155 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Oz!

  1. LOL good shit. Thanks bud.

    I hope you dont really think that is a good impression though… might be worse than your batman but just barely

  2. Spurs!!! I just saw your email reminder that the site was back up, but just so you know, it was unnecessary. I already knew. I’ve just been lurking, waiting to see my name pop up, before commenting.

  3. Good Elfie! Well ok. Was the same loser since this site went down until just a couple months ago. Now I’m ballin! How about you?

      • hahahah, that was the best/worst name I’ve ever been called! You guys got in my head a little with that one!

        And no problem Spurs! I wish the site was staying up. I guess we’ll all just have to congregate on Brooklyn’s twitter instead.

        • No one is going to “congregate” there, Twitter sucks.

          And man, out of everyone posted, you and Jacare (Jakare) were the best sports about it. Well, and Nik’s brother, but he was always a good sport.

          • I know, your’s were pretty funny! You took it like a boss though!

            Brb, must finish some work.

          • you’re right, spurs. twitter is not nary as entertaining as this fine piece of journalistic gold you have here and hitting refresh/scrolling every 30 seconds is not even the slightest bit irritating.

          • That’s really funny, you got me on that one.

            “Journalistic gold,” huh?


            I guess you didn’t care for my Italiano! accent.

          • Hey thanks for inviting me back, Spurs! I have to work tonight, but I’ll be back around tomorrow!

          • I’m thinking of getting a new one so I can congregate on there anonymously, I don;t want anyone on my twitter that I know in real life because that just ruins things.

  4. The birthday boy should take a pic of himself in the same pose. It would turn all the ladies on.

  5. Happy B’day, Oz!

    I’m working from home tomorrow, so I’ll finally get to comment on things. Get your party pants on.

  6. I can’t talk about being fat. This crazy Jamaican Chef I met in Texarkana would feed me free for doing his commercials. Deep fried boudin ain’t diet food.

      • Haha, yeah. That case pieced together like an episode of CSI, and close to the same amount of time as far as investigations go.

        • That’s funny, indeed it did.

          That was a real fast investigation, no doubt they had a shit load of people on it because he’s famous, but couldn’t he have been a bit more slick about it?

          • Well given the fact that he tried smashing anything that could have nailed him as guilty, they had a good idea where to start looking. I mean the first details were some basic shit, like retrieving the victim’s last text messages that puts him with Hernandez.

            And, yeah, definitely not well thought out on his part. What’s more is that it sounds like this was all over something that happened a week prior and the details suggest he was setting the whole thing up. A week to plan for such a poorly executed crime? I don’t think you could get away with such carelessness in Detroit, much less a white washed neighborhood in Massachussetts.

          • Funny, no doubt. Even Detroit would have nailed him.

            And yep, that’s the unbelievable things, it was premeditated, which means he’s going to get life.

          • I’ve ignored the media’s take on the case. They will always look for a narrative to play to for ratings.

  7. Just out of curiosity, am I the only one around here that felt like a part of history was lost when this site ended, or that kept the site on their internet browsing routine the whole time? Like, just in case. And then it happened. Oh the nostalgia. Spurs’ darkened face appeared behind a couple of awesome sentences stating he was coming back. Single tear for the fact this is temporary. I mean I’ve enjoyed meeting some new people lately, and have found some funny shit on reddit and whatnot, but at no other time or place did I enjoy the jargon of people not familiar to me as child. Even if it was impossible to keep up and comment all the time. You all are too much. Thanks for all the laughs!!!


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