some Cadamino:

    “Yur wecome. Is all yuh anons homasexshuls? Gots one cunfoozed, one like tuh watch udder mans peeners whule hes a fuckin, one allus a hollerin querr at evabody alse. Ah swar a god ol goat fuckin wud cure dat dere gay ass shit.”

    “Shoot dere don be cunfoozed. Jus be ona dem dere bysexshuls. Fuck sheeps and goats.”

      • Hey, I found Chauncey, but because you and Anonymous posted under different names, and it was on shit Blogger, “Chauncey” is showing up as “CBT.” Chauncey appeared on that “Roxxy, the World’s first sex robot” post.

        Here’s Chauncey (just picture that Michael Hills pic):

        “yo my nigga, you just drive by dey hood and blast my nigga den dip”

        “yall niggaz iz crazy b, so do you be knowing my cuzzin or what? He say he the most popula dude on this bitch, nigga”

        “naw nigga is you crazy, im dat dude, international playa Chauncey Mack, nigga dont gets it fucked up”

        “I aint be on that shit nigga, just my moms, auntie and sista” (talking about crack)

        “Elfs Let a nigga holla at cha girl”

        To Elfie again:

        “You don’t know nann nigga
        That dress fresher than me
        And you don’t know nann nigga that wear mo’ Polo shit than me
        Bitch you don’t know nann nigga uh-uh
        Who do mo’ freaky stuff
        Eat the coochie wit the legs up
        Then I blow it all in yo butt”

        Here’s the link:

        Anonymous appeared as Tamboozy, but it’s showing up under “Anonymous.”

        • Chauncey was my nigga, he knew how to put that shit down and lay the pipe!
          My ghetto black speak is off, even though I am 1/16th black I did not grow-up in the ghetto part of Tucson like Wop did and Sours his OG name was “Wopness the Don”

          • Yeah, then he went to WTD, you’re right. I thought he just went by Wopness at thedirty.

            And yes, Skeets, I remember you are part black and redskin.

          • or was it “Wopness da Don”?
            “I don’t remember bein’ born. I don’t recall what I got for my first Christmas and I don’t know when I went on my first outdoor picnic. But I do remember the first time I heard the sweetest voice in the wide world.” (in my best Forrest Gump Voice, which coincidently sounds A LOT like CBT!)
            but ummm I didn’t hear him just read what he wrote, we talked about schelge door handles on a post about RR back on TheDirty.

          • I’m fucking bored man.. I can only imagine how bored I’ll be once no one comes here anymore, I’ll have to go back to berating stupid fucks on the parenting blog and that’s not nearly as fun cause they never play along.

          • Well, if this one gets too long, you can go to the post below. I know a core will still be checking in. I’d hope so, until Anon does something. And you can text me too, Skeets. I’ll smart off to you if that’s what you are missing.

  27. … figured I had to…

    go figure… 2 years ago I was in Vegas twice around this time & I sent you the JD/the Dirty flyer… except the Dirty logo wasn’t on it… and they had no pull @ Prive…
    Fast forward 2 years… & I’m headed back…

    funny thing is… my friend tried out for Nik’s tv show today…
    If she gets on… I’ll be on their with her…


    how’s that for a twist…

    – chef –

    • That is a nice twist. And that flyer is exactly what I was thinking of when I said thanks for sending me stuff.

      Was fun when I received that.

  28. cool the site is still up! did Spurs shoot himself yet? holly fuck!! when I said you you needed to do more videos it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind ya know!,lol thanks for not ripping in to me for being a Canuck BTW! Appreciate that*grin*

  29. I’ve checked out some posts lately.. I’ve been busy working.. My “dreamkiller” has been holding me down..haha. She’s over in Sanibel Island.. So Yeah it’s been all good. You’re really ending the site?

  30. No man, it’s all good. I came back and checked out some posts from time to time..and I was going to post. I’ve been tweeting still every once in a while calling out Hooman and his SheMan…. Sone to be supposed baby moma

  31. Yeah it’s still @ibeatupnikrichi … I get on there every once and a while and throw some zingers out every once and a while.

  32. So did Hack cunt Murphy have beef with you?? That guy is a fucking tool. And seriously I wonder what ever happened to fucking “Ari Golden” aka Frank?

