Top 10 posts/categories

1. Skeets’ Hallween costume (most popular post)
2. CBT (that black CBT stuff is the best)
3. Pam
4. Drew (Afternoon Delight is great)
5. Rocket Queen
6. Fun with Craigslist
7. Thedirtyarmy (I logged in over there last night to see if I could crack one of them one more time, just wasn’t the same)
8. Merlin
9. Nik Richie
10. Lollipop video
10A. The first post of the site

No.1161-1164 (out of 1164 total posts). DG’s four posts.

If anyone has their favorite posts, feel free to share.

220 thoughts on “Top 10 posts/categories

  1. Texas sucks, Arizona sucks but CA sucks worse.

    And before you say it Alabama Sucks but it doesn’t suck as bad as TX, AZ, or CA.

    Roll Tide Bitches

  2. CA is the best. You guys stay put. We don’t need any mongrels coming in and trying to mess up the joint.

    Off to my pristine little hidden beach to swim in the azure water! Ciao!

  3. Just tired. I will figure out when I feel like it. I paid for new hosting. You know the feeling. I’m not feeling funny so I can’t even post something new?

  4. So still now new post yet huh? Guess we’ll give it another week. I can feel your determination weakening by the day Spurs. Soon enough you will give in, soon enough.

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