Big Drew, All-Pro Athlete

He didn’t get tripped up by a linebacker, he got tripped up by life. I think Drew ran like 15 yards total on this clip, good thing he didn’t run 30, there would have to be an oxygen tank or defibrillator nearby to bring him back to life.

And I thought sex offenders couldn’t go within 100 feet of a school? Do sundays not count?

Big Drew gets his dreams shattered

It appears I was wrong. I figured being he’s mass e-mailed his “greg” like some sort of renegade spammer (trust me, I know I’m showing some hypocrisy here, but just play along) his world would come crashing down with some type of sex crime charge. Instead, he gets the boot.

Making friends. By Big Drew

I can’t lie, Drew makes me laugh.

Big Drew, dirty army strong

E-mail from Agent Orange:

You know Drew is in the DA acting faggy? He posted a discussion about “Would You do Laura Schlessinger from fox news.” What’s up with this guy?

Damn, thedirty is about to blow up if Drew is back promoting them over at his site. And check out the pics below. That Canadian chick Savannah pawned him, and then look at his discussion. It has one comment. It’s like he’s over at his site, he didn’t even need to bother signing up to experience that.

P.S. I’m hoping our resident poet can come up with something for this.

Happy New Year with Big Drew. And H.I.

Good to see nothing has changed in the new year, Big Drew is still doing the hand signals. That should have been part of his New Year’s resolutions. You know, taking that idea out back and shooting it. Oh, I had to include the pics of Drew’s friend H.I. (sucks the comments on that post didn’t transfer over). I know Bitchhog is a huge fan of his. No problem, BH. Just think, if you hook up with H.I., you’ll get to play Arcade Legends. If that thing includes Frogger, you’re set.

Christmas Greetings from Big Drew

Really enjoyed the Curious George Christmas special playing in the background. It’s great that he finally cleaned up all those wires he had running from his tv to those Walkman speakers he has. That mess was a fired hazard. I’d hate to see his pipe cleaner Christmas tree go up in flames. That would be tragic.

But Merry Christmas to you as well Drew, thanks for all the entertainment you’ve provided.

Drew paints the town

Here’s Big Drew acting like he really is Big Fan (there you go again Silent B0b). What he has been acting like is a Big Sellout over at his internet abyss. But Drew’s been a good sport numerous times over the last year and a half and as many of us know his tomfoolery are par for the course. And it’s in the past now. Having said that, he’s just as goofy as he’s ever been. You’d think some of the hooligans that are in New Jersey would come up to him and roughhouse him and tell him to knock it off with the hand signals at this point.

Big Drew’s birthday

Pretty sad found out this late it’s Drew’s birthday, it would have been fun to knock him around a little bit, especially with this flashback pic of his Craigslist whore. I was thinking of doing a Top Ten things Turkey Neck should wish for, like a gym membership, or a calendar to let him know what year it is, or clock to let him know he lives in EST, but I’m tapped out right now. I’m sure someone can come up with something for him.