Queen Bee and SPURS FAN, sitting in a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G? Nope, the bitch married Goatee


Rhymed!!! Boom! In any case, this didn’t work out too well. Goatee apparently got jealous I was there. I have to say, this was worse than when Bitchhog’s boyfriend Marvin the Martian (seriously, he looks like Marvin the Martian) went all run-on sentence on me.

Years ago, QB and Goatee broke up (no way) at some point, and she invited me to go out to Houston to visit her. Don’t remember the exact lingo used in the text/invite, but it was something along the lines of, “SPURS FAN, SPURS FAN! My pussy is hungry, and the only thing that is going to satisfy it is your cock!! Come feed it! LOL!! XOXOXXOXO. πŸ™‚ :)”

Sadly, I wasn’t able to make it, but it’s fun to play what-ifs.

Welcome back, really was a great experience, thanks again for all the comments. Site is going to be up a week, should be a good run, think this will be an annual thing.

336 thoughts on “Queen Bee and SPURS FAN, sitting in a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G? Nope, the bitch married Goatee

    • Well, I know it’s still not showing up for some. For example, on Firefox, it’s not showing up yet on my computer.

      I went back and looked at some posts, the one where you and FL Anonymous were trying to decide what kind of life Queen Bee lives was hilarious.

      • And went back and deleted up until the cutoff, I hope you didn’t take offense, just wanted to clean it, make it easier to get to posts. I tried to make posts specific pages, like the DA losers and Hollywood and his scum, the degenerates who posted here, etc. etc, but, I know this may come as a huge surprise, I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

  1. Is that really how the text went Spurs? If memory serves I believe it wasn’t a text, I might have said it over the phone though, haha! Anyhow, yeah, sorry about the wedding visit not going over so smoothly!

  2. Spurs, seriously just went and checked. He must have blocked you bc that entire week he was monitoring my flippin social media like no ones business. My apologies, I didn’t notice that πŸ™

  3. its hard to believe all the shit that has happened since this site has been down. you missed out on some real good posts.

    • I know. Still shocked about Gandolfini.

      Oh, and I suppose the NSA shit would deserve a mention.

      Oh, and the gun grab that will happen in a short amount of time.

      • i emailed bashar al-assad on facebook. i told him to kill all the muslims and bury their bodies with swine intestines.

      • and mosin nagants….dont get me started on that shit. some people were trying to sell fucking ww2 era firearms for $400?!?!

          • oh god. fuck them. i hate those fucking morons. i used to post all kinds of nasty shit on their facebook pages…..but they finally ended up blocking me.

          • i told him that he should drive to phx for that gun buyback they had here so he could turn in his guns since a mentally deficient person lives in his house and has access to his ‘assault guns’. i guess that was the final straw for him.

      • I don’t really check my email. I clicked on the link randomly because I still have it on my bookmarks and saw the message.

        Just livin’ it up, man. A lot has changed in the last year. What about you?

        • Man, nice timing. I e-mailed you, too.

          Not much for me, working for an oil and gas company as the “controller” (glorified bookkeeper), and my bosses are cool as shit, so I don’t even have to go to the fields anymore, I did for awhile when it was all getting drilled to keep track of shit, just picked up a deal in Mexico which should be really bad ass, so I’ll be going down there soon. Started up a mobile notary company: http://www.alwaysreadynotary.com (check out how professional that fucker looks. Which is probably what Brooklyn should do, I mean, there’s money in it). I’m not the notary, but a friend is, so I just take the calls.

          Still smoke weed, still watch porn, still smart off to anyone I can. Pretty much the same.

          • That’s awesome. Good for you.

            I’m still doing the electrical work. Different company, better pay, pretty much the same work. I like it.

            Moved into a house a couple months ago, so that was nice.

          • Bad ass, that’s good. I was wondering if you were still doing the electrical work.

            I also remember you and Anon having deep discussions about Gold Bond powder for the nads.

          • Good talks, those were. Solid advice that I still practice to this day.

            Did you catch that live tight rope walk earlier today? I watched the whole thing, half hoping he would fall.

            And are we doing fantasy this year? I vote for a new commish.

          • Doing great, thanks for asking. I can’t believe we already celebrated his first birthday last month. He’s grown a lot in just a year.

  4. The story of the wedding and goatees controlling ways is really disheartening to me. I don’t like controlling men, don’t try to tell me what to do and who I can talk to. Probably why I’ve never been and will probably never be married.

      • Great my brotha. Keeping busy. I moved into a neighborhood where old jewish white women don’t think I belong there. The usual. I only get asked by the police once a month “do you live around here” so that’s progress. #swag #yolo.

        How are you man? Congrats on the new gig.

          • Yeah. I finally performed up at the Hollywood Improv. I ended up becoming a regular at a couple of clubs. Some of my stuff aired on TV. And one of my routines I did for TV is on youtube, and has almost 50,000 views. And the hate is kept to a minimum in the comments. So my self esteem is not attacked.

