Hedo Rick

Silent B0b: Idk if you’ve seen this yet but my bf just sent this to me on FB. Pretty funny/creepy.

Creepy for sure. I’ve actually been to Hedonism II with two of my cousins and yes, my grandma went too. My cousin thought it would be a good idea to pick that place as a vacation spot for us. I didn’t know what she was thinking as soon as we arrived at the resort. It’s basically a big freak show. Nudity, gang bangs going on in daylight with the windows to the rooms open so the voyeurs and pervs (me) could watch. Dudes coming up to the resort on boats saying, “Who wants to party?” Me guy, that’s who. I was offered this guy’s wife, but I turned him down. She looked like she had done enough drugs to kill a small animal. Plus the weed that is around that place is just nuts. I was so lost the first time I tried it out. Just walking around like a zombie. Creeping.