    • Yes, he got all pissed off at me, and then I went over to thedirty a couple of months ago and cracked him hard, the comments actually went up, and then I was banned. Weak stuff. And then I posted him a couple of times, and he cried to Pam to get me to remove it. It’s like, “Man, do you know where you work?”

      • Oh,, you took down a post for Ari? You should have told him to fuck off! Remember when he thought he ruled the world and was a fucking “celebrity” with the “Dirty” or whatever. The fall out pretty much happend right after Hooman married the Renegade..haha.. Shim Renegrade broke up the crew. I still don’t know where Hack Cunt Murphy came from. Word is Hooman’s brother brought him in,,, through the back door.. hahaha,

        • That’s funny. I did miss your comments, that was fun stuff. Especially between you and Pam.

          As far as Ari? He was always cool to me, this was after he left thedirty, he didn’t have anything to do with it anymore, no big deal.

        • “Shim Renegrade”

          That was good. I guess that’s why they don’t have women anymore. That dude Scooby and that Pussy Hack need to go. Jaden and Kaden were fun, and I used to insult them on thedirty, and they were actually great sports.

  33. Yeah Jaden and kaden were cool.. and Hot. Fucking fat boy Scooby Is the one who looks like is going give birth- Jesus fucking Christ.. I think hooman is still trying to desperately get a reality tv show or whatever. Shim Renegade and Hooman gone wild…A rumored title of the show they’ve been shopping around the networks. Bahhhhhhhhhh

  34. I just read that article.. I like how its That could Air.. On a Cable network.. So we’ll see if it actually gets picked up. Hooman jumps on ideas years after people have done them.. He wanted to have a somewhat rip off version of Facebook or Myspace or whatever.. bombed. now he wants a “reality based show out of Scottsdale… You know in his mind he’s like,,, yeah this will be like the next New Jersey Shore,, or Bachelor ,,, or Real World,, or the million others… blah blah blah,,, Hooooooooman

    • “He wanted to have a somewhat rip off version of Facebook or Myspace or whatever.. bombed.”

      Good one, man. You remember that shit he tried pulling, that garbage? I used to go over there and rip on Cholla and the chicks for being brain dead. I really went after Cholla when she posted stuff. That was fun.

    • he wont have a show. I did a pilot for the first show a year ago and no one bought it. The networks hated it – they can cast all they want but it wont be a show, just plain and simple

      • You’re up pretty late, Pam. That pilot you did was for a reality show they were pitching? I remember you doing one where you were cruising around and it was also filmed at a house, but you did one for a dirty reality show?

        • this has nothing to do with my adult past~ lol. I was casted as were leper and like four other people to interview for a reality show. I filmed in LA area and nik, ari, blah blah had been filmed. The director who is still my friend she is a sweet girl, was one of the producers on the bachelor and she kept in contact with me for half a year until it finally never sold .. lol .

          • Funny, I know it wasn’t your “adult” past. This was for some online show you did.

            And a producer from the Bachelor couldn’t sell it? Well, maybe Shayne will make the difference.

          • oh! I forgot I did that show!! hahaa. oh man. That show was through her too, she was nice she felt bad for letting me down wit the dirty show ( which thank god she did! ) I would hate my self if I was tied to that for life! I honestly dont see the appeal the only reason its even got any attention is because its tie with his friend who was on the show about dating millionaires, lonnie moore- its his shoe in I think, it has it tied to that company as well.. but that flopped so honestly, who cares – all I care about is I hope it never exists so I stay less relevant and future endeavorers do not find my past =)

          • Yeah, I remember you didn’t have the best time at that online one.

            “all I care about is I hope it never exists so I stay less relevant and future endeavorers do not find my past =)”

            I like that.

          • I was so sick, then I hung out with Hoomans little brother lol. Such a mistake. I would have been better off spending my weekend at home, I think it is slightly funny how our brains forget things. I had not thought of that until just now since december lol

          • Yep, weird some of the things I do remember, and then the things that have completely slipped my mind until someone brings it up.

            And good night, Pam, sweet dreams.

  35. Should we all come back 5 years from now for a reunion to show how great or pathetic our lives turned out?

  36. I wasn’t mad. I just knew you aren’t mature enough for Facebook. And I didnt even know a maturity level was needed for that site. Even drew gets it. So what does that say about you?

      • My first studio film will be called hard in the paint, and i will make sure the budget has 3-5 million worth of advertising just so you can see it over and over again on your t.v.

