CHEF, the businessman/promoter

It appears CHEF’s company has made it on groupon. He mentioned this last night, so here it is.. Frankly, I feel it’s a little odd that he has just came back and commented about his score. I mean, what the fuck is he thinking? Is this place supposed to be free advertising? Doesn’t he know I get a whopping 10 cents everytime someone clicks on those text ads? Which never happens? CHEF, the Hispanic Jew. Priceless.

Anyway, here’s the deal. I have to say, those are some cheap prices to cruise around in a limo. So if you are in the shitty Phoenix, Tucson (loserville), Glendale, Surprise, etc. etc. areas, check out the deals.

Oh, and I included a pic I snapped on the highway. I was waiting for a good time to post it, being CHEF is into snapping license plates. Forgive the pic quality, I was screaming down the highway when I snapped it.


Nope, this isn’t from CBT, CHEF went Uncle Tom on us and is hanging out with the white devil at one of his main events. I asked CHEF in e-mail: “You get any pics of chicks or redneck bastards?” His response: “I can’t go out of my way to get the best pics….
I’m one of the only brown guys amongst a sea of white….”

Amen. I’m basically a sheet and I would have been uncomfortable there. I’m surprised CHEF wasn’t tied up to one of those cars and drug around the track.