Goodbye Dirty Coug

Grumpy Cougar,t=1,mt=video

Well, it appears the Dirty Coug is no longer working at I imagine when Nik saw this video he was pretty pissed she was knocking on Persians. That might have something to do with it.

As a matter of fact, if you pause it at 2:14, that looks EXACTLY like Nik in the middle (really, check it out).

Anyway, I never knocked around Coug, but I figured I could write something up for a goodbye for her. I threw in the pic of her to show Rocket Man. I think that was the “hot husband” she was referring to when she was going back and forth with you and Richie Rexic telling you both to go eat Adderall. Or maybe it’s her grandson, because I don’t see a wedding ring.

Well, best of luck to you Coug. I always enjoyed our “chats.” Good move you never smarted off to me like that little Pussy Pixie. I’ve still got more in store (smooth)for her.

Thanks again for the video Bitchhog.And the pic E.G.