Just wanted to thank everyone who came back and commented. Hope you will all come back next year. I know you will all miss each other, so let me just write what will be going on in each of your world’s:

Oz will continue to exercise and practice birth control, just playing, he’ll still hit up the buffets like an assassin and continue his path to his first bypass (thankfully covered by Obamacare), Anon will still be playing WOW in his basement and beating off to 4chan/HC, Skeets will continue to be barefoot, baking cakes in her ‘hood, DG (ME) will continue to travel her narcissistic ass all over the country and then post every adventure on FB like she’s some All-Star, QB will continue her path to divorce and adultery, B-minus will continue posting silly videos and “wisdom” on Lame Twitter, Chief and EV will continue being zombie libs, 2Dirty will continue to harass his agents, Jakare will continue to hate white people, Shnicky will continue his path to alcoholism, which means his pickup lines will gradually become worse (is that possible?), Drew will continue supporting his pathetic Jets, wearing his jersey during game days, DH will continue to be a hillbilly in Alabama, Bitch Lover will continue her relationship with an absolute moron, PB&J will, well, hell if I know, and me? Well, obviously I’ll still be rocking San Antonio and blessing the lucky people who are fortunate enough to hang out with me.

Until next year, bitches.

92 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. All over the country? Fuck that. I’m hoping to go international I hope. Maybe visit Oz’s relatives in Italy. I would visit yours in Albino Land where ever the fuck that is. But I doubt they flights to the shithole rock you climbed out from.

  2. Prince Akeem Jeffrey aka catfish aka Spurs aka Rogaine aka the whole fucking comment section of the dirty,

    Good thing there’s a fight to concentrate on tonight bc I’m about to go postal on your ass.

    You belong in a freak show. Each cum pic carefully labeled. All the bulllshit like I’m going to grab your throat and fuck me like a slut.

    Wonder why I put you in the “friend zone”? Wonder why I never engaged in sex talk?
    Wonder how grateful I am that I never met you this weekend?

    Because you’re fucking sick. Jeff “Aiden” isn’t a charming Prince after all.

  3. If Spurs is in fact a separate entity, then it will be a relief. No one knows what I know about him. He’s fucking crazy.

    Sorry for spray painting your website. I developed an Internet crush on you because my very real ex boyfriend isn’t the sharpest knife and well crafted sentences made my pussy wet.

    If King Joffrey is Sperm, then you truly are a gifted writer. Either way Jeff is going to read this. I don’t care. Shove your prostate massager up your ass it will feel better.

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