          • Oh I didn’t know you were a studio executive.

            I thought you were a random widower from alabame.

          • No just some random dude with an opinion, the same opinion as every one here – you just ain’t funny. But hey you keep on trying and maybe you’ll figure it out for yourself.

          • blah blah blah its funny you say that cause tomorrow I am headlining and featuring at a comedy club….so maybe you’re the one who is delusional…


          • yes spurs.

            Wow headlining at one of 10,000 comedy clubs in this country that operate 5-6 days a week. That means you got one of 50,000 jobs. Same as Mcdonalds hired in one day. You really should start practicing “would you like fries with that” It’s your future.

          • Oh I forgot because you make 60,000 a year (lol)

            That you some how are all knowing, (like when you said I bought my imdb) LOL!

            How about you practice the words “nurse stop beating me” or

            “how come my daughter doesn’t visit me”?

            Because that’s YOUR future when you find out your pitiful SS and 401 k “plan” is all dried up.


          • You would’ve avoided that future if your wife was still around.

            Yea you have alot of problems ahead for you old guy…best start worrying about that instead of me fella.


          • I am just trying to put things in perspective for him….let him know whats more important in ife.

          • I must have hit a little to close to home. Poor liitle boy is showing his true colors. Oh and it’s 75K plus bennies, probably more than you’ve made in the last 10 yrs doing “comedy” Didn’t you just move out of moms house or something? Yea you’re bigtime.

          • I am trying to help out old man, because your future looks bleak.

            You can front all you want on here but we both know you’re a scared frail man, who is worried about the future, and your daughters.

            Like I said, better start humbling thy self.

          • And if I was an unemployed POS wanna be funny man, I’d be working on being funny instead of talking shit all the time. That’s why you are a nobody and always will be, all you do is talk shit and think cause you are on a stage, any stage, you are bigtime. You ain’t shit but another broke ass nigger. That’s all you’ll ever be. Try not to get hit in a drive by out side the skanky club you play at for 75 bucks a night.

          • blah blah blah blah blah

            Again DH thinking he knows everything.

            When did I ever say I was “big time”? What does that even mean?

            You seem mad old snow nigger?

            ……cause you know I am right about what I said.

            And I am not talking crap, I am speaking the truth to you OSN.

          • DH, you’re the old racist grandpa I always wanted.

            Lets hang so I can buy you Geritol.

          • Nah I’m not a racist. My best friend is black. To paraphrase Chris Rock (who is funny, unlike you) I love black people but I hate niggers. You my friend are a nigger with no talent. I hate to tell you but I’m not old enough to be your grandpa, Father maybe but If I was, you would would be smarter and funnier and way better looking. Hell my dog is more entertaining to watch then you.

          • Did you know Chris Rock did a set recently and bombed on stage at the comedy store?

            I’ve never bombed…fyi.

            And I am not a nigger,thats just an excuse people like you give when they are bested by someone smarter then them.

            Got that Old Snow Nigger?

            My Dad is a good man, don’t sully his name with saying you’re in the same league as him.

          • That’s one thing I won’t miss… trolling with Jaqueer. Such an annoying POS.


    • What’s up, 2dirty4u? Yeah, that’s the end of it. I’ll still be around for awhile, hopefully there will still be more comments for a bit. But figuring out things to post has gotten old. I think Anonymous and spinvin are going to do a site, when it’s up, I’ll let you know. Plus there is Drew’s.

  37. Poker run on the river tomorrow spurs. 25.00 a hand, 750.00 first prize. They limit it to 200 hands. Last time I did it I had 4 kings and didn’t win shit. Still fun, party and BBQ afterwards. supposed to rain though.

  38. Well even though I would only comment here and there, and usually not in the right way, (yeah, I picked up on “Ska-nicky” you ash-holes) I appreciate any and all the fellowship that was sent my way! So with that…

    Spurs- You funny looking creature. Gonna miss your posts and sarcasm alike! Better see ya around the web, man!

    Brooklyn- Because it all started for me with you! You hot lil piece of ass you! Why couldn’t you have been just a lil bit naive? We coulda had kidses by now! j/k your actually pretty damn funny! You will be missed my little buttercup boo boo! Hopefully this isn’t an innerweb goodbye forever!

