Fun with Google pervs

I had two of those “how to make your own vagina” screen shots, don’t know what happened to the other one. And check out that pedo in Denmark. He must have been disappointed when he was taken to that post. And I went ahead and threw one in for Oz and his Maria Campo chick (it’s on the first comment). Check out where the visit is from. Fitting.

And I was going to make a different post, but I’ll include it in here. Check out this post at drunkenstepfather (anyone recognize her?) I was going to title the post, “A website is wrong of the day”, just to copy his ideas again, but he didn’t think it was her either, perhaps some of you would like to take a trip over there and insult him anyway. For kicks.

Hey, this was like a 3-in-1 post. No problem.

Fun with Google Search

It’s deviant time on the searches this round. No doubt I’ve missed some real good ones, but I happened to catch these two. I caught the last one about the spurs fans (who would think of that?) last night a little after her or she left the site, but close enough.

More fun with Google search

I really should check these visits out more. This shit is great. You really have to wonder about that person in Denver. I think there should be an APB sent out for that guy. Something must have have really gone wrong in his love life. We should be concerned for him.

As far as the first screen shot? Who would use ever think to type in that search term? Elfie won’t be pleased.

More fun with Google searches

Have a nice mix here. Some guy in Turkey doesn’t seem to be a big fan of Christians, a guy insulted one of Oz’s tranny skanks which is great and being there was a cereal discussion I figured I’d throw in the last one about kinkyb!tch’s Cupcake Pebble rant. I caught that one because the person left a comment on that post and wasn’t impressedĀ at all.

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