Black CBT is back

Black CBT

Sup Mah nigga Spurred Man!

Dis herein beez da one an onlee Black CB Tizil!!! Gangsta pimp Macc Cowboy Blaq!!! Jussa thought eyed holla at cha’ lettin ya be knowin what it do..

See a nigga like meez be puttin in da work round chere. I beez doin all da spots for TexinKanna only hip hop station WBALZ. Dey be like Mack pimpim Nigga CB Tizil can yous be sellin our shizznitits to da peoples. I says hell yes, I can sell my black snake earls to alla da honies, I can sellz anythang!

So I beez on da radio like “Niggaz Come on down over Chere to da Bubba Chicken and Grits shack, getcha summa dem old hot shcrimps! Iffin ya black azz leave up outta chere hungry youz a dumb nigga doe!”

Den eyes ree-cicle me some hoez nigga…

Black CBT! Please tell me you still have the “92 bronco sport wit 13 inch daytons on it.” Good to see you’re still doing well. Looks like that function you’re at is as high class as White CBT’s tea parties.

Black CBT chimes in again

Spurz and dem-

What it do, y’all. Dis Herein Da Black CBT, str8 outta da hood uvva Arkansar. Jus wanna let y’all niggaz no lil bout dis gangsta black hillbilly nigga. I be pimpin deez yung hoez, ya dig, takin um out ta KFC and shit. Awl da yunggins wan a nigga like me, cuzzin I be a real man nigga. Speakin uv witch I actually was da un dat invented the Kernals Original Gangsta Ressipee. Anyway I be workin at Arkansar only hip hop station, and I be drivin in a 92 bronco sport wit 13″ daytons on it. Da niggaz round da way say its da hottest whip to hit da streets. So I be goin to all these demo-kratick rallys and thangs and it make me a big shot, but I really be a re-publickcan. Imma veteran of the first hood war of Watts, when y’all kills folk den you can be mans like me, nigga. I be likin dis one ho DePamela.. I offerd dat hoe a hunnid dolla and a foety ounce ta come bang a nigga, dat hoe said no my nigga! Anyway I be tellin hoes I lick um all kinna krazy and stuff so if youz a hoe holla!

Black CBT this is either an old pic of you or you dyed your beard.  You look like a real ladies man now, I can’t believe that ho DePamela turned you down. That was a hell of an offer.

Black CBT writes in

Yo yo yo I just wanna say to all my peoples dat dis white CBT, is a jokesta. Im da real CBT. BLACK CBT. I gots it likes dat, Im da one dat get all the yung hoochies, I blast out tires on folk whips dat try and purptrate on tha hood. Ya see in arkansas, we black folk run dis here souf. Any ol crakka ass fake simp nigga, wanna act like he got it like dat? You know dey fakin da funk. Crakka CBT be talkin bout da war and all dis in dat, but nigga, da real war is everyday out here in da concrete jungle. Shit I memba dis one time some ol kkk crakkas was throwin unna dem fire partys and shit behind my projects, so whadda black CBT do? I wents and borrowd a bed sheet from unna my niggas, and went to da meetin, myself, armed wit only a chicken wing bone and a pocket of watermelon seeds. When da one crakka in da purple sheet got up and startin yappin bout niggaz, I jumped up and cut his head off wit da chicken wang, ripped of my disguys and shot a wattamelon seed threw the jugular vein of dem crakkaz three atta time. I killed me bout foe hunnit crakka dat day, aint been no klan round hurr since den. After words dey threw a party foe me in da hood, I fucked bout 900 13 year olds and smoked up all da krack nigga, bout 2 tons worf.

And dats a real CBT.

Shouts out to my wifey Eriniqua, and my shawty FloJo

Hilarious. The Black CBT comes across as way more believable than the white one.