    DG- my dear dark horse for biggest smartass! haha I think you made up Schnicky, but whatever, I spank it to your legs every once and a while, so its cool! j/k about your legs…not! Again, hopefully this isn’t goodbye forever!

    Anon- What can I say? You are one of the funniest dudes ever! Always on top of your game! Keep pimpin, pimpin,,, and I hope you follow through with a site…. where possibly I could be anonymous as well! So that I then could actually invite people I know to check it out, without having to worry haha!

    Oz- wow, You took commenting to a whole nother level! haha Hopefully you guys just take all the commenting somewhere close, so I don’t have to to think about it all being over! Good shit playa! Take care of them kidses!

    Elfie- For some reason I love that we were the same age. You were definately the cats pajamas of the site…evident by the “most popular post” ofcourse! Congrats on all your babies and good luck with finding a new job! haha

    Bitchhog- another mvp candidate for the time I was around! You’ve been a machine! I will miss that if this is the end!

    Expletive- you fuckin crazy poet! haha take care broseph!

    Jacarre- Good luck brotha! No offense though, (haha) there’s about 4-5 people here that are better stand up comedians than you! I’m just sayin’ man…..sorry!

    SpinVin- Take care my lil homie to the north! I don’t visit your site much but you are a funny dude as well! I might just have to start checkin’ in over there!

    Taramm- I doubt I’ll be seeing your tight lil body anywhere else, so if this it, I’ll see ya on the side my dear!

    Drew, Pam- You two take care! I’m sure I’ll be talking to you two a lil bit more now that I’ll have to go there to catch up with y all!

    Queen Bee and RQ- I enjoyed you queens’ as well! take care!

    I know I probably missed one or two people I may have talked to but take care all! Hit me up if shit gets crackin on the web with y’all! I’ll be checkin though!

    • Nice rundown, Shnicky. Once again, glad you found the site man, you were entertaining. And for sure, I have your e-mail, I’ll let you know what’s going on.

      And is that pic you?

    • How are they funny comedians when none of them stepped up on a stage?

      Why choose living in moms house typing on a website instead of going out and doing something?

      But like Oz said, its easier to talk the big game instead of actually doing anything.

        • Man, I am saying this is the thing that makes me laugh with the internet…

          You have all these people commenting about people waaaaayyy more successful then them, but yet they themselves have not done anything, it makes me laugh to no end.

          I guess I was raised different. I was raised if you can critique something, then it means you can do it better, so go do it better. So to me people just critiquing and not doing anything just boggles my mind.

          • And that’s all I’ve been trying to say since I got on this site.

            Its just insanity to me when I see that….I finally met recently the type of people who just comment and critique people via internet, and they were pretty pathetic.

            So I am thinking maybe they know they are pathetic so thats the reason why they do what they do, cause they know.

            But the solution is just go out and do something then you wont feel so pathetic easy solution.

          • Meet them in person…..

            It opened my eyes up to why some people do what they do via internets.

            Cause at first it made no sense to me…but now I understand.

            And what happened earlier this week with that incident, made me feel sorry for them even more so….(those type).

            It seems some folks can’t handle the internet.

      • And anon is supper hilarious, with all his jokes about penises and gay sex, super funny. I can’t believe he isnt making a living doing that.

        My self as a junior high kid would’ve loved his jokes.

        • Sorry to offend you Jacarre! Even though I thought I said “no offense”! haha Don’t get me wrong though, brotha, I think you’ll do great, and you’re right, I shouldn’t have said there are better stand up comedians here (as no one else does that) I’m not hatin’ bro! I just felt some other people here were funnier! I apologize for the prick statement!

          And big ups to you too, Dirty Hater! How could forget to mention you! I’m sure I’ll be seein ya at the next stop!

          And finally, yup! That’s me Spurs, all grown up!

          • See now that’s different.

            I wasn’t tripping about the part of you saying that they are funnier, it was just the stand up part that got me like “what”?

            You cool people though.
            Everyone on here is cool to me, even though I get called nigger, and not funny,and all the other stuff, always took it as fun and games. Can’t get serious off the internets.

            And thanks for the supportive words man.

          • Yeah I don’t know how the fuck happenned, Dirty Harry! You are a fuckin comment master!

    • I was put in the category of drew lol – how disrespectful.

      I am still baffled why he uses my name for a web site host, I am as relevant as richierexic so why can’t he just stick to that?

