David Gingras, attorney of thedirty.com

Upon reviewing the documents that The Dirty was so excited about having posted on TMZ, I decided to look into David Gingras, the attorney that Nik espouses for “defecating” on the Spurs. A simple search revealed that an Arizona attorney, with the name David Gingras, was suspended from practicing law for 30 days, with a 2 year probationary period, back in 2008. It could be guessed from the testing and therapy requirements that this was some sort of substance abuse issue. The below link is to a public document from the Supreme Court of Arizona. Not surprisingly (and consistent with its history of hypocrisy), The Dirty refused to post it or comments related thereto. Enjoy.



Thanks for this Dex. Here are the documents from TMZ.com

Hey Dave, if you are ever in San Antonio, I know where to get some pretty good blow. It won’t be cut with laxative either. Wouldn’t want you defecating on yourself. Oh, and weed too. Then we can hit up an N/A meeting.

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