20K Millionaire—The Businessman

20K-Millionaire has finally got his site up and running. I told the guy awhile back (several months ago) that I would somehow give him a “shout out”, so here it is. I was going to do it in the last video I made, but he hadn’t gotten the site finished yet.

So good luck 20. Sure you can’t spell, but I think you’ll do well.

The name of his site is SUPERVIBRATOR.COM.

Also, there’s no need to try out every dildo you plan on selling. Don’t let Nik or (|)Pixie(|) talk you into shoving each one in their ass (though I know you’d probably like that). They would just be trying to get off for free.

P.S. I threw this in after this post was up a little while 20. Lose the gay bracelet on your right arm. I’d nix the “chain” and the “bad ass” band watch in the next ensemble you put together as well. It doesn’t make you appear like you are “rolling hard” dude. Especially when you are holding some Wii sticks. Or don’t take any pics, up to you.