Jilted bride sues ex-fiance for $100K

Dominique Buttitta wanted to get married in style, so she spared no expense on her upcoming nuptials: $30,000 to reserve a banquet hall outside Chicago; $11,000 for flowers and spot lighting; $10,000 for an orchestra; $5,000 on her wedding dress and veil.

As Buttitta excitedly continued preparations, the costs kept mounting. Then, four days before the big day, her fiance called the Oct. 2 wedding off.

With such short notice, she could not recover most the money she had spent — so the 32-year-old lawyer is suing. In a civil suit filed a few weeks ago in Illinois, she accuses Vito Salerno, 31, of “breach of promise to marry” and intentional infliction of emotional distress. She’s seeking more than $95,000 in damages, plus the costs of filing the suit.

How are Buttitta’s chances in court? Not bad at all, according to attorney, feminist and activist Gloria Allred. “Many states would permit her to recoup her out-of-pocket costs for the wedding preparations,” Allred said, citing the legal theory of “detrimental reliance.”

“She relied on their joint decision regarding the marriage ceremony and party, and spent her own funds on her reliance on his representation,” Allred explained. “If he backs out, he should pay her back.”

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Wow, shocking. That serpent Gloria Allred chimed in. And I know you aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but she just looks like someone who would be real demanding and basically a big pain in the ass. Props to the guy for wising up.