Bitchhog turns 25

Hope Bitchhog has a great birthday, this must have been her best birthday yet, being she received a time machine. Figured it’s time to post her nice ass pic, what with the birthday spankings and all.

Bitchhog has beef

E-mail from Bitchhog:

These two clowns have been sending me harrassing messages. That little oompa loompa even told me to be careful who I insult and that I am jealous. Of orange skin and a furry tongue? No thanks.
It started out with this dude, who friend requested me last year, always plagiarizing in his status updates and saying “I just post whatever comes to my mind.” bullshit. He passes others quotes off as his own and these dumb broads fall all over it. I called him out on it and he can’t take it. He always rips on his clingers and they just say “OMG, Mike, LOL, you’re soooo funny.” They never give it back. I did and now he’s losing it and has recruited a scary little thing that sends threatening messages from across the country. I guess they are learning that I don’t sit silently. I’m not that bitch.
I think we should post them and have some fun.

I’ll alert them later.

That chick looks cheap and broken down. What’s she going to do? I wouldn’t worry about her. The audio below sums up this oompa real well:

Sad Ass Stripper- Lady Sovereign_002

As far as Mike? I was always wondering who would be dumb enough to actually buy those Blublockers from that stupid infomercial, good to see they were able to find a sucker.

Fun with Bitchhog’s boyfriend

Being this is “boyfriend drama day”, I thought this would be fitting. Yep, it seems BH’s boyfriend doesn’t think too much of me. In addition to this exchange, he called me up. I have to say, I haven’t humiliated someone that bad in a long time. If ever. I was telling him how pathetic and insecure he is to be jealous being I live 2,000 miles away. After explaining to him five times how insecure that appears, he finally admitted it, which was great. He said, “I’m a graffitti artist, we are all insecure.” Seriously, he said that. Queer.