Alcohol and Tobacco are more deadly than illegal drugs

This subject was brought up in the comments yesterday, so I thought I’d post this. Plus I’ll share a little story. It’s long, I know I bore all of you, so don’t read it.

Back in my cocaine distribution days (I’m telling you, I really didn’t sell, it was a setup by the cops that lasted a year and a half), I used to stay in this one hotel. I got to be “buddies” with one of the guys who worked the front desk. So I’d trade him blow for rooms. He’d put it in fake names, just in case the cops got cute (yeah, have fun getting a warrant for Joe Martinez fags). Anyway, it was a nice hotel, and one time these chicks were staying in the hotel and I got to talking to one of them. Well, she had some “friends” (whores) along with her. They all came by and hung out because I was a funny fuck. No, I didn’t feed them blow, they didn’t have any idea what I did. So these chicks leave my room and this one chick stays behind. So we hang out for awhile and then she leaves. Apparently they had a pimp which I was unaware of. So I guess the bitches tell this clown that he can find one of his whores in my room. This fuck comes to my room and knocks on my door and asks where his chick is. This is a big black guy who I guess thinks I’m going to be intimidated by him. Wrong. I’m leaning up against the side of the door like I’m James Dean and just don’t give a fuck. He says, “Where’s my girl?” I say, “Bro, you really need to learn how to control your whores. They aren’t even that good looking and you can’t keep them in line?” (keep in mind I’m geeked out of my mind and just don’t give a shit)

The look on this guy’s face after I basically bitch slapped him was priceless. He’s looking at me like, “Who the fuck are you?”

SPURS FAN motherfucker, that’s who.