Darryl True makes an appearance

This is Darryl True. I met her in Dallas that night Hollywood went delusional and forgot how much he really gets paid per appearance. Darryl and I ended up talking quite a bit that night, and she was cool enough to buy me drinks after I told her I wasn’t drinking (I was concentrating on how I could scoop some (RR) cash as retribution for my dominant display over at thedirty), and we talked for a few weeks after that. I really don’t know where it all went wrong (she must have finally sobered up and realized who she was talking to), but we hadn’t talked in quite some time (well, I talk to the shrine of her I have set up in my closet. It’s really sticky in there) so I contacted her last week stating that I was going to post her, she’s just as cool as ever.

Oh, and sorry there were no posts yesterday. I’m sure your day just wasn’t quite the same without reading my brilliance. My bad.