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Hope Auto – Son In Law – 10-22-12

CCC-Bubba+Roy final 1-3-13 (Bubba was shooting at a deer? I guess CBT already shot the bandits)

Fish Creek Updated 2-7-13

EZ DiscountHusqvarnaSale+roy dry 5-12-11

He’s rocking his drawl really well on these new spots. I was going through Cowboy Trout’s posts to find his infamous 3 Wolves shirt, damn, Chief really provided a ton of entertainment here. Thanks again, Chief.

A Dating Site That Hooks You Up with Someone Who Looks Like You is a new dating site launching this month that tries to hook up people who look alike. It uses facial-recognition technology (from that tracks nine points on each user’s face-eyes, ears, nose, chin, and corners and center of the mouth-to find their match. The site is the brainchild of Christina Bloom, who looked like her ex-husband and has sort of become obsessed with the idea of finding ‘facemates’ for other people.

So it’s basically like sleeping with your sister or brother? Someone should e-mail Christina that her idea has already been done. In Arkansas. For the last 50 years.

CBT pays for some tits

CBT is still with Rudy and bought her some fake tits. Thanks to Big Drew and CBT, you are all able to see her “before” pics (egg tits and huge areolae). Like a trip down memory lane. A haunted lane.

CBT the Prom King

Nice look there Chief. I don’t know if it’s because I’m burned out on writing posts at the moment, or I realize how much entertainment CBT has brought to the site or if I know the comments will be better than anything I have to write, but I’ll give this pic a pass.

Arkansas scenery by CBT

CBT sent me this pic a couple of days ago and said that he actually snapped this in a parking lot there in Hee-Haw. Now I don’t know if he really did or if he just found this pic on the internet, doesn’t really matter, he hasn’t been around for a couple of days, so I’m posting it. It could be that he had his feelings hurt that it hasn’t been posted yet, or it could be that he’s finally reached menopause and his emotions are out of wack, either way, here it is. All I really do know is Ansel Adams is nothing compared to CBT.

Happy Birthday CBT

Hillbilly is 50 something today. He told me the other day what age he was going to be, but I’m kind of drunk and high (found some weed. Scoreboard) right now, so I forget. Which is why this is posted so late. Anyway, as much as everyone, including me, likes to rip on Delusional Bear, he’s brought a lot of entertainment to the site. So Happy Birthday, CBT.

A trip in a time machine with CBT

CBT sends this pic of this Valarie (I guess that’s how it’s really spelled) chick he’s going to be banging in his mind soon. She reminds me of someone who would be one of Charles Manson’s women, but maybe that’s just me. In any case, here she is looking like a generic Valerie Bertanelli back in 1979.

I guess CBT sent the second one to give us a better idea as to what she looks like now, so here’s an even older pic of her.