Is Ari Golden still working at

Hey Spurs,

I thought you had stopped posting, until I remembered you moved the site.. damn feed changed on me. But I’m back!

Anyway.. We all know there’s been trouble in paradise for a while now. But, today I noticed a post from last night in The Dirty feed in Google Reader about Ari Golden (aka Frank Dimmagio, Jr.)! When I clicked through to the post it was gone, – a Google search for the URL shows it was there, but it looks like they’re not linking to the cache anymore.

Anyway, here’s a couple of screen shots of the post in Google Reader. This might also explain why Frank hasn’t been posting to his Twitter account in a while, besides a job ad today (is he looking for a new gig?).


What’s up Maynard, long time no see. Welcome back. Yeah, the feed changed because of the switch from Blogger. I know there’s a way to change it, but I couldn’t figure it out. Because I’m dumb.

As far as this tragic downfall of a partnership? I don’t know, I’d reach out to Hollywood (Nik), but I won’t even bother trying. I know he won’t get back to me. I think he might still be pissed about that whole “dirty army” deal. Like we somehow sabotaged the joint. As if that was the M.O. all along. Hurtful someone would think that.

Suave by Ari Golden

Here’s Mr. Big Leagues trying to look as polished as he possibly can. Really digging his kicks, it’s like he’s trying to go with the, “Look at me, I’m sophisticated, but at the same time I really don’t give a fuck” scenario, but the fact he even snapped pictures like this kind of kicks that theory straight in the ass and out the door.

You know, if you put a little General’s outfit on his sawed off body, he would make a perfect Napolean. I think that should be his new name.

Nik Richie’s Business Manager, SORRY Ari Golden is Gay

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E-mail: i guess he is one of the golden girls. but what do you think spurs??

I think he’s pretty damn gay, that’s what I think. Is that lipstick? What a fag. You know the theme of “I’m here, and I’m queer!!” is just running through that pea brain of his. The gayness has been proven before though.

Also, check out (|)Pixie(|). There’s chicks all around, and she and her trick lip ring are probably staring at a guy’s ass.

On a positive note, that lady with the flower in her hair is pretty hot.

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The *Pixie Queef* dines with a TV Celebrity

E-mail: Spurs Fan, what do you think of this pic?

SPURS FAN says: Well, maybe I underestimated the *Pixie Queef*, and how big of a celeb she really is. I always wondered what happened to ALF when that show he was on got cancelled, but it looks like the Pixie is dining with him. Glad to see you are doing all right now ALF. I mean, that guy is ALF, right? Also, it’s glad to see the *Pixie* is wearing some sleeves. She looks better that way.