So, for those who I did not inform, I was “banned” from theDirtyArmy[dot].com. News to me that I “hacked the back-end,” or whatever. Why would I hack something that I was already a member of? See, the difference between the DA site and Facebook is that I don’t give two shits about fucking with the accounts of people I don’t know.

Hack Murphy, I would like to see how my IP was traced from your system. Was it my work IP or my home IP? Funny how my work IP isn’t blocked and I didn’t figure out I was banned until 9:30 pm EST on my home computer. Also, which browser was I using? That would explain a lot if you could guess correctly. You’re just spitting lame bullshit.

For anyone who believes that drivel, I have nothing else to say to you. Another thing, TOR is an excellent tool to hide your IP address.

See you later!


[edit: The lawyer who I spoke to has heard of thedirty[dot]com. This should be fun. I’ll give an update after I meet with him this afternoon. I have .pdf and .html text copies of the post, just to keep my bases covered. Call me crazy. Oh, wait…]

U.S. Agents Sell Guns to Mexican Drug Traffickers

Kim Murphy – LA Times

“Federal gun agents in Arizona — convinced that “someone was going to die” when their agency allowed weapons sales to suspected Mexican drug traffickers — made anguished pleas to be permitted to make arrests but were rebuffed, according to a new congressional report on the controversial law enforcement probe.

Agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives told congressional investigators that there was ‘a state of panic’ that the guns used in the shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson in January and two U.S. agents in Mexico a month later might have been sold under the U.S. surveillance operation…

At least 195 of the weapons have been traced to Mexico, found mainly at crime scenes, but ATF agents quoted in the report said more than 1,700 firearms were trafficked ‘to known criminals or cartel elements south of the border and elsewhere’ under the operation.

‘I cannot see anyone who has one iota of concern for human life being OK with this,’ Agent John Dodson told committee interviewers.” Full story here


Senators Trying to Shut Down Online Drug Marketplace

“Senator Charles Schumer is asking federal authorities to shut down a secretive narcotics market operated online with anonymous sales and untraceable currency.

Heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines are among the drugs being sold in the well-protected website apparently operating for just a few months. It was made public by Gawker and news media reports several days ago.

‘Literally, it allows buyers and users to sell illegal drugs online, including heroin, cocaine, and meth, and users do sell by hiding their identities through a program that makes them virtually untraceable,’ Schumer said at a news conference Sunday. ‘It’s a certifiable one-stop shop for illegal drugs that represents the most brazen attempt to peddle drugs online that we have ever seen. It’s more brazen than anything else by lightyears.’

Even more amazing, said Schumer, is that users rate their delivery performance and the quality of the drug on the site.

The website uses a complex Internet configuration that allows the users to remain anonymous and untraceable by downloading the program TOR. Users can then log on to the site and hide their IP addresses so that neither the buyer nor the seller knows who they’re dealing with.

To make sure the money exchanged can’t be traced, the site uses a new digital currency called Bitcoins that can be purchased online by visitors, according to Schumer. Using real money, users purchase these Bitcoins, which can be traded at roughly $9 to one bitcoin, and use them as proxy for real money when they buy things on Silk Road.

‘It’s an online form of money laundering used to disguise the source of money, and to disguise who’s both selling and buying the drug,’ said Schumer.

Once purchased, sellers are advised to ship the drugs in vacuum-sealed packs to make sure the packages aren’t detected from the likes of drug-sniffing dogs and other narcotics surveillance.

Schumer said it was crucial for DEA and Department of Justice to shut down the site immediately now that is public.

‘The DEA has confirmed they are aware of the site, and while they won’t confirm or deny that an investigation is underway, from my years of experience, I’d bet my bottom dollar in this instance there is one underway,’ he said.” -Full article here


I went to the Silk Road site this weekend. They’re a little off on the value of a Bitcoin, which was $ on Saturday, and the whole process of purchasing Bitcoins is annoying. You can get just about whatever drug you could want, prescription or not. I don’t think I’ll be using their services, but the whole operation is interesting. Looks like Canada has something going for them.

Woman offers 13 year-old relative’s virginity to man for $10K – SALT LAKE CITY

“Police say a Salt Lake County woman offered a man sex with a 13 year old relative in exchange for $10,000.

Felicia Rea McClure is charged with two counts of first degree felony aggravated sex abuse of a child and two counts of second degree felony sexual exploitation of a minor.

According to official documents filed by the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office, Felicia McClure’s boyfriend Richard Glazer saw several text messages on the suspect’s cell phone on May 18th.  The messages were between the suspect and a man named “Don” arranging the sex for money.

The documents also state that on several occassions, the suspect and her female relative modeled bras and thongs for the prospective customer, and that the suspect took pictures of her relative and send them to other adult men.

Authorites say the girl agreed to the sex, but later changed her mind.

