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      • Ill help u brainstorm. But we are abt to leave and go out on the boat with our neighbors (i think u met them?).I can send u pics if any mishaps ensue? Lol

        • Thanks, QB. And I know this place isn’t the same to you (Miss Nostalgia here, wouldn’t be surprised if you are going out in a denim swimsuit), appreciate you coming by even though you probably didn’t want to.

          So yeah, snap away some pics, contribute something other than the site name.

          • Lol for your information its not denim,its pleather. And yes, I do miss our old gang, but I guess I can conform and deal with our new gaggleof misfits.

          • And we have some homemade moonshine, do u can bet ill have at least one funny pic

          • Pleather?

            Now I see why Goatee is so insecure and well, basically an absolute putz.

            No offense to your husband or anything, no reason that should upset you. πŸ™‚

          • Do you can bet, huh?

            Someone might have already dipped into it.

            But yes, hilarity will probably ensue shortly. I mean, other than your ridiculous marriage, cause that’s laughable.

            Damn, I don’t know why I’m ripping on QB, she’s always so nice. If any of the other ladies here could actually keep a man for once, I’d rip them, too, QB, don’t worry.

          • Clearlythe pleather comment was me being.facitious. And no worries Spurs, I know my marriage rocks and it has you seething with jealousy. Lol jk

          • Yes, QB, pretty sure I knew you weren’t really wearing pleather. I’m well aware at this point what you consider comedy (I mean, other than clowning me with a four hour drive for thirty minutes), knew that was you being “funny.”

            And yes, actually, I’m a bit jealous. Not of Goatee, I mean, Rocky Dennis wouldn’t be jealous of him, it is upsetting that I didn’t go up to Houston when you dumped him for a bit, because I would have had a Cheshire Cat grin on my face the whole thirty minutes I was there.

            You’re a nice person, and well, I’m not, put a scumbag like me in front of you while you are experimenting during the break up, I’d have you shooting porn within a week.

          • This whole flavored moonshine fad is stupid. Moon is supposed to taste like fire and old car radiator.

    • She does have a nice voice, too bad she ruins it by talking about herself the whole time. I’ve had some conversations with her, think I might have been able to say twenty words.

      For sure some of them were, “You talk too damn much.”

    • Moron, the only reason why you couldn’t have been “gotten,” is because Anon, in his infinite wisdom (I mean, other than you two sharing pics “behind the scenes,”–Drew’s term one time, saying he and I were laughing about something, when I sure the fuck wasn’t-and ruining it for Astrid, not even mentioning running off DH and CBT, trying to run off Pam, I mean, you two would be lucky if you could run a site for one month. Some chick would be dumb enough to send titty pics, and rather than keep your mouths shut and get more, you’d fuck it up from the get-go and probably post them) posted the link on the comments on your Birthday post.

      Otherwise, yeah, you could have been gotten.

      I always liked how Oz acted like he had some game.

      • hey, i posted that not thinking it was gonna be used later for more humor. but it did worked on those others.

        • Priceless, Tubby, when are you going to realize I could have just easily waxed the fuck out of on here with your insults? I mean, I throw my hat into the ring, you go crying to Anon about how I’m being “mean.” (FAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG)

          Man, I just can’t even imagine the field day I would have had with you had you shared more pics.

          • I musta been absent the day i cried that you were being mean, cause its the first time ive even heard such nonsense

          • Bullshit Crybaby, you cried to Anon on a Friday about how mean I was being when RQ an I were just kicking your slow ass back and forth to each other.

            Now chubs, don’t think you are the only one who deserved to be ripped on more than I chose to.

            As far as not ever ripping on Anon? Shit, I kicked all his characters around over at thedirty, when he was playing Internet White Knight for RR, I could have ran him off like that other crybaby Anonymous from MI.

            Man, I feel like a tiger just kicking you two around this last weekend.

            Can’t wait for next year, I’ll make it a goal to be a prick the whole week.

          • Oh in that case yeah i remember crying..
            Your wit is that a a gnat

          • No actuallyspirs face, either that or it was the ghost from munch'”the screm” painting.. Cant tell the difference

        • Good God, I wouldn’t trust you to handle a traffic ticket. I’d have to remind you after I paid a retainer you that you went to law school (prison library).

