Jacare, future Academy Award winner

Jacare needs to remake The Little Engine that Could, except he’d be the little engine, being he keeps trying and trying. Jacare appears at the 2:53 mark (yes, I watched it all, it’s called taking one for the team), I was going to break it down segment by segment like some of Pam’s videos, I’ll do that the next time.

Part 3 is coming out next month. I have to say, other than the crappy soundtrack (is Mr. Paradez deaf?), this is pretty good.

Jacare opens our eyes

Well, it appears Jacare is back writing articles (click here). After reading all that, I want to punch him (you’ll see what I’m referring to if you read the article). I know for some reason some of you believe Jacare thinks he’s some type of star or author and you like to give him a hard time, but if you take the time to read it, trust me, there’s no way he could possibly think that.

And I tried to find a pic of a black guy typing on the computer to as if it were Jacare, but I guess google doesn’t think black people type.

Jacare does a photo shoot


Yo Spurs, I was looking at the comments and someone mentioned about having pics of me and asked if people wanted to see them, so I am like, yo, if you want to see pictures all you have to do is ask, here are some pictures for everyone to make fun of. Have at.

I wouldn’t make fun of you Jacare, it’s cool you put yourself out there for the site. Plus you must be pretty tough to rob Superman of his gear. I thought black people only robbed people of their shoes. Now it’s onto clothes? See? I learned something today, and it’s only the first day of Black History Month. Awesome, can’t wait for the knowledge to pour in.