Ace Hardy. Rah-tard Gangster

This is one of those times where a pic just says it all. I’m not going to be too rough on him, picking on the handicap isn’t cool at all. It’s like kicking kittens. Plus I think it’s terrific he was able to answer someone when they asked him how may brain cells he has. That’s inspiring he’s beenĀ able to learn how to count that high. Cheers Ace, great job.

Off key. By Ashley Marie

This chick thinks she’s hot shit. But she’s about as dumb as a box of rocks, and just reminds me of someone who would be really annoying. Wait a minute, all I’ve written so far proves just how rude I am. I’m assuming she’s reading this, and I would like to her to understand what I’m trying to say. My bad Ashley, let me correct myself: “Moooooooooo. Moooooooo. Mooooooo.”

I included the pic below because I know it was just a putrid day for you not having a post up yesterday, I’m trying to cheer you all up by letting you Joker really isn’t dead. He’s hanging out with Ashley.

Plain Jane Savannah sends in a message from thedirtyarmy

Hey, thanks a lot skank! That’s really nice of you! We all love you guys too! Such a brave bunch! Not full of cunts and cowards at all! Hope everything is going okay over there! I’m sure the conversations of “You’re the best!” followed up by “No you are!” are thrilling! And Savannah, being we are all pals, that gas mask is your best look! Congrats on your fashion choice! I love you buddy!

Nick Nasty, human Jack-O-Lantern

Glad you made a list Nick of names to boot, real cool. Here’s a list you can make:

Dear Santa,

Please bring me:

1. New teeth
2. And a new girlfriend, being she’s ugly as sin


Nick Nasty, Major Pussy

Oh, and Leon? Karma isn’t a bitch, you are. You’ll find out tomorrow Uncle Tom.

Nik Richie and Hack Murphy are pussies

From Sack Murphy:

“So Spurs fan and his cohorts have been removed from out social network.

If you image was posted on his site go to this link and read it.

His website is hosted on wordpress hosting meaning his website is completely against their terms of service.

The link I sent you has an email in it which can be used for post removal and website take downs.

I need everyone to report him so that his hosting will be shut down. ”

Dear Sack Murphy:

You are without a doubt the biggest pussy in the history of the internet. Actually Nik would be the pussy, you’d be the clit. Do you realize where you work you sack of shit? It doesn’t concern me if you and your group of shitheads (who were probably laughing at the chick on Dr. Phil, how those losers don’t find the hypocrisy in that is beyond me) report me to wordpress. They can ban me too, I’ll take my act somewhere else faggot. It just shows how dumb you are because now I’ve had an opportunity to back everything up. Plus you won’t ever be able to delete everyone, so it’s too late. You need to stick to trying to get naked pics from chicks on there you big clit. All this has done is made it worse for everyone over there.

Do you not realize how big of a hypocrite that stupid move makes you all look? Way to get rid of entertainment, now it can be a big snooze fest over there. Well done.

Amanda is hot

Shit (nice name chosen to comment as) has left two comments now about checking out some photos, I guess this is who he’s talking about, unless it’s some guys, if that’s the case he needs to take a hike. I don’t know if he has some sick fetish for this woman and wants to stalk her and fuck her throat and cunny (thanks Expletive) and chop her up and place her in some garbage bags, doesn’t matter, it’s not my problem.