    • Hey Shnicky, thanks for being a good sport about it all even when I put you on blast for asking me out to a steak dinner via thedirtyarmy. And even though you like Jersey Shore, you’re cool in my book.

          • They don’t call me Schnicky Doormat for nothing! You take care, kid! And if you ever need anything! You can get my info from Spursy!

          • yeah…like if you ever need to get out a restraining order. just kidding.


          • Just because I’m nice for 3.7 seconds doesn’t mean my legs are open for business. Keep it in your pants, Shnicky.

          • Yeah, Shnicky. Brooklyn is a respectable young woman. Who attends Britney Spears concerts, which means she really doesn’t count.

          • Hey, there were plenty of young meth-addicted anorexics there too, Spurs. I wasn’t the only one, and out of all of them, I’m probably the only one who came home without a DUI or a new scab. Respectable, indeed!

          • I hope you really aren’t anorexic, Brooklyn. You’ve got a rockin’ body. Sure, your personality sucks ass, and you don’t seem like you can even hold a conversation, but hey, you’ve got a great body, and that has to count for something. At least let’s hope it does.

          • Why whatever do you mean? I’m so friendly and relatable. I can’t even fathom how people wouldn’t like me. My personality is amazing. Heavenly, even. As for my body, no I’m not anorexic. Though sometimes I wish I had the willpower to do that, I just can’t. Food and I have a deep love for one another. Odd, but deep.

          • I like the choice of heavenly. And you do seem like you have a funny/bubbly personality. Sad I was only able to hear your voice one time. Heartbreaking even.

          • You’re not missing much. I sound like a 50 year old man who’s had laryngitis half of his life. Especially in the morning. Just awful.

          • I thought I was cool with you Fuck! Now I have to keep it in my pants??? Ugh!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<Super Gay

          • Cool, yes. But until I’ve lifted up my dress and shoved your sniffer in my brown-eye, just keep on assuming it’s a no-go.

  39. Holy shit!! I had no idea this is what it would be. Teach me to never get sick and then go and take care of my sick dad for a couple of weeks. i seriously missed out on the last few weeks of my favorite place ever. Or at least in my top 3. Or 5. Maybe 10.

    At least you look good on video, Spuuurs.

    • Hello, Tara. I’m glad you were able to check in. Hope everything is going well for you. The site will still be up, I’m sure some people will check in. I know Anonymous and spinvin are planning a site, so you can still get your kicks if you want.

      “At least you look good on video, Spuuurs.”

      And yeah, sure I do. Thanks for that.

        • Yeah, I’m all better and my dad is still recovering from his surgery, but I just got back to LA today…I’m gonna try and make another trip soon to see him again, but for now I felt okay with coming back. Thanks for asking….it has sort of been a rough couple months.

          But back to your site. You know this means that you have to start playing WWF with me again, right?

          • Sorry to hear (read) about your rough couple of months.

            As far as WWF? Funny, I mentioned you and that game on one of these videos. I think it’s the second one. Try to grow up when we play, Tara.

  40. Oh and for the record, I never once tried to be funny on here. Every comedian worth its salt does not go around trying to be funny for free, don’t need to do that.

    Even when I posted links to my stand up set, that was done cause I knew I would get ripped by ya’ll, this was for me (and my friends) personal enjoyment. (We howled with laughter when bh said I used a laugh track).

    If you see me out in the future say whats up, if you see me with a huge mexican dude and a huge arab dude those are my bodyguards, just yell out “we used to comment on together” They will let you through.

    Promise not to big league none of ya’ll.

    • “If you see me out in the future say whats up, if you see me with a huge mexican dude and a huge arab dude those are my bodyguards, just yell out “we used to comment on together” They will let you through.”

      That’s funny. But it’s

      • Hey DH don’t get mad at the reality I live in ok?

        This is my life man, take it or leave it.

        I wont even begin to tell you whats coming up in the future for me, because you might have a heart attack.

        But you should no better then me right? Cause you make 75 k and was in the military and live in Arkansas and lived through a tornado.

        (The funny part is, you said the above statements everytime you wanted credability, lulz)

  41. You are truly stupid. That’s all I can say, just fucking stupid.

    Show me where I even mentioned the military in the last 6 months?

    I live in Alabama not arkansas. You live in fucking Riverside, the biggest dump in SoCal (sorry Brooklyn). How’s Bobby Bond’s park looking these days? Still full of crackwhores?

