Skeets, Selfie Smurf


You’re my girl, Blue! I like how she’s dressed up in Adidas gear. I didn’t know getting knocked up and being barefoot in the kitchen baking cakes and shit is considered a strenuous activity these days, but hey, whatever, thanks for the pics!

Skeets. Take one billion.

hayley cakes

Well, well, well, she finally took some great pics. Congrats, Skeets. It’s funny, I’m friends with her on FB, and her and DG do just their very best to insult me (it’s pretty damn amateur, that’s for sure), and one time Skeets asked/apologized about her “taunts,” and I just couldn’t help but shake my head.

Priceless. Insults from a Tucson model. Tucson model? Seriously? What’s next? A straight queer?

Skeets, before and after

Weird how her titties are the same size after pregnancy as during the pregnancy. What’s the deal with that? Oh, that’s right…….

And Skeets, being you are unemployed now and playing housekeeper for FMB, it’s spelled W-I-N-D-E-X. Pretty sure you can find it at most grocery stores, so add that to the list (needles, HGH, bull testosterone, softballs, etc. etc.)

Skeets goes into labor

DG sent this in, pretty fitting pic, it appears Elfie was actually the model for that figurine. Big fake ridiculous tits, some type of minority with the dark skin (when she checked “redskin” on her mall modeling application, they must have been making fun of her and took it overboard), the only difference is that doll probably has a better personality.

In any case, good luck today Skeets.

Breaking news! Skeets is knocked up

I’ve known about this for quite some time, but she sent me a pic this morning and I asked if I could post it (kind of like throwing a dart at a board, she said it was alright). If you’ve been wondering why Skeets hasn’t been around that much, here’s the reason. You know, emotions and throwing up and what not. I don’t know what she expected, I mean when she told me she was pregnant with another man’s child, I told her we were through. Not my fault she’s not taking rejection well. Anyway, she’s pregnant and due in 8 weeks.

R.I.P. Skeets.

P.S. Sucks for you Oz.

Happy Birthday Elfie!

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday Elfie. I know not winning the furniture was disappointing being you can’t pawn the set off to take some more modeling pics, but I hope you have a great day.

There you go Skeets, new pic. 2dirty4u, this is pretty close.

Elfie needs some new furniture

I entered a contest for a local radio station is having for 5k worth of furniture. My puppy ate my furniture & due to the fact that I had to save his booty 2X (which cost me about $4700) and I am a broke-ass section 8 bitch I cannot afford to buy new ones… please vote for me. I’m in gallery 1, 16th spot I think. Anyway as most of you know my name is Hayley.

Here’s the link. You can vote once a day from a unique i.p. Frankly Skeets, I would have just let the dog go and bought some furniture, but that’s just me. I agree though, you do need some new furniture.

Hey, you know what we could do? Get 10 guys together to put in $500 each (about $450 too much, but it’s charity), and then run a train on Skeets. I call dibs on the first turn.