Government avoids shutdown

You know you’re buzzed when it takes you two minutes just to find the right key in order to get into your place. In any case, it’s good to see these losers set aside their petty child-like behavior and actually accomplished something. If you think about it, they really didn’t accomplish anything that’s significant, but the bar is set so low, you’ll read the words, “historic,” and other bullshit adjectives such as that.

Oh, and S.A. is just a fat city. Frankly I think coke and meth dealers should be given some type of city medal, you know, trying to thin out the city. Instead they get placed their door kicked in, arrested, and placed on probation, and have to wait a few years just to get the shit sealed from their record. I know, I know, a real ball breaker. Entrepreneurs just aren’t appreciated like they used to be.

I’m also beginning to think I should be an alcoholic. It’s much easier to write shit up when you’re inebriated.