Goodbye Jaden and Kaden

I figured I’d post something saying a proper goodbye to Jaden and Kaden. It was fun giving you two ladies a hard time. I hope you two didn’t take any of it personally. I mean if you did, I’m not going to lose any sleep, but still, it was just in fun.

Jaden, sorry for insinuating you were awful in that one pic of yours (click here). Kaden, sorry for insinuating you are going to end up being a lesbian.

I wish the best of luck to you both and hope everything works out for you two. Yes, I’m feeling nice.

Otherwise Kaden I’d mention that in the second pic I think that thing you have around your neck is a better look than the helmet you should wear to protect what’s left of your brain.

And I’d probably tell Jaden it’s nice to see she found another job, and she’ll be doing plenty of scrubbing at the broken down trailer she’ll be living in while her husband is out cheating on her.

Also, I think it was cool you guys tried to drown Hollywood. Especially after what Kaden’s interview was like.

Anyway, you ladies take care.

In Memory of Jaden


I’m pretty sure Hollywood has been planning to can her ever since he saw this.

Other videos:
Nik Richie goes home for dinner video.
Kaden’s Video.

Frankly, I think it kind of sucks she’s gone, because there were other pics I have of her that I was going to bust up. Right now, I only have plans to post one more pic of her. We’ll see. I’m just hoping some “fresh meat” will be brought in.

Looking Good

Hi Mom and Dad, it’s me Jaden. I just wanted to let you know ever since I started working at, things are going great for me. I’m drinking more than ever, and as you can see by the booze running down my arm, I’m quite the pro.

I know that you wanted me to go to college, but just know I have gained some wisdom. I’ve learned how to be a beard from Nik Richie. I’ve learned from Kaden that you can make it in society without being able to read and write. Merlin has taught me how to turn tricks, and Tristan has taught me how to make a mad cocktail. I’ve learned hair tips from Gayvid, and Cholla has taught me all about outer space. I’ve learned how to change a diaper, being I’ve changed Coug’s about a 100 times now.

I’ve also learned that SPURS FAN really isn’t all that unoriginal, I don’t know why I ever said that to him. Well, my brain is hurting now from writing this much, I’ll talk to you soon.


Jaden Solo

SPURS FAN says: What a lovely letter.


I always assumed when two women made out or at least tried to appear as if they were about to it was inevitable it would be sexy. Well, I was wrong.

Jaden kind of looks like a goldfish. As far as the graffiti on Kaden’s back? “LIKE”, how dumb is that tattoo?

Also, that elf needs to exit stage left.

Anyone like cards? I see two Jokers and a Queen

E-mail: Look, Nik Richie thinks he’s a stud.

SPURS FAN says: Check out his face. Like he’s the “mack daddy” or something. Someone should tell him when his bitches are taller than he is he loses credibility, and should just step away from the pic. Look at Kaden trying to stretch her shoulders back to last week so her 34 B’s will look bigger.

Also, someone should have told Jaden to leave that blue napkin dress on the 80% off rack at Wal-Mart.

Jaden’s got a part time job? Good for her

E-mail: What is Jaden doing?

SPURS FAN says: Well, she’s just following Trissssssssssssstan’s lead and got a job as a lowly barback. But I’m afraid she will never be able to make the leap to bartender. I mean, two seconds after someone gives her a drink order she’ll forget it. Also, you think she’s even able to make change for a $1? Yeah, me neither.

Love how they have her behind the sink. If she was barefoot and pregnant, it would have made the picture even better.

Now check out the dude in the red hat. That guy is a trooper. Notice the crutches? He’s willing to do whatever it takes to serve drinks, sprained ankle and all. I think Lisp Boy should hang this picture up on his wall, like that guy is his idol, or hero.

One more thing. That kind of looks like Cholla the Crypt Keeper just to the left of that guy’s hat.

(|)Merlin(|) entertains the Bimbos

E-mail: What’s going on in this pic?

SPURS FAN says: Well, that’s pretty easy to see if you use your fucking brain. It’s apparent that (|)Pixie Queef(|) feels much more at ease around girls. Check out the outfit she is wearing. You can tell she just arrived on the scene. Now look at Dumbo’s reaction (put your shoes on dummy, you aren’t at the pool). Even with sunglasses on, you can tell she is not amused by the Queef’s attire. Bozo just looks confused. I mean, even more confused than she normally appears to be.

I do like (|Merlin’s(|) little blue ribbon, but she should leave the white pants, blue top, and white shoes in the closet. You know, where she is.

Get up Nik, it’s time for work

“E-mail”: Spurs Fan, what do you think the two bimbos are doing?

SPURS FAN says: I don’t know. It could be they are trying to wake up Hollywood so he can hop up on his high chair and rip on people. I know he is in there somewhere, but he’s so small I can’t see him. Anyway, don’t they know that you have to rub the bottle to get the Genie out? Also, they need to take the liquid out of the bottle. Are they trying to drown him? What kind of employees do that?