    I’ve lived through lots of tornados. Earthquakes and hurricanes too.

    It’s “know”, not “no”.

    Your future is in your mind and nowhere else to no talent hack. Stop trying to convince us you are somebody, it ain’t working.

    • I didn’t know I currently live in Riverside.

      Thanks for letting me “no” that.

      Who’s Bobby Bonds”?

    • “Your future is in your mind and nowhere else to no talent hack. Stop trying to convince us you are somebody, it ain’t working”.

      ha ha ha ha ha, you actually believe that don’t you?

      Well somebody is going to be mad come 2013.

      • Oh that’s right, you moved out of moms recently. It only took you 30 some years. Loser.

        Barry Bonds hated daddy. He’s from riverside, has a run down park named after him in the hood near downtown.

        • . “It only took you 30 some years. Loser”.

          I didn’t know I lived with my parents until I was 30.

          Wow I am learning a lot of stuff I didn’t know about myself.

          (I think you’re confusing me with your daughter sir).

  42. Thanks schnicky but I really don’t know how I made schnicky up.

    And what’s with the fighting? The movie is over and the credits are rolling.

  43. Wait……Pam doesn’t run Yeah right. Next thing you are going to tell me is Amanda roadman is really Ariel rietsma.

          • Xanax? Lucky.

            I ate some Vicodins last friday with some chick, then she wanted to do some coke. I was out on that. I hooked up with her a couple of years ago, then as usual, I turned into a prick and she went away, then she finds me on FB, comes over, and wants to do drugs? I don’t know what kind of guy she thought I was, but I don’t roll like that.

          • funny story alert- my buddy was telling me he and his wife ate some E and fucked for 8 hours! His wife kept changing outfits. She would be a cheer leader and some other characters. But the funny part was when he told me that 7-8 hours later they were still fuckin’ like jack rabbits. He couldn’t come apparently but said he loved every second of it!

          • I need to find a woman like your friend’s wife. I’m out on coke, meth, H, acid, but I’d do some more E any day of the week. Hell, I’d take a pill while I was at work.

          • I have a few things to say here:

            1) Spurs, the girl you just mentioned of course thought you were a drug addict and subsequent dealer so I’m sure she thought she could score some good shit for a handy.

            2) That’s a good woman, Shnicky.

            3) Spurs, you should have stopped at ” I need to find a woman.”

            Oh, btw I tried E for the first time a few months ago. I don’t know if I got some jank-ass pills or what, but I didn’t feel a thing.

          • 1) I knew she popped some pills when we last hung out, wasn’t aware she had moved onto other drugs. She’s experimenting I guess, and I suppose she experimented with some other cock, and figured that even though I ran her away (it’s much easier to do that than just break it off coldheartedly) with my smart ass attitude, it was better to just track me down.

            3) Good one.

            And yes, you got some bunk shit.

          • Did you read that article about how people are popping up in hospitals around NY and LA with random skin necrosis and it was traced back to cocaine they had been using that was cut with some crazy shit. I forgot the name, but it’s used to de-worm farm animals. Guess it causes your skin to fall off at some point. Super gross.

          • That is nasty. And I don’t think coke is even worth doing it now. Back when I was in the business of it, I was able to get stuff that wasn’t all that cut up. Sure it was cut, but there was still a lot of purity in it. From what I hear, the shit that is around now is not only more expensive, but cut to smitherens.

  44. Ha, I’m watching the 20/20 episode of thedirty.

    When I went to my lawyer, I walked into his office and turns out two girls who were posted on thedirty[dot]com recently were finishing a consult. The lawyer also laughed when I told him Nik had legally changed his name. Even more so when I added the “Lamas Richie.”

    Hack is an idiot. Damn, Spurs. You have no idea how bummed I am this site is coming down. Just when my life is starting to get exciting.

    I feel like I want to do my own shout outs, but I’m still a newbie of sorts so I don’t feel like that would be fair. Kb, Dg, Brooklyn, Tara, Bh, Elfie, Qb, Pammy, you girls all seem pretty cool. Rq is a nut, but I guess that’s her thing. Sb I still keep in touch with on FB. Maybe I’ll let her know the site’s being discontinued and she’ll swing by. Bh and I reconciled, for those who do not know. I’m happy to leave here with no beef.

