Black CBT is back

Black CBT

Sup Mah nigga Spurred Man!

Dis herein beez da one an onlee Black CB Tizil!!! Gangsta pimp Macc Cowboy Blaq!!! Jussa thought eyed holla at cha’ lettin ya be knowin what it do..

See a nigga like meez be puttin in da work round chere. I beez doin all da spots for TexinKanna only hip hop station WBALZ. Dey be like Mack pimpim Nigga CB Tizil can yous be sellin our shizznitits to da peoples. I says hell yes, I can sell my black snake earls to alla da honies, I can sellz anythang!

So I beez on da radio like “Niggaz Come on down over Chere to da Bubba Chicken and Grits shack, getcha summa dem old hot shcrimps! Iffin ya black azz leave up outta chere hungry youz a dumb nigga doe!”

Den eyes ree-cicle me some hoez nigga…

Black CBT! Please tell me you still have the “92 bronco sport wit 13 inch daytons on it.” Good to see you’re still doing well. Looks like that function you’re at is as high class as White CBT’s tea parties.

118 thoughts on “Black CBT is back

  1. Sheet niiga, wat dis hoe tawlin bout da nigga is a gay wid a book, I aint read no naan bookin in mah life. Fittin ta spit game to dis herein lil snowflake haff her making CB Tizil some money on da stroll tell ya whut I did.

      • I thought Stern was making a joke.

        Good to see the Suns, in all their shittyness, didn’t even get the first overall pick. Then they overlook that defensive monster.

          • Yeah. As much love as I got for the team, it’s hard to follow them when they blow everything that falls into their lap. I don’t think a franchise could have handled Nash’s prime any worse.

      • I didn’t quit. I resigned, meaning my last day is end of next week. I’m tired of the nepatism throughout that office, its enough to choke a horse. Plus, ill be paid double what I’m making now and ill be five mins from home. Win win.

        • Oh, here’s the answer, my bad.

          Congrats on your new gig, you got one already?

          Good for you, seriously, congrats.

          • Lol you’re stuck on that, aren’t you Spurs?

            For the record, I’ve never considered it ‘resigning’ either.

          • I am. It’s true, though, it’s not resigning.

            She worked for Tom at State Farm as an assistant. Presidents/CEOs/CFOs resign, cashiers, waitresses, assistants quit.

          • Well I guess we can call it giving notice, but I did type a resignation letter. Potato-potato

          • You typed up a resignation letter? Professional. I just don’t tend to do those sort of things. I probably should.

          • Yes, I wanted to make sure I left on a good note and I’ve heard its proper etiquette to do a letter. I loved the company I was with, I just didn’t care for a coupleof peoplethere lol

          • I wouldn’t bother making a letter of resignation unless I wanted to give a guised list of ultimatums. Then again, I’m very direct and confrontational and would probably make any of those conditions well known before I decided to quit. Once I’m set on something like that, there usually is no changing my mind.

          • It is proper etiquette, you’re right, QB.

            Usually people tell me how much etiquette I have, surprised I haven’t incorporated the letter strategy into my repertoire.

  2. Yes, the company I’m going to offered me the position a month ago but I turned it down bc the pay was almost the same as what I was making then. So Friday they called me again and said “we revised the offer letter and if the pay is increased, including bonuses, would you reconsider?” Umm no brainer there. Thanks Spurs

  3. I have to disagree. Resigning is quitting. A letter of resignation is just information on paper that you are quitting your job. Or leaving your job. Or giving up your position. It’s all the same thing.

    But congrats on the new job! More money is always good. And living closer to work is even better.

        • You were fired long before you had a chance to quit.

          Actually, you didn’t even make it through the second round of interviews. You were worth a laugh or two, but you wouldn’t be hired by me, that’s for sure.

          Kind of like a necessary quota, that’s what you were. You know, interviewing the handicapped.

      • It’s all semantics. Spurs is just pointing out that it comes off as posturing when using a term like ‘resign’ to say you quit your job.

        I just think it’s funny.

        • Yeah, I just like giving DG a hard time. It doesn’t matter to me if I quit, got fired, gave a “letter of resignation” (seriously?), etc. etc.

          I mean, I still use Red McCombs as an employer through 2007, and I haven’t worked there since 2002.

          Got fired twice and quit once, so yeah, let’s just say I put in a two week’s notice. May as well have put I was Santa Claus on my resume, it doesn’t matter, I put a friend of mine who still works there as my boss.

    • No, I haven’t. What’s it about? (I suppose I could google it)

      I signed up for Netflix again about three months ago, watched the first season of Breaking Bad (it was great), then I just never used it again, so I cancelled it.

      Have had Hulu for awhile, too, never use it either. Meant to cancel it this month, but I did it too late, so I have it until July 19th.

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