Elfie tries to return someone’s property on Craigslist

E-mail from Elfie: I have no respect for drug addicts and do not buy the “addiction disease” excuse. The only diseases these people suffer are called “feel sorry for myself-itis” and “bad decision making influenza”. They should be ashamed of their leech, piece of shit ways and that was my point in posting this… to bring about a little public humilation. If I ever see this person again I will wait until they are good and high, then while they in their cracked out stupor I will taze the shit out of them (if you couldn’t tell by the pink crack pipe, it’s a woman) and then take a picture of them to post as follow-up to my ad… Fuck druggies.


Here are a couple of responses she received:

From: Griffus Fly (griffusfly@rocketmail.com)
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Sent:Tue 10/27/09 9:53 PM
To: pers-rvejp-1440595578@craigslist.org

Hello there!

Thank you for locating my crack pipe. I have been looking everywhere for it! I must have misplaced it when I was high on crack. Anyways, please do not touch it with your hands, mouth, or genitalia for I have herpes. After I took my last hit I stored $20 bucks in the pipe for my next hit. Yeah, I might be short a few bucks, but that is what my mouth is for – I am very talented. Anyways, I would like to get me crack pipe back asap because my newest high is starting to wear off and I have to go to a family reunion tomorrow morning. I need to be high because my sister will be there and I do not want to talk to her. I stopped asking her questions because I am afraid of what she might say.



You left your crack pipe in my yard (Central)‏
From: Ron Hicks (fixedgearplanet@hotmail.com)
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Sent:Tue 10/27/09 11:27 PM
To: pers-rvejp-1440595578@craigslist.org

would you mind terribly if i were to come by and pick that crack pipe up tomorrow? thanks

I think Benny is a funny guy. I like the fact that he’s “talented” and how he mentioned his sister. Cheers to you as well bud.

And as far as Streets writing “Fuck druggies”? Well Streets, if you include marijuana in that list, then Fuck You.