    For the males, Spurs, Az, Oz/WTD/Burnie, Spinvin, Dh, I like you guys. Droob, you are a fucking weird dude. Vin, your socialgirls site creeps me out a little, not going to lie. Oz, I’m glad you submitted your pic, sexy bastard. I can have lawyer sex fantasies about you. Dh, we didn’t interact much, but I read what you post and I respect you. Az, you put up with a lot of my shit, but I want you inside me.

    Spursy, you also put up with a lot of my shit, but back on the DA, you and Az were nice to me when everyone was being a dick. Your site provided me with a lot of laughs and brought me to the “dark side.” Ha, the dark side… hypocrites. Of course I’m not going to leave you alone (sorry, hehe). Oh, random, but I saw a BMW from BMW San Antonio on my way home this morning. Tangent… Anyway, much love from one albino to another.

          • I am going to clean the room and kitchen. My bfs working a 13 hour shift so I think I will surprise him with dinner as well. Oh god my life is so thrillllling! hahaha. There is not much to do in this city, state ect. so what eva =).

          • Very thrilling.

            That’s nice of you to cook dinner. Someone just cooked for me. Sadly, it was this burger joint down the road.

          • hahaha! I might as well be a burger joint, he is a chef so I am pretty sure my attempts at cooking are just that ” attempting ” I dunno I want to be in bed all day though, it feels great. So welcoming, I already hit up the gym and tanned yesterday so today is my domestic duties =(. What are you doing today ?

          • Yes, laying in bed/sleeping all day is fun. Best in cold weather.

            As for me? Well, I just finished eating, and I’ll probably go swimming in an hour. It’s kind of cloudy, not quite as fun when it’s cloudy.

            And I was trying to find some song that was featured on Deadliest Catch, I was finally able to find out where it was from, so I e-mailed the writer of the song from his website, he got back to me quick and just sent me a copy of the song. Pretty cool.

          • oh wow that is cool! I think our roomate might be home, so I am going to hide until he leaves now. He is a creep lol. I want to keep commenting on here until it reaches a 1000. lol

          • I didn’t know you had a roommate. That sucks he’s a creep.

            And that’s funny about the 1000, I was thinking that. This is comment 699, comment 700 is up for grabs.

            Used to like that game of who would hit each 100 mark.

    • you know what pam? i was a dick to you becus i wanted you to stop and think about why i was picking on you and maybe you would correct it. its wasnt tough love….it was quit being a fucktard. i dont know if you have really stopped or not, and quite frankly i dont care, but there was a reason for my attitude.

        • I can respect that theory if your behavior was in fact true to the reason you disliked me. I have no reason to prove what I am doing in life at this current moment but if you could believe a person behind a computers claims you would be pretty bored of what I had to report. You must find a new person to belittle now, perhaps you cured me of the whore I had become.

          • i had/have no part in you deciding to be an adult. its about time you grew the fuck up.

          • I think if you would have actually read what I was typing 8 plus months ago and believed what you were reading you would have known I did not just decide to be a grown up. We all grow up in our time, I don’t know much about you but if you were once a 22 year old I am assuming you weren’t too far ahead in the life bracket at that time. Then again you could have been. Its really all up to you and your definition of a grown up. It is also very hard to harshly judge a persons life based on what you have to read about, there are way too many layers to any one person to take a typed paragraph and comprehend what is or isn’t going on in that one persons mind and or life. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavorers, it is in the long run just all for fun =)

          • i didnt read what you wrote 8 plus months ago, but heres a word of advice; if you want to be taken seriously, keep your banana stuffed asshole off the internet.

          • There is no shame in disliking a human for things they have ever directly done to your own life, one has caused you harm, a person has made a point to impede your growing as a human. You have shown me nothing but disrespect, you are and always will be a fictional character that disagreed with my past. You are the devil in costume, if I were to play into you any more, then I too would suffer from the evil you inhabit. God gives us choices and he forgives us, I feel pity for your sadly lived life that you can not find a bone in your body to manufacture an ounce of humanity towards another human being, a person who never once said a mean word – a person who after being insulted by a stranger time and time again, still gave them a chance to redemption. You can judge, but you shall be judged one day and in the comparison this online charade of yours will mean nothing other than the fact your soul is rotten.

