Goodbye Jaden and Kaden

I figured I’d post something saying a proper goodbye to Jaden and Kaden. It was fun giving you two ladies a hard time. I hope you two didn’t take any of it personally. I mean if you did, I’m not going to lose any sleep, but still, it was just in fun.

Jaden, sorry for insinuating you were awful in that one pic of yours (click here). Kaden, sorry for insinuating you are going to end up being a lesbian.

I wish the best of luck to you both and hope everything works out for you two. Yes, I’m feeling nice.

Otherwise Kaden I’d mention that in the second pic I think that thing you have around your neck is a better look than the helmet you should wear to protect what’s left of your brain.

And I’d probably tell Jaden it’s nice to see she found another job, and she’ll be doing plenty of scrubbing at the broken down trailer she’ll be living in while her husband is out cheating on her.

Also, I think it was cool you guys tried to drown Hollywood. Especially after what Kaden’s interview was like.

Anyway, you ladies take care.