Cowboy Trout, Mountain Home, Arkansas, Texarkana, TX, pitchman


Hope Auto – Son In Law – 10-22-12

CCC-Bubba+Roy final 1-3-13 (Bubba was shooting at a deer? I guess CBT already shot the bandits)

Fish Creek Updated 2-7-13

EZ DiscountHusqvarnaSale+roy dry 5-12-11

He’s rocking his drawl really well on these new spots. I was going through Cowboy Trout’s posts to find his infamous 3 Wolves shirt, damn, Chief really provided a ton of entertainment here. Thanks again, Chief.

141 thoughts on “Cowboy Trout, Mountain Home, Arkansas, Texarkana, TX, pitchman

  1. After listening to just one of these, I picture CBT sitting in some old town in a rocking chair, overalls, with his 18 year old dog probably named Red by his feet, with 3 teeth pointing different directions. Probably smells like horseshit and whiskey and scares all the little kids that walk by.

    • DG, I’m sittin’ in my rockin’ chair with my 18 year old mixed gal from Shreveport, Louisiana. My last dog only made it to 16. I have all my own teeth and I’m wearing linen and white bucks. I do scare all the little kids because I growl at them. I have two Mexicans who work for me that do smell like horse shit, though.

  2. He kind of sounds like the hick voice they used when we were making a new commercial at my old job. My boss asked for “rugged” and he got “redneck trailer park”. We laughed so hard when we heard it.

      • Like my old boss always said, “The pussy you pay for up front always costs less than the pussy you get for free”.

          • Sounds like someone who has bought some really nice houses and cars for some women he didn’t like all that much and learned his lesson about marriage. With age comes wisdom, young Easy V.

          • True love only exists in movies and romance novels. Why do you think couples who’ve been married 50 plus years sit around and argue with each other? You spend your 20s, 30s and 40s working and raising kids and all of a sudden the nest is empty and you have to spend time with that bitch you’re married to. At that point you either value quality of life over quantity of stuff. Most folks choose their stuff and stay married. I lit a shuck outta there like a striped ass ape. Frankly, I’m 55 and I like fuckin’ the younger women. They ain’t in it for love and I got no illusions. When I was your age, pussy was free and plentiful. If I liked women my own age, I’d never sleep alone, but I don’t like women my own age and I like sleeping alone. I’m at peace with who I am.

          • Your first mistake was buying them cars and houses. It doesn’t sound like you learned anything.

            Then again, times are changing. Not every girl wants to be taken care of with a man’s money. That doesn’t mean they won’t take free shit if he’s offering it up like a chump, but she will never love or respect him. You are paying for an illusion.

            I specifically play up the cheap ass role when I’m first starting to date a chick.

          • Easy V, you come across as fairly bitter for a kid with all the fucking answers.

      • Apparently you missed the inference about being married to the bitches who got the houses and cars in the divorce settlement, Easy V. I don’t buy houses and cars for the sugar babies. I can’t wait until your first wife cleans your ass out.

    • Hey, my commercials are very effective. The one for the car dealership put a tear in the eye of every daddy in the ArkLaTex with a daughter married to a smartass she met “when she went off to college”. The chainsaw ad sold EZ Discount out of chainsaws in two weeks and that place is really in the middle of fucking nowhere.

        • That still might happen when we take TXK back. We’re gonna change the format of two of the signals to Classic Country and New Country. We”ll keep the Conservative talk format and the “Jammin'” format.

          • In all seriousness, with the internet, satellite radio, etc. etc., people still tune in to radio stations? I mean, you have any idea as to how many people actually tune in? Always wondered how that works.

          • Radio Station owners are generally people who’re looking for losing investments to offset the tax liability from their other interests. My boss has a very successful media consulting business that pays the bills.

        • I was focused on the sales aspect. By the time I got Texarkana’s revenue up to the break even point and had time to do a show, I had a stroke. I took six months off and played cowboy. I got my mind back right and then had to go back down there and fix the place all over again. The deal closed on 2/28/13 and I come back here and slept for most of two months. 55 don’t recover like 35 did.

          • “mind back right.”

            When was it ever good?

            And break-even point? Seriously? How do they stay in business? I mean, do those ads cost a lot of money? And do people like Rush pay your station to run the show? Or do you guys have to pay a lot to run a show like his?

            I’m just curious as to how ya’ll even stay in business. Seems like a tough gig.

          • Mountain Talk has an audience of around 55,000, spread over 7 counties in Arkansas and two in Missouri. Numbers are based on Arbitron projections. Our Time Spent Listening (TSL) averages out to 4 hours a day. We have over 1500 online listeners in Chicago and 4000 spread all over the US and 47 other countries. We track unique visitors. Our number one TSL online listener is in New Mexico. He apparently hasn’t shut the website off in 3 years. We’re the only radio group up here that has smart phone apps.

