Skeets. Take one billion.

hayley cakes

Well, well, well, she finally took some great pics. Congrats, Skeets. It’s funny, I’m friends with her on FB, and her and DG do just their very best to insult me (it’s pretty damn amateur, that’s for sure), and one time Skeets asked/apologized about her “taunts,” and I just couldn’t help but shake my head.

Priceless. Insults from a Tucson model. Tucson model? Seriously? What’s next? A straight queer?

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  1. No joke, though, she has some amazing designs. Was going to leave the FB page where you can find her stuff (Oz has like eighteen kids, you’d think he’d be in need of a cake every once in awhile), if she’s cool with it, I’ll add it into the post.

    • Touche. Check out how good her arms are looking these days, I beat off like three times already.

      And did you see Hernandez was arrested? Let’s turn this into Sportscenter, she loves sports.

        • I actually don’t think he shot him anymore. Just think it’s obstruction. I know that’s what he was arrested for, was thinking he did more, but now I think he’s just covering for someone.

          • Oh, damn. It is murder.

            I was wondering why the Pats cut him before the charges were filed.

            And Zimmerman? He’ll be found innocent.

            Did you two see that women get beaten in New Jersey by that thug? In front of her daughter?

          • zimmerman….innocent.
            floridas stand your ground law applies in his case.

            and that escaped ape in jersey needs to be killed. funny how the media isnt saying thats a hate crime.

          • fuck nah he wont.

            Huge flight risk, already tampered with the investigation, first degree murder.

            NO BAIL

          • Yep, the Jew media decided that wasn’t a hate crime.

            And hopefully there will be riots, and some of the media who decided Trayvon was a six year old will get beaten to a pulp. Like hopefully Arianna Huffington. Maybe her daughter, too.

          • No, I was referring to Hernandez, you were right.

            No bail. Apparently he spit out a piece of gum at the scene of the crime. Where the body was dumped.

          • Yep, and not only that, the victim still had his phone with him a minute or two before he was shot and texted his sister, letting her know who he was with.

            He’s done, if he beats it, his lawyer is the best, because even if he didn’t pull the trigger, he can be convicted of murder.

          • Oh the dude is convicted as a mutha fucka… he shoulda consulted ray lewis, not ray curuth

        • Do you guys just charge a fee? I know personal injury is a percentage, but on divorce is it by the hour? I’m sure some are messier than others.

          And man, a friend is in law school, at U of H, she’s in the top 10%, was top 5%, but a B made her drop out of the top 5, and her internships this summer paid $1500 a week, and now she’s at a firm in Dallas making $2300 a week. As an intern. Nuts.

          But she was saying that if you aren’t in the top 50%, these people graduating aren’t even finding jobs. Fucked up.

          • Its different for each case really, if it is a non-contested (where the other side is MIA, dont give a fuck, or in agreement) we will do a flat fee, but for most family law its a retainer which gets billed against hourly.

            Personal Injury is pretty much all contingent fee work.

            Criminal is pretty much a flat fee structure, with a balloon payment if it goes to trial.

            Civil is kind of a hybrid, where they put down a retainer for costs of litigation, but at the end the fee is contingent.

            Anyone who ever asks me about law school, I tell them they are fucking nuts

          • Nice rundown, thanks.

            I always assumed in law school you’d do criminal or civil, etc. Like specialization. Never realized that’s not the case.

            And yeah, good advice, it is really expensive.

          • you dont do one thing if you want pay the bills, unless you are one of those schmucks with the commercials on during judge judy

          • She was telling me the losers in law school end up going to DWI court there in Harris County and hand out business cards to the drunks.

            That would suck.

          • She said some of them are even talking about not even trying to pay off their student loans, thinking there is going to be some type of bailout.

            Yeah, right.

    • Funny, she didn’t “give” this to me, I took it.

      Like I’ve taken your dignity several times.

      And it’s just some comments on that one guy. Pretty interesting story.

      Who gives a cellphone smashed to pieces to cops, and then expects them not to be able to find anything? Not to mention a smashed security system.

  2. And being friends with you on facebook gets me comments from my friends:

    “Who is that asshole and why are you friends with him?”

    “That guy is a jackass”

    “I’ve never seen an albino before. I didn’t know they were real”

    “Does he think he is funny? He is mistaken”

      • Yeah those are most of my first cakes. the fluorescent one with the stars is the first cake I made, the deer was the second, the monkey one was my third and the Van Gogh was my 4th.

          • Thank you, I’m especially proud of that one because I wasn’t even aware I could paint crap.

            This is a boring post Sours.

          • Yeah, it really looks good.

            I don’t care if it’s boring to people or not, I like it. If anything, it shows people you have some talent other than posing for perv photographers.

            Sorry if I was trying to paint you in a good light.

            Maybe I should have done a post on the gay marriage deal.

          • I had talent then too, I made costumes and outfits remember?

            Did you know one of those photogs is a total creeper now? He messages me trying to get together, asks me to make his kids cakes (he doesn’t even live within 2hrs of me) and even posted a “Missed Connections” on craigslist about me?

          • That is really creepy. Really, everything on craigslist is creepy. I almost didn’t want to sell my car on craigslist because I figured a murderer would show up.

          • Craigslist is creepy for sure, I sold my car on there too and I got a lot of weirdos. One was an obvious stripper/ prostitute from Vegas. It was like 8 o’clock at night and she needed a car to drive back in. She put her pimp/ boyfriend on the phone to try to make a deal with me. He offered me 2k less than the car was worth, stating it would be “in cash” like I gave a shit and basically telling me his chick was carrying 9k on her (dumbass). I laughed at him and said no, I’m not doing that. He said well I guess you’ll be out the money then because she’s leaving tonight. I just laughed some more.

          • HEY!!! I posted a missed connections about you on CL too.. I didnt think that was creepy

          • Yep, I refuse to do any transactions on CL.

            Skeets, her pimp talking to you is hilarious. I’m sure he’s a upstanding citizen.

          • Thats why you only call the ones that say “@#%&*@^# 100% IdEpEd@nT (&*^(&*%^^%$”

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