          No, you ran off Astrid when you shared the pics with Anon (I mean, as easily as that guy gets riled up, anytime someone says anything cross to him he gets all heated up) so you had to know he’d post them and run her off.

          I’m not even going to get into DH. Then you do your best to run Pam off, when, if you look back, I was able to extract a lot of entertainment from her, even though you two were brutal (which was funny, can’t lie).

          • Honestly, so what? Why do you care so much? Are those 3 unique hits your retirement plan? Buahahhaha

          • no…hey. she claimed to be hotter than a mexicans lunch….so whats the big deal?

          • Astrid was uglier than steve bushemi mating with a sloth.. She neededto be ran off

          • when somebody is claiming to have been the hottest girl in school…..its time to put up or hang yourself. it iz wat it iz.

          • and yet spurs said nothing to the broads that ran off an actual hot chick (tatazz).

          • Spurs kisses ass thats why. But who made the site hilarious? His roach ripping? I think not

          • Yeah, those ads that streamed up in you face, annoying the shit out of everyone (me included) bought me a mansion (if the mansion was $32).

            “Buahahhaha?” I guess that’s a step up on the bitch scale than “LOL,” but still.

          • Only one uglier than astrid has either been in a house fire, or runs this site

          • Hey Porky, calm down, I’m just rippng on you. Shit, look at all the stuff you wrote about me, anyone else would have just cried a lot about it (like, say, if that anyone lived in Tucson. And dressed like a wigger. Excuse me, Italian, I mean, same thing, with the gold chains).

          • look how spurs is waiting until the last day to bring his ‘a’ game. if this is your ‘a’ game….leave the site up. we will wait for your b thru z game.

          • Look how easy it is to rile you two butt bandits up.

            Hey, though, in all seriousness, between the characters you both brought to the table, plus your loyalty to the site, even during the down days, huge thumbs up to the both of you.

            How you guys came up with those hillbilly characters/Spamela/Micheal Hills/Black CBT and masked the writing style is beyond me, cause I can’t do it. Sure was a shit ton of laughs, though.

          • yes he is. look at your spelling. your tears are fucking up the keyboard. tape some kotex under your eyes to catch the tears.

          • Geez, you two queens sure do get worked up easy. Damn, you managed to type up like twenty comments based on three or four of mine.


          • C’mon, Chubby, it’s not like I actually thought you were crying, I mean, like tears, what I wrote is you went complaining (you know, like a total bitch) to Anon when one day I chose to rip up on you. Of course, I do remember that week, I think three days in a row I just hammered you.

            Then your Italian (thought you Guineaus had balls, should have known better) slop self went all bitch and wrote an e-mail to Anon. Which probably went something like, “SPURS FAN is being mean to me, I’m going to run off like a fairy. Also, Anon, what’s it feel like to get your feelings hurt on the internet? We haven’t even been posted, and SPURS FAN can rock us around without even knowing how pathetic we both look. And when are you coming out to Tucson, so we can talk about our feelings?

            Love you buddy,

            Oz, the bitch”

          • 3 days? i dont even remember 1 day. i guess it was that uneventful for me….kinda like the way sex is to the chicks you bang.

          • Holy crap you responded with some weak shit there.

            And there’s no way those 3 days were uneventful for you, you’ll never forget the first time you looked down and saw blood in between your legs.

            And least that’s what the bitches say.

          • yup. there is blood between my legs. my cock is covered in it. and maybe…just maybe you did ‘rip’ me for 3 days. compare that to the weeks, months and years of abuse i gave you. its like stockholm syndrome for you, my friend.

          • Will someone who lives out in that absolute dump of a state called Arizona please run to Tucson (no, not to kill yourself, please read me out) and hand Oz a couple of tampons? He’s bleeding again.

            Buddy, when are you going to realize that nothing anyone says or writes gets to me?

            Not at this point, this is a losing battle for you. Just like the one with obesity.


      • Fattie, changing up your name from Bitch to Fag to Crybaby to Burnie Mak to Anonymous isn’t going to help you out on this post.

        You may as well retreat back to your kitchen cabinet and stuff your sorrows, and, obviously, looking at your gut, your face, into the government cheese you are forced to live on for not learning how to pull out.

        I owed a lot of money for taxes this year, and I don’t mind you not thanking me for allowing you all to eat so well, but I don’t need to be ripped on.