            Mountain Country was launched in September last year and as best we can tell we have about 20,000 regular listeners so far. It covers an area further east and south than Mountain Talk, still 7 counties. Our timing was good. Some goomer from Saint Louis bought up a bunch of stations in this market that were Country format and changed them all to ESPN. Nobody cares about anything other than the Razorbacks, the Cubs and whatever critter their local high school team is named after.

  3. Spurs did you see where they think hernandez killed dude cuz he was a witness in a double murder A.H. committed last year?

    Thug life

        • He supposedly killed 2 guys last year, shot another in the face last year and then this guy. Seems like Someone is a trigger happy idiot, maybe he has a concussion induced brain injury like junior seau?

          • Maybe that is why he thought he could get away with such carelessness. He pretty much did before.

          • Something is wrong, that’s for sure.

            Just couldn’t let the thug life go.

          • The whole story is just entertaining. Million dollar home, $40 million contract, ten cent brain.

          • And I’ve started to pay attention to that Zimmerman trial, thanks to Anon’s links.

            Now that stuff is hilarious. That one witness is comedy gold.

          • haha in that one clip he posted she goes “Shooooooot” under her breath when he asks her if she remembers something. Then when they say it’s going to be 2 more hours the next day she yells “WHAT!”. the whole time she keeps rolling her eyes, cocking her fat ass neck and swinging her entire body to go 6″ to the smaller mic. LOL!

          • Great job, Elfie.

            And this isn’t Sportscenter, it’s Law and Order. Heck, you don’t even have to be a sports fan to find that story entertaining.

            It’s not up their with OJ, but damn, it’s getting close.

          • What about where she says, “I’m not coming back tomorrow.”

            That was awesome.

            Did you see yahoo posted a story about her? The comments are great.

          • I didn’t see where she said she wasn’t coming back, that’s hilarious. Seriously though you’d think that if she was really his friend and wanted to bring his killer to justice she would try to be at least a little cooperative. It’s not like she has anything better to do anyway, with an attitude like that I doubt to she holds down a job.

          • Yep, and the judge pretty much said, “I’ll decide on the calendar.”

            And exactly. His lawyer is making her out to be a complete idiot.That goofy looking prosecutor is just an absolute dumb ass putting her on the stand, I mean, he had months to coach testimony, and that’s what she brings to the table?

            Not only that, she needs to stay far away from the internet, she’ll have no self esteem left if she searches around.

          • She’s dumb, but she hasn’t said anything to hurt their case and the lies they caught her in have nothing to do with the case and don’t exactly assure an inconsistent character.

            You’re pretty much asking a kid to retell a story she told months ago in front of a court of people staring at her. I think the all-female jury will sympathize with that and focus more on her testimony, none of which was damaging to the prosecutions case.

          • Okay, Matlock, the point is once you catch the fat pig in a lie (several lies) her entire testimony is void. I mean, how would you know when she is telling the truth?

          • They caught her lying about her age and lying about not going to the viewing. They haven’t caught her slipping up in her testimony other than details and wording.

            It’s a typical tactic to attack any inconsistencies they can find so you’ll think she’s a liar. Everyone lies. Doesn’t mean they lie about everything.

          • She’s a kid?! How old is she?

            I thought it a little strange that (what I thought was) a 30 something yr old woman was good friends with a teenager.

          • I said kid because that is about the level of her maturity. She doesn’t look that old to me.

          • 19:56….the black guy in the tie is thinking, ‘dis nigga be dumb as a nigga.’

  4. Where’s Queen Bee at? I want to know why she resigned (like she’s a CEO or something, pretty sure she quit) yesterday.

    • Haha! I want to know what happened too.
      I resigned from my job, you don’t have to be a CEO to put in a letter of Resignation.

        • Wrong again, I was actually on Maternity leave and decided not to come back… no notice. That’s called a “fuck you, I’m never coming back”

          • They’ve tried to rehire me twice since then.

            But yeah for all intents and purposes I quit that bitch.

          • Wait, they tried to rehire you twice?

            It’s not a publicly traded company, right? If so, there’s money to be made shorting that stock if they want you back.

          • It’s a small business. I’d never go back unless I was completely desperate, I got no raises for 3yrs, they took away all of our paid time off, they took away half of our holiday bonuses, they stopped our health benefits. When I went on maternity leave I got zero paid time off and they wanted me to come back after 7wks. More than half the time I had no water in the office, I wasn’t allowed to leave (not even for lunch) and there were times the bathrooms did not work. I didn’t even tell them I was pregnant until I was like 6mos, THAT was funny.

          • I know it’s a small company, that was called a joke.

            I remember you saying you didn’t tell them for months that you were pregnant, and frankly, based on your description of the working conditions, I’m surprised they haven’t been sued yet.

          • When clothed I didn’t look pregnant for a long time, just fat but yeah I didn’t tell them.

