Brooklyn does Britney

Those are some VIP seats. Did your nose start bleeding? B minus dressed like she thought she was going to a Cyndi Lauper or Madonna concert. And at first I thought that was a guy she’s with, not so sure now.

Oh, and it looks like Brooklyn is Britney’s #1 fan, not you kinkyb!tch. I didn’t get any pics of your big night at the concert.

Brooklyn makes an appearance
I like how Brooklyn went George Lucas on us with the editing. My videos are masterpieces without all the trickery thrown in. Now this is just me (and it’s no doubt because I’m so refined and such a gentleman), if I asked for a favor, I’m not sure how ballsy I’d be taking a shot at the site that is trying to help me out within 30 seconds of the production that I put on. Not to mention it seems she just came back from the docks, what with the sailor language and all.

A few of us know who Brooklyn is, but in any case, let’s really help her out. That way maybe she’ll stay around the site due to gratitude and we can knock her about like she was in a pinball machine. The survey doesn’t take long (about 20 seconds), and it can be found here. (that’s right, we’re right back over there. Fitting).