        • Not changing my name, this site is just so shitty i have to put a name in every post. Sometimes i forget or dont give a shit

          And i guarentee i have not lived off the government as an adult, and famn sure not off of my grandma.

          • Funny, it is shitty.

            You really ought to go see a doctor. And no, not for diabetes, though he’ll probably want to test you for that after rolling you on the scale, but for senility.

            Who do you think paid to lock you behind bars and feed you 3 squares a day?

            Newsflash, it wasn’t the Guineau Fairy, it was Joe Q. Taxpayer.

            Now you’re able to eat eight square meals a day, and you are still an ingrate.

            Back to Sicily you go.

          • You know how you know when spurs is on the losing end? His comments get longer and llllllooooonnnnggggeeerrrr.

          • ARIZONA state moron..do you pay state taxes here? No. Now go ask granny for some casino money and get out of the basement for a while. Im sure you havent even bathed this week with the site being up again

        • You mean to tell me the state was so broke back then they housed criminals at Arizona State?

          Man, you desert mother fuckers are really in some trouble, huh?

  1. Out of all the fake people, I think Michael Hills was my favorite and everyone at the DA trying to figure out if he was real.

  2. Spurs great “bashing” us man, you are so funny and witty… Now get going to chemo you ill lookin mutha fucka

  3. Well that was an interesting read. Who ran off Tatazz? and I don’t even remember what happened with Astrid. Who was the chick that was on here that went by cuttingboard or something like that?

    Remember when Pam was on here and at night her and Amberlamps would turn Spurs into Spurs after dark and it was all anal lube and dildo talk over here?

    Mike Hill was my favorite character of Anon’s, I’m pretty sure it was the only one that was nice to Elfie and everyone at the DA loved him. I also liked Grand Pappy.

    Who was the chick on the DA with the huge fake saggy tits, horrible bleach blonde weave, duck lips and blue eyeliner? For awhile I thought she had to be someone trolling but I think she ended up being one of the ones who complained about us.

    • Nice memory, Elfie.

      BH and RQ ran off Tatazz.

      Nice one about SF After Dark. It wasn’t “Amberlamps,” it was Lamp. Those were funny exchanges, I remember looking forward to seeing what was written when I woke up in the morning.

      And that was Trampa.

  4. Oh and Hambone and…. ? I don’t remember their names fully but they were MissTexas’ dogs and then after awhile they died so it was Hambone’s ghost. Remember?

    • Nice, I forgot about Chiggers and Hambone. I remember RQ just grilling Miss Texas, some of it was just brutal.

      Those dogs were hilarious. I had forgotten about Hambone’s ghost (awesome), but now I remember.

  5. It was a brand new car. I recall some people gettin’ a little jelly over me being a 19 year old kid and having a nice car without the help from mommy and daddy.

    It’s gone, though. Not sure if I ever posted on here when some 16 year old girl hit it while it was parked. Wasn’t totaled but the frame had to be ‘adjusted’ and the seams never matched up right after that.

    Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I did post about getting another car here at some point. I drive an ’06 Civic now.

      • It really wasn’t that bad. Main thing is their insurance refused to fix the A/C, so the car never had air after that accident. That is a pretty big fucking deal in Arizona, especially during summer when it happened.

        Honestly, Civics don’t really last much better than too many other cars. I hate that you always end up paying more than what a car is worth when you buy a used Honda or Toyota. I got a good deal, though, and I think they are some of the better looking cars in that class.

        • Used cars are keeping their value now, though, way more than in the past. My car is a 2007, bought it new for 19K, paid it off, then in March I went to a Credit Union and was able to get $8,000, though they were willing to give me $11,000.

    • I don’t recall anyone getting jelly, I thought it was funny that anyone would think a new GTO would someday be a classic because they don’t make them like they used to. What I mean to say is similar to how a 60’s era mustang is classic and has been since the 80’s. An 80’s mustang is still just an ugly ass old car.

      The same thing happened to my civic, accident wise. I got hit and they didn’t find all the damages initially, they had to straighten the frame and it didn’t work. They also refused to fix my radio, which flew out when I was hit and ruined the internal wiring. They didn’t total it out and spent more to fix everything than the car was worth. It was stupid and I had to take a loss when I sold it because I felt it wrong to sell a car like that w/o informing the buyer of the issues it had.

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