            I’m the only one who worked in the office besides their wives, when their wives started working there (while I was pregnant so I could train them) they brought it to their attention that the working conditions were horrible. I could have sued them for more than that, once one of them accidentally sent me a text intended for the other one. they were talking about re keying the building and he asked if he could make him a key to my pants.

          • A key to your pants?

            I wish I could high-five them, that was great. Skeets, the Home Wrecker.

          • Just for clarification, no one got the keys to my pants. But I had an ex-boyfriend who used to come over to my work frequently after I broke up with him, he’d bring his new car or his new car with new rims or his new motorcycle to show me (I guess trying to impress me to come back Idk) but the other boss used to joke that he was going to buy some new rims so he could get me to like him.

          • A bad place to work?

            It’s beginning to sound like a comedy club.

            And I thought B minus was an ingrate.

          • My bosses were actually pretty funny and cool most of the time but they sucked as bosses and looking back I honestly resent how much they took advantage of how easygoing and mellow I am.

        • A place I used to work with is getting taken to the cleaner. They just settled on one lawsuit, and now a few employees (including a manager) are seeking legal action over similar issues as well as poor working conditions.

          I also hear that the state and IRS might be coming after them for tax fraud. I wouldn’t doubt if they close all their locations in about 6 months.

        • Spurs, you were in the car biz. I bet you remember getting fired by coming to work one morning and finding an empty box sitting on your desk.

          • Nope, I remember getting fired because of a car deal I jacked my sales manager out of, then I found I who ratted me out, then I went back and took a piss on his desk during the middle of the day. Had some buddies keeping look out.

            That went down in the history books of Red McCombs.

      • haha, I still am. It’s the one job I’ve been wanting to quit for 3 and a half years. Yet, I stay. Instead of getting a new job and quitting, I just keep adding employment.

        • Why stay on? and I’ve seen your added employment, I want that job! I wish I had the ability/ flexibility to do something like that because it seems pretty awesome!

          • Because between all 3 jobs, it is a nice set up. Unfortunately, the company I hate is flexible and pays me well. The other 2 are in place for fun and as spurs put’s it my “jet-setting ways”.

            Btw, the job you do like of mine is only part time and technically I only have to work 2 days a month. So if you could handle 5 weeks of training in Vegas and 2 days a month in phx, you could do this, too..

          • Hmmm, interesting. I’d actually really like to do it. The 5 weeks might be tough to swing but if you have time I’d definitely like more info.

          • Just because I post pictures on facebook of where ever I am, doesn’t mean it’s bragging. It means, look, this is pretty, and worth taking a picture.

            It’s the people like you that call it bragging because they don’t have anything worth taking a picture of besides an indoor pool……that is not yours.

  5. I also finally caught up on this Hernandez crap. I would love to have a conversation with him 10 years from now asking if it was all worth it. Stupid. .

      • I would get it, if that’s all his life could be like so many out there. But this guy had a chance to move on and move up. And he didn’t.

        It’s one thing coming from nothing and being in a gang and getting sent to prison for life. But another thing to be great at what you do and have 40 million dollars. How do you wake up each morning knowing what you could’ve had?

        • I guess kind of like the people who are really poor and win the lottery, 9x out of 10 it turns out badly because despite the money and the opportunities it provides they’re still stuck in that poor person mentality. He was stuck in that ghetto mentality. What a waste man.

          • And good thing for the victim’s family is that a good chunk of that contract money is still on the table.

        • Well the latest details are suggesting he killed this guy because dude was a witness in the double homicide Hernandez is now being linked to.

          If anything, he could have killed this guy fearing he would expose him on the other case. He might have been trying to protect what he has rather than throwing it all away over a petty disagreement.

          Still not sure, and it still wouldn’t provide much reasoning for the first two murders, if he was the guy. He was still in the NFL when those happened, but I don’t think he had the contract.

          • If I was going to murder someone, I wouldn’t dump the body 2 miles from my home. Especially, if it was known I was with that person that night.

          • Or throw my faggy dna laced cottoncandy gum right by a shell casing and the body

          • Exactly. And leave the keys to the car you rented in his pocket, a bullet casing in the car, chewed gum in the car, be so brazen to offer the attendant a piece of that gum too. Not turn off your own surveillance cameras before leaving your house and they give a timeline of you being gone during the murder then show you coming back home and walking around with guns, not plan it better when it was obviously somewhat orchestrated. I’m not entirely sure if he just thought he was above the law or if he’s just a complete idiot. Likely a combination of the two.

          • I think it’s clear this guy has never watched Discovery’s Investigation channel. Or Dexter.

          • Yeah, the worst is yet to come for him.

            If they get him for that double homicide, it’s he’ll get 3 consecutive life sentences.

            Did anyone see his house? The damn doll house in the back is probably bigger than a lot of peoples’ places.

            He’ll lose all the money he has in a civil lawsuit, too.

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