Just wanted to thank everyone who came back and commented. Hope you will all come back next year. I know you will all miss each other, so let me just write what will be going on in each of your world’s:

Oz will continue to exercise and practice birth control, just playing, he’ll still hit up the buffets like an assassin and continue his path to his first bypass (thankfully covered by Obamacare), Anon will still be playing WOW in his basement and beating off to 4chan/HC, Skeets will continue to be barefoot, baking cakes in her ‘hood, DG (ME) will continue to travel her narcissistic ass all over the country and then post every adventure on FB like she’s some All-Star, QB will continue her path to divorce and adultery, B-minus will continue posting silly videos and “wisdom” on Lame Twitter, Chief and EV will continue being zombie libs, 2Dirty will continue to harass his agents, Jakare will continue to hate white people, Shnicky will continue his path to alcoholism, which means his pickup lines will gradually become worse (is that possible?), Drew will continue supporting his pathetic Jets, wearing his jersey during game days, DH will continue to be a hillbilly in Alabama, Bitch Lover will continue her relationship with an absolute moron, PB&J will, well, hell if I know, and me? Well, obviously I’ll still be rocking San Antonio and blessing the lucky people who are fortunate enough to hang out with me.

Until next year, bitches.

Skeets, Selfie Smurf


You’re my girl, Blue! I like how she’s dressed up in Adidas gear. I didn’t know getting knocked up and being barefoot in the kitchen baking cakes and shit is considered a strenuous activity these days, but hey, whatever, thanks for the pics!

Black CBT is back

Black CBT

Sup Mah nigga Spurred Man!

Dis herein beez da one an onlee Black CB Tizil!!! Gangsta pimp Macc Cowboy Blaq!!! Jussa thought eyed holla at cha’ lettin ya be knowin what it do..

See a nigga like meez be puttin in da work round chere. I beez doin all da spots for TexinKanna only hip hop station WBALZ. Dey be like Mack pimpim Nigga CB Tizil can yous be sellin our shizznitits to da peoples. I says hell yes, I can sell my black snake earls to alla da honies, I can sellz anythang!

So I beez on da radio like “Niggaz Come on down over Chere to da Bubba Chicken and Grits shack, getcha summa dem old hot shcrimps! Iffin ya black azz leave up outta chere hungry youz a dumb nigga doe!”

Den eyes ree-cicle me some hoez nigga…

Black CBT! Please tell me you still have the “92 bronco sport wit 13 inch daytons on it.” Good to see you’re still doing well. Looks like that function you’re at is as high class as White CBT’s tea parties.

Cowboy Trout, Mountain Home, Arkansas, Texarkana, TX, pitchman


Hope Auto – Son In Law – 10-22-12

CCC-Bubba+Roy final 1-3-13 (Bubba was shooting at a deer? I guess CBT already shot the bandits)

Fish Creek Updated 2-7-13

EZ DiscountHusqvarnaSale+roy dry 5-12-11

He’s rocking his drawl really well on these new spots. I was going through Cowboy Trout’s posts to find his infamous 3 Wolves shirt, damn, Chief really provided a ton of entertainment here. Thanks again, Chief.

Skeets. Take one billion.

hayley cakes

Well, well, well, she finally took some great pics. Congrats, Skeets. It’s funny, I’m friends with her on FB, and her and DG do just their very best to insult me (it’s pretty damn amateur, that’s for sure), and one time Skeets asked/apologized about her “taunts,” and I just couldn’t help but shake my head.

Priceless. Insults from a Tucson model. Tucson model? Seriously? What’s next? A straight queer?

The Graduate


That’s right, bitches, I’m done with community college (UTSA, same shit). $50 grand later, at a job I probably could have just gotten without a degree. Of course, it looks really good along with my resume (you should see this fucking thing, I made myself out to be a winner).

When I applied for this oil exploration job (controller), I pretty much assumed a degree was required, but I wasn’t done yet. So I put I had a 3.8 GPA (yeah, right). Remember my boss saying, “Wow, you’re really doing well in school.” And I was just chuckling inside. May as well have told him I was Batman, too.

Did you hear my Batman voice, B minus? Fucking A, I nailed it. For a bit I was trying to do the Bane voice, that’s hard to do.

The Perfect Body. By Me. But you already knew that

The real Michael Phelps

I’m like a damn dolphin in the water now. Check out how lean and refined I am. Speaking of water and exercise, is there an ocean in Tucson we can send Oz to? Preferably with a pair of cement shoes on? I’m really tempted to post his fat, sloppy body again, just so we can all get a good laugh. Don’t worry, I’ll X his chubby, chipmunk-cheeked face out, I mean, we wouldn’t want him to lose his job, would we? (as if there isn’t another Kinko’s he could transfer to)

Queen Bee and SPURS FAN, sitting in a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G? Nope, the bitch married Goatee


Rhymed!!! Boom! In any case, this didn’t work out too well. Goatee apparently got jealous I was there. I have to say, this was worse than when Bitchhog’s boyfriend Marvin the Martian (seriously, he looks like Marvin the Martian) went all run-on sentence on me.

Years ago, QB and Goatee broke up (no way) at some point, and she invited me to go out to Houston to visit her. Don’t remember the exact lingo used in the text/invite, but it was something along the lines of, “SPURS FAN, SPURS FAN! My pussy is hungry, and the only thing that is going to satisfy it is your cock!! Come feed it! LOL!! XOXOXXOXO. 🙂 :)”

Sadly, I wasn’t able to make it, but it’s fun to play what-ifs.

Welcome back, really was a great experience, thanks again for all the comments. Site is going to be up a week, should be a good run, think this will be an annual thing.