  45. Spurs, it’s been real. You have my e-mail. Let’s keep in touch. I’ll have my blog up and running soon enough!

    • Hello, Sarah. I’m glad you checked in. Hope everything is going good for you, and indeed, we’ll keep in touch.

      Please let me know when your site is up.

    • Just watched the video, that cracked me up! I tried getting back on the DA too, with no luck. Can anyone even pay to get on that site anymore? (not like they would, but still).

      • Glad you liked it, Sarah. I mentioned you on the third video, but I kind of was mumbling along at that point.

        I can still get on thedirtyarmy site, but it’s just so boring. If you pay I’m pretty sure you can still get in, but it’s not even worth it.

        • haha They would have to pay me to get back on there. Has anyone else been banned? I forget most of the people on that site now. I just remember a lot of wanna be ballers and creepsters too.

          • “wanna be ballers and creepsters”

            Perfect description.

            And other than all of us who were banned, Bitch Lover just got banned earlier this week. They said she tried to hack the site, so they booted her. Funny.

  46. Feel like a lobster. Won 50 bucks at the poker run so that was cool. A lot of really nice boats out today. They always come out for poker runs. Donzis, Formulas, Bajas. Not boats you see normally around here. Lots of bikinis too.

  47. you see one once in a while, those are big water boats. I saw about a 40 foot Donzi that could almost be called one, NICE boat.. There used to be a para sail cig. boat around here. It was pretty bad ass

    • yea probably not many of those around anymore. Wood boats are a lot of work to maintain. Old classic wood boats are worth some big $$$. There are companies that still make wood boats but the cost a lot.

      There are still some old Riverboats around, The big paddle wheel type. It takes an act of congress every yr to keep them going. Some law about no paying passenger boats made of wood. So congress excludes some every yr. The Delta Queen comes through here once or twice a yr. Probably more this yr since the Mississippi is fucked up.

  48. Saw some of the tornado path, lots of trees down along the river bank, I’m surprised the dam did not have any damage. It was pretty close to it. They may have had power lines damaged. You ever been through a dam lock? It’s pretty cool.

  49. A lock either raises you up or lowers you down. The level of the water on the lake side of the dam is higher than the river side. So there is a lock to get boats from one level to the other. The ones around here are huge. They can fit six barges I think. They have these huge steel doors that are so well balanced, they open with like a 15 HP motor. You go in and tie up and the water level starts raising. I think the Guntersville dam raises you up like 90 feet. They open the door on the other side and you cruise out. The Tn river ones were built in the early 20th century.

      • That is the closet. I’ve been to Wheeler and Wilson also. Lake guntersville sucks. It is not very deep and has lots of milfoil (weeds) frowing from the bottom.

        • But it is the largest lake in AL and as long as you avoid the milfoil and shallow spots it’s nice. It gets like bath water late in the summer. I may to to Smith lake next weekend. It’s rated as the second cleanest lake in the country. 500 feet deep and really pretty. It’s kind of far though, shitty tow, lots of uphill.

  50. Wow, this has so many comments. My phone doesn’t open it up anymore. Funny how you end the site and now people want to comment. But you didn’t really end the site. It’s still here. People are still commenting. So I’m assuming it’s not over? You could’ve done what kb and I always suggested, put up a blank post.

    • Hello, DG. I never said I was deleting the site, I just stated there would be no more posts. And I stated that I’d check out the comments for awhile. I was hoping a core would still comment sometimes.

      What I’m most happy about is I read that BH watched it all the way through as well.

      And yes, it was cool to have a final gathering of commenters. I’m still hoping some drop by, even if it is for a couple of comments. I think Miss Texas will, we’ll see.

        • booted him for violating their TOS, so he’s moving to a hosting site. I remember when this site violated their TOS posting those dirtyarmy clowns, then they suspended the ability to post for a day, I apologized profusely, then they reinstated it, and I believe the second post after they lifted the suspension was another post of someone.

          • I don’t understand why DREW was on free wordpress Hosting! hosting cost like 4$ a month for a blog!! I hope he knows any traffic he had will have to be rebuilt from scratch!! anyway!!

          • lol,BL , and Spurs good thing your warned him in advance*looks like he didn’t take your advice*

            Anyway you guys have a great day, Styx is playing in front on my place tonight , I will go see them! i,m not a huge fan but its free , I will film it in case somebody here likes them… or even know them! lol,