Skeets, Selfie Smurf


You’re my girl, Blue! I like how she’s dressed up in Adidas gear. I didn’t know getting knocked up and being barefoot in the kitchen baking cakes and shit is considered a strenuous activity these days, but hey, whatever, thanks for the pics!

129 thoughts on “Skeets, Selfie Smurf

          • No, this is day 3 of 3 of sitting at home on reserve. I’m starting to go crazy I think.

          • Well, now you’re just boring me.

            But congrats on your clean trailer, though.

          • You know, today is the day the HOA is probably going to be out and take a picture of a weed in my yard.

          • What? Are they that anal? (get it? with the dildo talk? I’m good, I know)

          • They are terrible. They will take a picture and it’s like a Where’s Waldo picture trying to figure out what the problem is.

            Now they are telling me to remove grass in my yard. WTF? It’s landscaped to have the grass there and I don’t own this place so I refuse to redesign anything.

          • They tried to once. $25. When we had freezing weather this winter, alot of plants died but they come back to life in the summer. Instead of cutting an entire bush down, I trimmed it to just above the new growth. They tried to fine me for that. A week later the new growth grew and now the bush is beautiful and blooming.

          • That was an amazing story, I almost jizzed in my shorts. Swim shorts, that is.

            I would like to see this lovely plant, though.

          • Yeah, dummy.

            My grandma no longer has a pool, she filled it in. Now has a garden, with flowers way better than yours. Of course, weeds don’t count as flowers.

          • Your HOA does that too DG? MIne threatens to hire someone to come and landscape my yard and I’m kind of thinking maybe I should just let them. I had the same issue with the freeze killing my bushes and me cutting them back but not completely down.

          • They could try up but I don’t own the place and the owners are in bankruptcy.

          • i had a ‘conversation’ about that on facebook the other day. it was regarding the paula deen fiasco.

          • all because of something she said like 50 years ago. i wish we could prosecute all the blacks that have ever said honky or cracker. but of course that wont happen because niggers cant be racists. fucking makes me sick.

          • What will really make you sick is when the riots will start. Hopefully some people in the media will get their heads cracked.

          • Man, in all seriousness, this isn’t going to end up well. Thankfully, I’m in San Antonio. Riots don’t play well here.

        • EV, this was a setup for riots.

          He’ll get off, it’s an almost all white jury, and a bunch of white people will end up dead because some “white Hispanic” played Robocop.

          • I doubt there will be riots. The media turned this into a racial issue, when really the original outcry over this case was the fact that Zimmerman was let go under his own word of self defense. It’s not like people were saying it was a hate crime. That entire narrative was fabricated by the media.

            All in all, this is a win for the family regardless of what happens to Zimmerman. He was arrested and the case was brought to trial, which is what should have been done in the first place.

          • why should you have to go to court to defend yourself against frivolous charges? the cops found no evidence of it being anything other than self defense. then sharpton and jackson and the black panthers stepped in and made it a racial issue. plain and simple. notice sharpton and his goon platoon where nowhere to be found when that teenage nigger shot that 13 month old white toddler in the face? nope….no hate crime there. fuck niggers.

          • As far as Zimmerman being some kind of white supremacist, I doubt it. However, he has the typical level of middleclass racism. Black people in his neighborhood have to be up to no good in his mind. Zimmerman is an overzealous, wannabe cop. A doofus with a pistol. He escalated the situation by continuing to follow Martin after he was told, “We don’t need you to that”. Trayvon Martin was killed because he was a nigger on rainy night.

          • “Trayvon Martin was killed because he was a nigger on rainy night.”

            no. he was killed becus he was assaulting zimmerman and told him that he was gonna die. zimmerman was in every legal right to kill that motherfucker. zimmerman wasnt a racist. in fact him and his wife took care of 2 black kids.

  1. Lookin’ good!

    Responding to your post yesterday, work is busy as anything. I’m still at the same place, but looking for new work. Probably moving to NJ next year for a change. Just hanging out for now, waiting for some Gov’t paperwork to go through.

    Usually my work-from-home days are more laid back, but I was getting emails all damn day. We have the best little Interns. If you don’t explicitly tell them what to do, they get a tad lost. They’re learning a lot, though.

        • My A/C broke for a week a couple weeks back and it was hell, the company that was fixing it scheduled the repair but “forgot” to order the part so we had to wait 4 more days for it to be fixed. They brought over portable units and took $600 off the bill.

          • Oh yeah, it’s super nice in my house now. And that was the second time they messed up, the first time was last summer the A/C wasn’t working and I paid for a diagnostics test, they told me to clean my filters (they were clean). then they came back a second time and said it was just low on coolant so they filled it and charged me $600. It worked all last summer but then not at all this summer, come to find out should have noticed that it had a leak but never checked cause they were a-holes. That’s why I got the $600 off, I had actually already paid that prior.

          • Tremendous story, Bob Villa Skeets.

            At least there are no crack pipes lying around lately.

          • And no, no crack pipes. I do however have an asshole neighbor and a psychic mailman. No joke, he comes up to deliver my mail and tells me weird shit he has no way of knowing. It kind of creeps me out.

          • Nothing I really want to talk about in specifics on here, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it since I’m unwilling to share the full story huh? I hate when people do that, I’m such an asshole.

          • Yeah, she’s worried about some mail man, and you’ve been stalking her for years.

  2. You know what’s funny about that Adidas shirt Sours? It says “Boston Marathon” on it, I don’t even run. I’m not even sure where I got it.

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