Chris Brown gets pissed after GMA interview

It seems Chris got a little angry after repeatedly being asked about the Rihanna mess by Robin Roberts this morning. Smashed a window and destroyed a dressing room. I have to say he has a point. I mean, how long is the media going to ask him about it?

Chris Brown ladies man

Brooklyn the cussing video star shared this and thought I’d find it funny. Well, I did, so I’m sharing it with you all, because I’m caring like that.

I was combing through some old posts to see what moved over and what didn’t, and I came across this gem that I shared over a year ago. DG actually read it and thought it was funny, so I’ll post it again:

You know, I’ll tell a little story about myself because I’m kind of bored. When I went to the Univ. of Houston, I was in a fraternity (I know, that’s lame). Well, my buddy Robert Guilbeau and I used to race all the time on 59 and 610. Really, we would haul ass and weave in and out of cars like we were race car drivers. Needless to say, we got a lot of tickets. I remember telling him, “You know, the only good cop is a dead cop.” Which isn’t very cool at all, as I look back on it. But he did think that was a great line.

Funny story about Robert. We had this guy who pledged one year by the name of Clint. Robert hated him. Every meeting we had, he’d say, “Let’s blackball Clit.” Nobody would ever go for it. So Robert decided to make his life hell. One party we had, I discoverd Clint was standing in a trash can. I asked him what the hell he was doing, and he said, “Robert told me I was garbage, so he told me to stand in this garbage can.” Can’t tell you how much I laughed. Then at another party we had, he made Clint put a tampon in his mouth and go up to chicks, take it out of his mouth, and say, “I’m a pussy.” No shit. I laughed at that one too.

You know, the guy never quit. And Robert was so pissed.