            But I am working on other projects, so I don’t have as much time as before to do stand up.

          • Man, that’s awesome, congrats. Good for you.

            As far as Manu? Man, I felt bad for him.

            Duncan especially, I mean, he put up a monster Game 6.

          • There was so much hate out here for the Spurs. I didn’t get it. And that last shot Duncan missed, was heartbreaking. And he actually showed emotion when he slapped the ground. That made it even sadder.

          • Yeah, it’s hate because the Spurs swept the Lakers like they were trash. I love the pic of Duncan laughing at Howard.

            And you’re right, he did show emotion. He knew he blew it, they are a class organization, it makes it easy to root for them.

          • You ain’t lying, Fundamentals all day. Side note. Cool you having it up all week. Will stop by during the week when I can. Entertaining stuff over here. Ha! Its like all these inside jokes and personal asides going on. Its great.

          • Sounds great, thanks a lot. Appreciate you stopping by, and responding to the e-mail so quickly.

    • I don’t really care about Paula Deen.

      Did she where she made some tearful apology.

      I’ll tell what story is real entertaining. The Aaron Hernandez.

      • No, Amanda Bynes is entertaining. And Charlie Sheen and Farrah Abraham. And Aaron Carter getting beat up by NKOTB fans.

          • Yeah, its on TMZ. There has got to be more to the story. It is so stupid, it’s unreal. But then again, Tanning Mom is going to the rehab run by Michael Lohan.

            I read way too much gossip.

          • What!!!? You read gossip? Shocking. I would have pinned you as the type who reads serious news.

          • I hate to break it to you, it seems alot of serious news is bullshit, too. The way I see it, it may as well be entertaining bullshit.

          • Geez, doesn’t that make you feel a bit old, DG. EV didn’t even know who your geriatric ass was referring to.

            Must suck to know you’re past your expiration date.

          • I can’t help he doesn’t read TMZ.

            Besides, how can anyone sit here talking about expiration dates with a pasty glistening 5 head? You pre-maturely expired years ago.

          • Now that’s just hurtful.

            Kind of like going to a retirement/soon to be dead home and having some old blue hair insult me.

          • I know this week is the highlight of your year but I have to be up for work in 3 hours. So I’ll give you some time to type up some rough drafts of insults for me. It should keep you occupied all day.

          • Funny, thanks for the advice.

            I know you have to be up early, in all seriousness, thanks for stopping by. Always enjoy our battles.

      • That video she did was pathetic. You saw the defeat in her eyes.

        And yes, yes man. What the heck is with that dude? That story is nuts. You think he did it? Well shooting the dude in the arm is no question,but that other body like down the street from his house.

        • Yeah, if only she was black, she could have gotten away with it.

          And you’re right, bad enough he already shot someone, but this destroying evidence looks really bad.

        • Oh, I’m a bit tired.

          Yeah, he’s got obstruction for sure, if that’s it, he’ll only get a few game suspension. Of course, that’s just for this latest one. The one that happened awhile back might be factored in, could get suspended for the whole season.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually executed the guy himself and isn’t covering for anyone.

    • So has your stupidity.

      As for kb? I was really hoping she’d stop by, I don’t know how to get in touch with her, though.

      Poor old Doug, I still think of him. Remember that pic where he looked like he wanted to jump out of her moving car?

        • No kidding. May as well named him Goofy Bastard.

          Though I do like that name she picked for a dog. Seems fitting. Doug’s probably the same place her husband is.

          You know, gone.

          • I was hoping KB would find us again, I wonder how she’s doing?

            and I hate when this site turns into Sportscenter.

          • Yeah, sorry about that.

            But you should really look into the Aaron Hernandez story, talk about an idiot. No, not DG, Aaron.

  5. I Can’t Wait To Go Back And Read Some Of These. I’m At Work, And This Site Is Blocked, So I’ll Chime In Later. For Some Reason My Phone Is Capitalizing Every Word, SorrY. Peace Fuckers. -Bl Via Mobile

  6. And now everyone is still sleeping or working. I guess I’ll go back to my parenting site where it’s unacceptable to be mean and therefore I have no e-friends… actually most of the fun people got banned and I was left to suffer alone.

  7. Spurs,
    What’s up man? I checked awhile back and saw you were opening it up for a day. Sucks about the Spurs, they had it man……….fucking Lebron. D-Rose will be back next year! Tell KB, DG and the rest of the crew I said hello………..

    • What’s up, Francis? I e-mailed you, too, but it was returned. I’m glad you returned, thanks.

      You’re right, they had it. And the Derrick Rose jokes just never get old. I’m sure you’ve read them.

      I’ll tell them, though not sure KB will appear.

      • I closed out that email account awhile back. D-rose, I’m starting to think is a pussy………we’ll see next season I guess. Didn’t think they would beat the Heat even if he came back. Tell DG, to post her Class of 94 tits on here for me…….

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