McClure was arrested and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail.  If convicted on the charges against her, McClure could face 15 years to life for each of the two first degree felony charges.” -Full story here

The media has officially declared child exploitation acceptable and this is the shit that happens. I fear to know how “close” this relative was. Damn you, Toddlers in Tiaras! Have fun in jail, dirtbag.


Extreme Couponing…

Please let this be a fad.

TLC – Extreme Couponing

This show is worth watching… once. Aside from these “Couponers” being anally obsessive, they are also hoarders. Their pre-coupon bill will add up to hundreds of dollars and they’ll end up paying $20 or less?? Where do these women get the time to, LITERALLY, calculate the exact amount they will end up paying while carefully clipping each coupon? I don’t know what to say aside from “mind numbing.” If I was behind one of them in the check out line, I’d probably start chucking cans of soda at those freaks. Anyway, this is Extreme Couponing.

Lindsay Lohan Nipslip

So Lindsay Lohan is NOT currently in jail, but in Miami showing off her saggy rack. I think her tits are alright, personally. Supposedly, she’s playing a prostitute in a new movie, Dare To Love Me, so it’s probably fitting. Seems like the only roles she can score in Hollywood are playing a stripper/prostitute, but whatever. I like her tits. Here’s a link to some shots from her NY Mag spread back in the day.

Images via


May 21, 2011: End of the world?

Justin Berton, Chronicle Staff Writer

Harold Camping lets out a hearty chuckle when he considers the people who believe the world will end in 2012.

‘That date has not one stitch of biblical authority,’ Camping says from the Oakland office where he runs Family Radio, an evangelical station that reaches listeners around the world. ‘It’s like a fairy tale.’

The real date for the end of times, he says, is in 2011.

The Mayans and the recent Hollywood movie “2012” have put the apocalypse in the popular mind this year, but Camping has been at this business for a long time. And while Armageddon is pop science or big-screen entertainment to many, Camping has followers from the Bay Area to China.

Camping, 88, has scrutinized the Bible for almost 70 years and says he has developed a mathematical system to interpret prophecies hidden within the Good Book. One night a few years ago, Camping, a civil engineer by trade, crunched the numbers and was stunned at what he’d found: The world will end May 21, 2011.” Outdated Article here

This is just too funny. Check out this site for a full run-down on why tomorrow will be “Judgement Day.” It’s worth a skim. So, since the world is ending tomorrow, anyone have big plans? Not really? Cool, me neither.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Head Found with Chainsaw Nearby



“Police who found a man’s dismembered body outside a vacant house, with the head and an arm stuffed into a trash bag and the rest of his remains in a backyard next door, arrested his best friend Monday for murder.

Neighbors and family members say the two men had been best friends for years and a possible argument over money might have led to the slaying.

The body of Marlon Thomas, 35, was found about 7 p.m. Sunday in the backyard of a fenced, burned home in Houston’s Fifth Ward, a historically black neighborhood east of downtown.

Police said Thomas’ friend, Noe Morin, 32, who lived in an apartment in the home next door, killed him. They took Morin into custody Sunday night and charged him Monday afternoon. Online court records did not indicate he had an attorney.

Thomas’ head and an arm were found in a black trash bag behind the home where Morin was staying with a family friend. A chainsaw was next to the bag, which was behind cinderblocks that supported the home. The rest of Thomas’ body, with a partially severed arm, was found in a backyard next door that was full of overgrown weeds and trash.

“That’s his best friend for over 20 years,” said Thomas’ sister, Tonya Dangerfield, after she tied a bouquet of purple and silver birthday balloons to the chain link fence that surrounded the backyard where her brother’s body was found. She said her brother would have turned 36 on June 9. “Why did (Morin) do that? Why would you do something like this?

An autopsy has been ordered and a cause of death is still pending for Thomas.” Full story here.


Spurs goes to Houston this past weekend. Police find a severed head on Coke street outside of a vacant house. I’m not going to make any assumptions or point fingers, but…


Linds’ out for you, Spurs.

Man claims god instructed him to marry 107 women

Robyn Dixon – LA Times

“All told, the 87-year-old, Bello Maasaba, has married 107 women, which, even in a society with a tradition of polygamy, is on the high side. The Nigerian government is not amused. Neither are Islamic authorities in the state.

But he’s still marrying, every time Miss Right comes along. He now has 86 wives, the youngest 19 and the oldest 64. Nine have died and 12 he divorced (for disobedience).

‘I get a revelation from God telling me any woman I’m going to marry. If it wasn’t from God, I wouldn’t have gone beyond two..'” Full story here.

Move over, Hef. This guy said “F- the Government” and got it done right, ya pussy.

Full face transplant patient makes first appearance

Don Kaplan –

“Just six weeks after receiving the first full face transplant in the United States, Dallas Wiens, a 25-year-old construction worker from Fort Worth, Texas, appeared in public for the first time yesterday to show off his new features…” Full article here.

I think he looks pretty damn good. Donald Trump should take note of the quality work done on his hair. As for all the other unfortunate-looking people out there, you probably don’t have priority, but there’s hope.